It’s been a sunshine-y week in so many ways, my friends, up here in the land that spring almost forgot. It’s been sunny and warm, and everything is blooming and budding. But, sunshine comes in many forms, don’t you think? Not just the life-sustaining, vitamin D kind. And it seems this week we’ve had sunshine every which way.

Being busy in a good way is a kind of sunshine in our lives. Hubby has been busy this week, in the ways he loves best. Fishing and golfing and planting most of our garden. I helped plant the flowers. That’s big of me, eh? But as you know, I don’t really do gardening, particularly vegetable gardening. Beans, and the picking there of, having scarred me as a child. Ha.

I’ve been busy too. Shopping, running errands, researching and planning and writing blog posts, and doing other blog stuff that needed to be done. I love checking things off my list. I’ve had several great walks this week. I’m not talking about a stroll along the trail admiring the spring flowers, but a really good, brisk walk with hills which get my heart-rate up and let my thighs know that I mean business. There’s something so satisfying about collapsing on the couch after a good walk (or ski or bike ride) with my tea and a book, knowing that I deserve it!

On Thursday, I had a fabulous lunch with one of my book clubs at my friend Janet’s house. Janet is a retired accountant who has reinvented herself as a painter. I love her painting… and her cooking. Then, I went for my first pedicure of the season. Hello sandals! And on Friday, I met my friend Liz for coffee and fashion chat and a browse around the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

Sunshine-y outfit. Paige high-rise jeans, Theory linen blazer, Theory tee shirt, Free People gingham scarf.
I’m wearing my sunshine today.

On other sunshine-y fronts. I wore a favourite old pair of sandals shopping on Friday. When I met Liz for coffee, she exclaimed about them. “They’re great, aren’t they?” I agreed, holding my foot up to admire them myself. “It’s the chunky heel and the elasticized straps. Without that elastic, I’d never be able to wear them.” I’m a notoriously difficult fit for sandals, having long, skinny feet with long, skinny toes. Ugh.

I laughed when Liz said, “I need a pair of those. Where did you get them?” “Ha. It’s not a matter of where, my friend, but when. I bought them in 1997.” I remember stashing these babies away because they were in great condition. I knew they’d come back in style eventually, and I’d be able to haul them out triumphantly. There’s nothing better than being right on trend without having spent a cent, at least in this century.

So, I wore my old, old sandals, with my Paige high-rise skinny jeans, this new cream and gold striped tee from Theory, my Theory linen blazer, a Free People yellow gingham scarf, and my ten-year-old cream Michael Kors cross-body bag. And I felt wonderful. Wearing my sunshine, as it were.

Heading out to go shopping in Paige high-rise jeans, vintage sandals, Theory tee, Theory linen blazer, Free People gingham scarf, and Michael Kors cross-body bag.
Heading out for a day of shopping in my old sandals, my fairly old bag, and some new duds too.

And to cap off a great day of shopping, coffee, and a chat with my like-minded friend, a very nice lady stopped by our table at the coffee bar in Nordstrom. “Hope you don’t mind your conversation being interrupted by a reader of your blog,” she said. Oh my goodness, of course I didn’t. Margaret from Waterloo is in Ottawa to take part in the Ottawa Race Weekend. So, shout out to Margaret. Thanks for stopping by to say hello and spread a little sunshine my way. I hope you killed it this morning in the race. And that you missed the rain that set in around noon.

And speaking of spreading the sunshine, I want to thank D.A. of Daily Plate of Crazy for sending sunshine my way. I’ve read and admired D.A.’s blog for years. She’s a great writer. And she’s most generous with her sunshine, so often sharing it with fellow bloggers, like moi. She recently suggested my blog to her readers, and said some lovely things about me. You can read that post here. Thanks, my friend. One of these days I will definitely have to make a trip down to your neck of the woods and we can go shopping. Then we’ll chronicle the dressing room adventures of two women who are exact opposites physically (tall, fair, Irish genes vs diminutive, dark, Italian ones). I think there would be much hilarity, followed by wine and cake.

And to spread the sunshine around a little more, D.A. suggests (and I concur) that you should have a look at the blog Taste of France. Beautiful photos everywhere on this lovely, really interesting blog. May I just suggest that before you click on over there, you refill your cup of tea or coffee. You’ll no doubt be there a while. I’ve booked-marked a ton of posts that I want to revisit. Sigh. Almost makes me want to move to the south of France.

Feeling the sunshine this week, every which way.

Almost. For as tempting as the south of France may be, I’m happy to be here on our own little plot beside the Rideau. Where it’s been lovely and sunshine-y all week. Sunshine every which way.

Until today that is. Today my neck and back are killing me, I had to cancel on my other book club, I’ve been wearing my heating pad all day, and I just had Ibuprofen for dessert. And… and I turn sixty-three tomorrow. And it’s raining. Lack of sunshine every which way, you might say.

Now that calls for a little B.J. Thomas music, I say. Not to mention a little Paul Newman.

Oh, I love that movie, especially that scene. Like B.J. says, we’ll never stop the rain by complaining. Besides after the lovely, busy, satisfying sunshine-y week I’ve had, today is just a blip. And sixty-three is just a number. In fact, I’m quite fine with sixty-three. It strikes me funny, though, that I had a major melt-down at fifty-one; you can read about it here. Yet I’m quite sanguine about turning sixty-three.

And it’s bound to stop raining before tomorrow. Hubby and I have a bike ride and picnic planned. Then he’s cooking me a special surprise birthday supper. And I’m trying hard to pretend that I don’t know what it is. 🙂

What have you been up to this week, my friends? Spreading some sunshine, are you? Or soaking it up?

