I have been happily inundated with images of fall fashion for days and days, my friends. Doing my fall shopping research. Getting a fix on fall 2019: what’s new, what’s current, what’s trending, what I love, and what makes me laugh out loud with derision. I’ve been flipping through magazines (print and on-line), scrolling Pinterest, reading articles, and scoping out the websites of some of my favourite lines. This has been a labour of love, as it always is. And now that the closet inventory is complete and the research is done, the shopping will begin.

I must say that as much as I love a lot of what I saw in my research, fall 2019 is not presenting many looks that are new or which surprise me.

Okay, maybe capes. I didn’t expect capes to make a come back. I won’t be buying a cape. I’m not a cape person, at least not anymore. Not since I outgrew the orange cape with the chocolate brown frogging that I owned and loved in grade six. Some women can carry off a cape; not me. Belted coats and blazers are everywhere. I love the look, but the look most certainly does not love me back, so I’ll be giving that a miss as well. Ditto teeny tiny bags. Those made me laugh, reminding me of those little white purses small girls carried to church in the sixties, and into which we placed a kleenex and a dime for the Sunday school collection plate.

Also feathers. I will be giving anything feathered a wide berth. Which is not surprising if you know my history with birds. Ha.

According to the numerous articles I read, much of what we will see hitting the stores for fall 2019 I’ve already been seeing. In my own closet. So I plan to dig out some things that I haven’t worn for a couple of seasons, or see what other things I can refresh a bit. Pieces like my leather pants. Ha. My old faithful leather pants are not out of the running yet. And puffa coats. Check. Super long coats. Another check. I will be hauling out the long, forest green winter coat that I featured in a post a year or so ago. It’s in great shape and I love it. I can’t think why I never wear it.

Power shoulders are back; they’ve been trying to make a come back for a couple of seasons, now. That’s why I started wearing my navy Max Mara spring suit again. And why I had the ginormous eighties-style shoulders cut down on a very old Alfred Sung houndstooth blazer that’s been tucked away until recently. I’m hoping to pair that jacket with a new purchase, if I can find what I’m looking for, that is. Fleece is big this season, I hear. And not just for the ski trail. But then again in our house fleece is de rigueur, and always has been. Hubby will be pleased to know he’s so on trend. Ha.

And plaid is big again. Skirts and pants and whatever. So the search for plaid pants last year, which ended in my buying a pair of burgundy plaid Rag and Bone pants, will prove fruitful again this year. Yah. Ditto quilting. That’s good because I’m not ready to retire my black, quilted Lafayette sweater just yet.

So, that’s it, the trends for fall 2019 sorted. More or less. As usual, I’ll be only jumping on bandwagons if I don’t have to shop anywhere but my own closet, and if the look suits me. The rest I’ll ignore, as I’m sure you will too. To me, trend reports are for fun, sometimes for inspiration, and for keeping abreast of what’s happening out there. Not for compiling a shopping list. Check out this article in Elle magazine if you’re interested. There’s the usual runway fare: the good, the bad, and the most assuredly ugly, in some cases.

For true inspiration, I prefer looking in other directions than trend reports. Quite often I check out what some of my favourite shopping sites are featuring. Not for actual shopping; they are usually priced way out of my league, but just for ideas and inspiration. Matches Fashion has been my favourite for a while now. Their editorial layouts and feature stories are super cool, and creative. I can’t afford to shop there, but I love to look.

And I always look at what the brands I love are doing on their own websites. Fabiana Filippi has been a favourite of mine for a few years. I love their clothes and the looks featured on their site. Purple is big this season, and don’t you love those purple sweaters on that model above, with the bronzey pants and rugged boots? I love everything about that look. And the one below. The mix of shades has me thinking of what I can do with my own pieces. My burgundy sweater and down vest, for instance. And this look has inspired me to search for at least one sweater or long-sleeve tee in a bright colour. Maybe a cool, vibrant jewel tone that will flatter me.

