I’m feeling a bit fall-ish today, my friends. Which isn’t surprising, I guess, it being the last week of summer, with school starting soon, and all. Since we returned from Fredericton, I’ve not been dreaming about school starting. Instead I’ve been dreaming of fall outfits. Doing my fall shopping research and making lists. And while I’m not exactly turning my closet yet (way too soon for that), I’m thinking of ways to turn my spring and summer clothes into suitable outfits for my fall-ish frame of mind.

These navy and white checked Simone pants by Rag and Bone have been a staple in my summer wardrobe. In May and June I wore them with a white Vince tee, red Earth Brand loafers and either my navy Veronica Beard jacket or my white Theory Eco-Crunch jacket. Then when it was too hot for jackets, I wore them with a black Vince tee and sandals, or my white Eileen Fisher tee and sneakers. I have the same pants in black. They are a style that seems to suit me. Narrow in the leg, and high in the waist. And as Liz suggested when I bought the black pair a couple of years ago, the zipper in the back, sometimes difficult to do up, once fastened, need never be opened. The pants are so stretchy that I just pull them down and up, without unzipping.

So, to spin my checked pants into a fall-ish look, I’ve paired them with my burgundy Paul Green loafers, and this lilac cashmere sweater from Vince. I bought this sweater in 2016, and I still love it. The loafers are from last fall. And I wear them every chance I get. I’m happy with how the lady-like lilac looks with the sturdy-looking, brownish-burgundy shoes. My loafers were apparently specially issued for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year. But you can find them here without the studs. That’s an old Anne Marie Chagnon bracelet I’m wearing. The elastic has stretched and I need to take it to a jewellry repair place to have it restrung, so it will fit again. You can find Anne Marie Chagnon bracelets on her website here. I love her work.

 on the steps of our deck in Vince cashmere sweater, Rag and Bone checked pants, Ann Marie Chagnon bracelet, and Paul Green loafers.
Early fall is my best time of year.

I’m looking forward to these next few weeks before we head out on our trip to the Balkans. I’m going to try to wear my spring and summer pieces as much as I can. Paired with sweaters, jackets, and scarves, to make them more fall-ish. And with my loafers. I’m excited to get back into loafers again. Then before too long it will be tweed jacket and boot season. I do hope that tweed jacket season lasts a bit longer this year. Hopefully well into November. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We missed most of the lovely fall weather when we were in Italy last year. Hubby remembers that there was enough snow for him to be skiing on November 15. Gad. Must not make that happen again by discussing that four letter word… s.n.o.w.

 Vince cashmere sweater, Rag and Bone checked pants, Ann Marie Chagnon bracelet, and Paul Green loafers.
Ready for the weekend’s fall temperatures.

Yep. This last week of summer has me dreaming of fall. And if I’m not quite ready to wear my fall clothes yet, I’m definitely feeling fall-ish. I love fall, as I know do many of you. It’s still warm enough to wear loafers without socks, but cool enough for light sweaters, and jackets. And even ankle boots. The deep burgundies and jewel colours of fall suit me better than summer pastels. My hair doesn’t frizz. My allergies disappear. The trees are beautiful. And it’s apple picking time. Our apple tree is groaning with her load of fruit already. And taking aim at anyone foolhardy enough to venture beneath her branches, or linger too long at our barbeque which is inconveniently positioned directly under several laden branches. Incoming. Ha.

The last day or so, the temperatures have dropped, and it feels as if it’s fall already. In fact, Hubby and I biked this morning in long-sleeve tops and wished we’d worn long pants. It was cool, people. Deliciously cool.

In our front yard in Vince cashmere sweater, Rag and Bone checked pants, Ann Marie Chagnon bracelet, and Paul Green loafers.
Thank heaven it’s almost fall and I’m not having school dreams anymore.

I didn’t always wax so lyrical about the last week of summer, and the advent of fall. Oh, I’ve always loved fall fashion. And I’ve always looked forward to the beginning of the school year. Well, mostly anyway.

This last week of summer can be a difficult week for teachers. It can be a week of no sleep without school nightmares. Of waking up stressed and exhausted because you’ve wrangled all night in your dreams with a huge class of loud, rowdy, unmanageable teenagers, who won’t sit down, and refuse to listen to anything you say. My friend Nancy had a school nightmare last week where she was lost in the school and she couldn’t find her classroom. In my early days of teaching I used to have this one dream regularly: I’d be standing in front of a class, and when I’d turn to write on the board, my class would tiptoe out. Then I’d spend the rest of the dream desperately trying to find them before the principal found out and fired me. Ha. Luckily the actual teaching was less stressful. Kids usually did sit down and listen, and they never, ever tiptoed out on me.