Another favourite brand is Brunello Cucinelli. Simply for the joy of looking at their clothes and the vignettes they create to feature them. Seriously, if you want to get in the mood for fall 2019, check out their site. They make the clothes live. And Max Mara of course. Me and Max, we go way back. I love the camel turtlenecks featured in the shot below. And the whole monochromatic thing. I remember when Hubby and I were in Rome last fall, I stood in front of the Max Mara store window for quite a few minutes, drooling just a little. You can check out Max Mara Fall Winter 2019 here.

shot from Max Mara Fall and Winter 2019 runway show.
Backstage at Max Mara Fall Winter 2019

As a result of my shopping late last fall, including accidentally shopping the Black Friday sale at Nordstrom, I really don’t need much this year. My burgundy Paul Green loafers, burgundy Rag and Bone plaid pants, and burgundy Uniqlo down vest rounded out my fall closet nicely. The navy cashmere turtleneck from Uniqlo which I bought last November is now a staple. I don’t need jackets or blazers, jeans, or pants of any kind. I’m good for coats, long and short. Of course, I’d still love to find a dress or a midi-skirt that works with the jackets, sweaters and boots I already own, but that’s not really a priority.

My “wish list” for fall 2019 consists of light sweaters or long-sleeve tee shirts. In lovely colours. Not Fabiana Filippi, nor Brunello Cucinelli; I don’t mind splurging once in a while, but both of those brands are out of my league.

Vince is more my price point. Like the Vince green, wool and cashmere sweater below. I tried on the same sweater at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, in “off white/marzipan.” The sweater was great; the colour was not flattering on me. But I’d grab it if I could find it in this colour. The sweater is a lot lighter weight than it looks, and would slip under that old Alfred Sung blazer of mine like a dream. Or under my khaki suede moto jacket. I’m imagining wearing that sweater with my suede jacket, my Paul Green brown boots, and my new Frame boot-cut pants, in November, zipping off to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale. I contacted Liz at Nordstrom to see if she could get it in, and if not I’ll probably order it on-line.

Vince heather green, wool and cashmere sweater.
This Vince wool and cashmere sweater will be perfect later in the fall.

And for our fall travels coming up in a few short weeks, I’m looking for something like these. Light wool or cashmere sweaters that will slip under a jacket or my down vest, or look great on their own with a scarf and my raincoat. For example, I love the weight and cut of the Vince camel, wool-blend, boxy cut pullover, on the left below. Or the bright colours of the Melinda striped cashmere sweater by Boden. But my preference for colour and cut is that lovely plum Vince cashmere crew-neck sweater on the right.

So. I’m off to shop this week. As I said, I’m not looking for many pieces. One will suffice, for now. What really excites me about this season is the possibility of wearing my new and new-ish pieces with my old and older ones in new and creative ways. In fact, I’m taking a page from my friend Krista’s little book of lists. I like Krista’s idea of making anecdotal notes, instead of just listing what’s in my closet. So I’m now making more than lists in my own little book. After I did my research, and took notes on what I found, I made a list of pieces I want to be sure to wear this season, and ideas of how to parlay old pieces into fall 2019 looks. Curating one’s closet is always a moving target, isn’t it?

I’ll get back to you about all that. Of course. Of course, you know I will.

Until then, my friends, happy back to school. Happy fall shopping. And if you’re not ready for fall where you live, well, happy prelude to fall, and happy fall when it gets to you.

P.S. Here’s hoping that all our friends who are in the path of hurricane Dorian are safe and dry. We’re thinking of you.

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24 thoughts on “Getting a Fix on Fall 2019”

  1. I love that green coat of yours & it’s such a good fit . Yes , the green cable sweater is great too . Reminds me of some of the Scottish woolies I’m always tempted by . Have to be careful though as I can look like I’ve a cushion stuffed up the front of my jumper . I’m a big fan of green & purple too . Not necessarily together . New additions to perk up my wardrobe for autumn are a black accordion pleat skirt from Margaret Howell ( very much reduced ) & a midi length heavy denim shirt dress by Toast . I’m hoping that thick tights & ankle boots will ‘do the business ‘ with them . Makes a change from trousers . I don’t change my style much now – just tweak it a little .

    1. The thing about that green sweater is that it is surprisingly light. I had a similar style sweater back in the early eighties, but I wouldn’t be able to wear it now… way too hot. Your new additions sound lovely to go with tights and ankle boots. You’ll be stylin’ on the streets of York or on the heather covered hills of Scotland. 🙂

  2. I was just in Rome transfixed by the Max Mara windows. I still kick myself for not buying one of their camel hair coats when they were less expensive. I’m mainly shopping my closet this year too.