Eating an apple in Vince cashmere sweater, Rag and Bone checked pants, Ann Marie Chagnon bracelet
Happy back to school, everyone.

I’m almost finished my wardrobe inventory and my fall fashion research. Next week I will start my fall shopping in earnest. I don’t need much this year. I’ll tell you what’s inspiring me this season, and what I’m shopping for, in my next post.

Until then, my friends, enjoy these last few days of summer. And if you have school age children… happy book-bag packing, and lunch making. That’s if parents still pack book-bags and make lunches these days. Hope all your kids and grand-kids have a wonderful school year. And to all my teacher friends… hope you have a great fall semester. And hope you don’t need the rubber hammer on Monday night. That’s what Hubby used to say he needed so I could sleep get to sleep the night before the first day of school.

Of course he was kidding.

Now tell me, my friends… are you feeling fall-ish yet?

P.S. For those of you who live outside of Canada, our traditional first day of school is the Tuesday after the long Labour Day weekend.

And for those who are interested… some further points about some of the pieces I’m wearing. I couldn’t find my red Earth Brand loafers anywhere on-line. But if you like them, they have them in a different colour here. For interest’s sake I checked to see if my size 8 Simone pant is true to the measurements on the Rag and Bone website. My hips are 40 inches, and the site says I should take a size 6-8. It’s good to know that the measurements they provide are, well, actually useful, if you’re planning on ordering on-line. Since my legs are long, I had a tailor let the pants down an inch and create a false hem. That extra inch was worth the cost of the alterations to me. I think they look much more chic at this length and less like the dreaded pedal-pushers. It seems that Rag and Bone doesn’t carry my checked pants anymore. But I love these red plaid ones just as much. Plus they will be a better colour for fall. And, incidentally, the Simone pant with a yoke in the back and a side closure, like my burgundy plaid ones bought last fall, are sized much differently than the regular Simone pants. Life for on-line shoppers continues to be interesting. 🙂

P.P.S. Some (not all) of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase an item I will receive a commission.

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31 thoughts on “Feeling Fall-ish?”

  1. I AM SO READY FOR FALL! As I have been every year of my life. It’s my personal New Year’s. I still look forward to wearing plaid skirts and twin sets with loafers. Sigh.

    But since that ensemble is neither courant nor appropriate for a 73-year-old (before or after she changes into her cheerleading outfit), I’m really jonesing for a variety of Third Pieces. A blazer. A shawl. A light-weight coat. And everything in more saturated colors. With houndstooths and glen plaids and a little fringe. And maybe even a beret. And the Better Purses.

    BTW, even this far south leaves are starting to fall, mornings are cooler, and the long, unusually rainy seasons we’ve had since March are over. It’s quiet here in the woods and the hills like it is everywhere around the world in the woods and hills at autumn. Mother Nature is starting to send folks home on hiatus, going to lighter shifts, getting ready for a long winter’s nap.

    Me, too. I long to stop mowing every week and snuggle up and get ten hours sleep every night ’til Easter! Which won’t happen, but it’s a lovely fantasy. 🙂

    Ann in Missouri

    1. Fringe and a beret… sounds like a good idea. I have a couple of berets that I must try to wear this year. Like actually keep them on until I get somewhere that is not my front yard. Happy fall, Ann.

  2. Oh I do dread the winter cold, but I do love the fall prelude. Late summer just gets so gross here in the southern US, muggy, buggy and crabgrass everywhere in my yard. We went to the NC mountains 2 weekends ago and picked apples and enjoyed the cooler weather so much. Looking forward to your fall shopping list. I ordered a plaid jacket from the Ines de la Fressange collection at Uniqlo, and a couple of other pieces there. Not looking to add much else this year to my closet, but love seeing what others are admiring.

      1. I haven’t seen the most recent collection in store yet but I have found the quality is very good. I particularly like the jackets. I find the fit in the pants isn’t great for me as I am an apple shape.

      2. So the Uniqlo/Ines de la Fressange box finally arrived. As someone else mentioned, I usually avoid Uniqlo pants in general due to fit issues, but I did pick up the fleece ones from this collection, as well as a button up hoodie. I also ordered a black, white and grey plaid wool jacket, which I am very happy to say fits beautifully. It has a small green threading woven in, which I did not notice in the pictures, but it looks great with my dark denim or my grey jeans. I ordered a M in everything, and would say they run TTS. I am a smallish medium, but prefer things looser rather than too tight, to allow for layering. Oh, almost forgot, ordered the dark denim chore jacket, which has a lovely burgundy corduroy cuff lining in case you want to fold that back for a pop of color. I am pleased with the price/quality ratio on all the pieces.