    1. Yes… you’d still be wearing that camel hair coat now… and for years. The coats in the MM window last fall were what caught my eye. So fabulous. So expensive. 🙂

  3. I see lots of looseness, especially wide-legged, pleated trousers. It pleases me, this combination of ease with formality, in a 1940s way.
    Re capes, I had one in red/white/blue houndstooth polyester that my mother made for me when I was maybe six or seven. I bought another one, in a black blanket-like fabric, with a velvet collar and velvet-covered buttons, in the mid-1990s at Lord & Taylor in NYC. I still have it. It took a detour briefly, when I took it with me for my father’s funeral. My mother was so dejected about her coat that she’d have to wear to the cemetery, and I had her wear the cape. The thing is, you can wear all kinds of stuff underneath it–just an outfit, or a whole additional coat if it’s cold. It’s like having an extra blanket on top of you. The cape turned out to be brilliant for her–she could walk but not far, and the cape was easy for the wheelchair. Since it didn’t have sleeves, it was easy for her to put on and get off. Unfortunately she wore it only a few days; she died shortly after my dad. I think of her when I wear the cape, feeling as if its warmth is her arms around me.

    1. I so wish I could find wind-leg pants that fit me. I’ve tried every season for a couple of years now to no avail. Your cape sounds as if it’s more than a cape, but a lovely reminder of your mum.

  4. I don’t need a thing, but does that stop me from looking….trying to be more disciplined about my shopping. I should try some kind of inventory and notes to hold myself accountable. I nixed the same trends you did, plus sequins. I did buy that plaid jacket from Uniqlo, still awaiting its arrival. My other purchase was some much needed lightweight hiking shoes for when my heavy boots are just too much. I am in the process of a splurge, which is getting my colors done. I have struggled as I transition from coloring my hair to letting more of the grey show through and just adding a few highlights, as I seem to be looking rather drab. I am hoping the analyst will spot something I am not aware of and help me to tweak my color scheme.

    1. I bought new lightweight hiking boots, to replace my old heavy ones, before our South America trip in 2017. Best investment I’ve made in years. Good luck with having your colours done. This sounds like the perfect time to have them done.

  5. Sue, thank you for doing all this fall fashion research for us and for the links. I’m about to waste an hour tooling through them. BTW, I’ve decided that wasting time is one of the healthiest things I can do.

    I’m heading to France in early October seeing Alsace, then a hiking/biking/barge canal wine cruise down there, and (because I cannot NOT go there) a final week in Paris. My travel wardrobe is much like yours, starting with crewnecks and fleeces, a Uniqlo light-weight parka and short raincoat over jeans and casual pants. I’ll take something a little dressier for Paris dinners, but otherwise I’ll wrap myself in pretty scarves when I’m in town and, if absolutely necessary, go shopping. 🙂 Wish me luck … this will be my first trip to Europe taking only a backpack since the Sixties.

  6. Love that green coat. If you are looking for light knitwear I suggest the merino range from Uniqlo. It is very useful under a jacket and they have a range of colours. I have a few and they wear well.

  7. I was shopping idly in a well known store here in the UK and, on seeing the price they wanted for a middle-of-the-road black roll neck jumper (cashmere I assume) I was moved to say out loud: Oh, do fuck off.
    As someone quite likely to rip or tear or stick a finger through woollens, I could not imagine wearing this. Plus: it is a lot of money, almost 100 quid. All the hand washing and the slow drying would drive me insane.
    I also note that predictions of wearing similar styles to 1979 made me shudder. Once was more than enough.

    1. I hear you. When I shop for sweaters I always remember the last time I shopped for wool to make a sweater…. I’d be laying out at least a 100 dollars. Plus all the time and the unravelling and the cursing. But I digress. Ha.

  8. This is a great post and I look forward to your future posts on shopping the closet to get new looks. I LOVE Max Mara. You can always depend on the simple, beautiful design. I try to snag MM when thrifting. Thanks and hope to see more inspiration for shopping my closet and ways to do so.
    Jeanne (from Ohio)

  9. I love this post and the selection. There is not a list for this fall,maybe a piece or two….It was a very busy period for me this spring and summer and I didn’t check or make some order in my wardrobe so far
    I hope that we’ll be drooling a little in front of Max Mara stores together in a couple a weeks
    I plan to mail you a couple of very topsy-turvy drafts I’ve made during summer

  10. Sue… I so appreciate the exceptionally thoughtful way that you approach your wardrobe. You buy great quality, but you keep them and wear them for years. You add as needed, but you are so un-frivolous in your purchasing, and I value that approach enormously. I think you are setting a great example in a culture of having too much. Thank you.

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