  3. I’m still in full summer mood-32°C yesterday(but with a cool front predicted next week), wearing white linen dress for a lunch in the city
    I love summer,as well as spring and fall,but this summer was very exhausting,with high temperatures and humidity and fall and spring tend to be very short lately ( I love transitional wardrobe,too)
    Like your checked trousers very much

  4. As Dottoressa says our spring & autumn seem shorter these days . We can hop from linen outfits to wool coats in no time – I like jacket weather best . I’m not sorting wardrobes out just now as we are having a week in Harlech , North Wales , a beautiful area for walking & one of our favourites . It’s a little cooler now & the light is changing . High summer clothes look sad to me in the cooler light . I’m not sad though . I’d hate to have just one season & one wardrobe . It’s quite exciting to pull out all the winter pieces I love . No plans for a buying list . It will be love at first sight as usual . I could do with some of your discipline . You should come over here & sort me out 😊

  5. Definitely signs of autumn here. When I open the back door, the air in the morning is cool and with an underlying dampness even if it warms up later on. Last weekend’s amazing high summer heat was, I feel, the last hurrah for the year. But I don’t mind and am always ready because I love this transition, just as I love the transition in March and April, when you are more than prepared for more sunlight and warmer breezes. I was watching TV last night and suddenly heard an owl, very close by. It was quite early but already dark. Bring on the passing of the year, the stories by half-light, the crack of twigs underfoot, the crinkle of the leaves… and, like you, I do not miss the pre-term anxieties, the disturbed sleep, the school-related dreams.

    1. Same here, cool nights and beautiful warm but not hot, breezy days for the past week. Sigh. It’s been wonderful. Trying to plan my travel wardrobe is hard because it will consist of a lot of summer things and I only want to think of fall.

  6. Sue, enjoy fall and your upcoming travels.
    Living in the sub tropics, ‘fall’ is when the steamy, humid days give way to cooler and shorter days. Such a relief.
    I disgraced myself while visiting the maritime provinces during late summer, I insisted on wearing a puffer vest most days and when the wind picked up a wind proof coat. Clearly, not from around these parts 😬

    1. Ha. I laughed out loud at that, Claire. I’m sure no one noticed. And a wind proof coat is good at any time of year. Hubby and I rented a cottage in P.E.I for years, and we used to say that summer was over on August 15.

  7. Hi Sue
    I love the fall and all it offers. I’m hoping to go to Belgium at the end of the month, my left fingers are crossed! Do I need clothes and comfortable shoes…yes! It’s those in between seasons I lack in my wardrobe. Tues is my shopping day. Do you want to come??? 😉😉😉

  8. I love the fall..especially after suffering through 50+ days with temps over 32c and melting humidity, including yesterday. Heading to Europe in a few weeks and hoping temps will be in the 10-20c range with nights a bit lower–but breathable weather, at last. I’ve a couple of lightweight merino sweaters (jumpers) I am looking forward to wearing.

    1. We are also heading to Europe in a few weeks and hoping for NOT hot weather. Lightweight wool sweaters are just what I’m looking for too this fall. They slip so nicely under jackets.

  9. I really like the lilac and burgundy pairing! We’re just heading into the warmest part of the year here, six more weeks (usually) of “summer” left to go. But I’ve found ways to incorporate some fall colors with tees and accessories.

  10. With hurricane Dorian bearing down on us does not feel like fall in Florida! It’s a reminder that fall is a treacherous time of year here with our worst storms in September and October. In between it’s often hot and humid with a few lovely clear, relatively cool days. Wish us luck this week…..

    1. Wishing you the very best of luck, Lynn. Hope you come out the other side of hurricane season unscathed. We’re thinking of all you guys down there.

    2. Lynn, I’m in Florida with you and currently all shuttered up and hoping Dorian stays offshore. I grew up here, and I know hurricane season is the price of living in paradise – but I do sometimes look longingly at fall and winter clothing. Stay safe!


  11. Definitely feeling fall-ish here. And I like it. I saw a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencil crayons yesterday! In a flower vase, about 200 of them. I laughed I was so delighted. They say school and new to me, fresh notebooks (not the e kind), and pens, and erasers. Sigh.
    I love the lady-like lilac with the brownish-burgundy shoes. Heh. I won’t be shopping – I have too much STUFF – but I think about it.

  12. I had “school dreams” like the ones you describe every late August throughout my teaching career. For many years after I retired, I continued to have them when I was particularly stressed. Clearly, though I loved being a teacher, my brain equated stress with teaching!

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