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36 thoughts on “Sunshine Every Which Way.”

  1. Thank you for the shout-out. I am very happy to have found your blog thanks to D.A. and Daily Plate of Crazy. I love your fashion style and also your writing style. That yellow scarf is wonderful.

    1. Thanks very much. I was also happy to have found your blog. I’m currently enjoying exploring your old posts and look forward to following future ones.

  2. Happy Birthday! May is a good month for them (and I have more experience with them to know that’s true 😉
    I love that sophisticated colour combination you’re wearing — and I absolutely concur with D.A.’s recommendation of both your blog and Taste of France’s. . . Hope you’re feeling better soon and that the sunshine returns promptly. xo

  3. Wendy from York

    Lovely sunny outfit Sue . We’re in on holiday in the Scottish Highlands which is totally sunshineless at the moment but there are some spectacular waterfalls . Hope your birthday goes well – 63 , you’re just a youngster ?

  4. Happy Birthday! May the sun shine for you literally and figuratively.
    Must say I’m with you on holding back some shoes from the 90s–I’ve got a great pair of almost unworn forest green Bally loafers still residing in a box in my closet.

  5. What a great idea – passing Sunshine forward. You deserve it and thank you for suggesting Taste of France! I might not get out of bed this morning – so much to read! Love France and after spending 5 weeks touring there, the draw is even greater.
    Your blog continually makes me rethink what’s in my closet. Love your sporty, dressy look.

  6. Happy Birthday full of sunshine,dear Sue!
    Lots of joy,love and health,shoppiness 🙂 as well

  7. Happiest of Birthdays Sue!
    Can I borrow your sandals?
    Date day on Wednesday to see Come From Away. I have the outfit but not the shoes. My feet are difficult to fit so I put it off. I’m off to Yorkdale to find that perfect shoe that is going to match every thing I have! Haha!

  8. Happy birthday and may you have many, many happy returns. I’m so glad that spring and sunshine has finally made it to your neck of the woods. Your week prior to the sore back sounds delightful. My week’s been great week – two concerts with sublime music by Messrs Hayden, Brahams and Beethoven, some nice walks in my neighbourhood and a little further afield and a busyish week coming up. Enjoy tomorrow and that special, mystery dinner, whatever the weather brings!

  9. Happy Birthday! So glad to hear Ottawa is finally full of warmth and sunshine. A little rain mixed in is really perfect. I wish we would get a little more rain here which is not something we ever needed to wish for in the past but these days……
    Love those saved sandals, and don’t you look great ?
    Thanks for the blog suggestions, I already follow Taste of F., but I hadn’t visited Daily Plate of C.
    Hope you feel better.
    Thanks for posting.
    Suz from Vancouver

  10. Your observations about sunshine and where we get those warm vibes touched home with me…from beautiful outfits kissed with touches of yellow to meeting up with lovely friends, our lives can be blessed with the glow of happy feelings. This is sent along with warmest wishes for a birthday blessed with sunshiny moments of all types!

  11. Happy Birthday and I hope your neck and back are feeling better soon.
    Those are some great sandals! Spring seems to have forgotten us too, at least in the version where the temperatures get higher than 65F. I’ve been itching to break out some of my lighter-weight clothes, but it’s still sweater time here.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I can’t believe the spring you guys are having. Hope you’re enjoying wearing your sweaters. Must be like us having an unusually hot summer. My wardrobe doesn’t have a lot of things for really hot weather. And I hate to buy more…usually.

  12. Happy birthday Sue. Hope you have a wonderful day with the weather cooperating with sunshine for your cycle ride and picnic. Sounds perfect to me. Love your sunshiny outfit.

  13. I can relate to the line about not planting veggies because you were scarred as a child. Me too. Thanks for that.

  14. I love your sunshine-y week! And you’re soooo delightful to read so you are most welcome for the mention from my little (crazy) place on the web. I hope you had / continue to have a sunshine-y birthday. It all sounds like great fun. (Even the brisk walking up and down hills to let your thighs know you mean business. I chuckled at that.)

    And I love that pale yellow scarf on you. (It’s a gorgeous color with your skin and hair color.)

    I’m gearing up for when we try to “style” each other, complete opposites that we are! ‘Twill be fun…


  15. We have been away down to London for a long weekend – sunshine all the way. Old, good, friends, drinks by the Thames, a view of my son’s back in a pub for half an hour (that’s fine), delicious dinner in Piccadilly…sunshine walk by the river Lea on Sunday, dinner and up all night dancing and drinking with my friend. Went to bed at 6am as the birds sang and the sun lit up the kitchen. Journey home on train went well after lunch in Kings Cross and once my earplugs were in place, I just gazed out of the window for a couple of hours. 12 hours sleep later, I am up and about again. My idea of an excellent weekend. If I did it more than once a year, you’d have to hospitalise me, but there is nothing like it, every now and again.

    1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, Annie. Not sure I can do the up all night thing anymore. Although I do remember getting home as the birds sang, changing my clothes and going to work… once or twice. 🙂

  16. It was thrilling to meet you, Susan Burpee, in Ottawa this past weekend. I was a visitor to Ottawa, enjoying a cup of tea near Nordstrom’s when I looked up and recognized your sun-shiny self at the next table. I had already begun to associate Ottawa with you so it was quite an experience to have that association instantly realized. Thanks for your shout-out in this post. You, and your friend Liz, were so warm and welcoming to my interruption. My run in the Tamarack 5k was fun, those good old endorphins kicked in. I hope the back/neck discomforts you mention have been temporary and that you enjoyed a great birthday on Saturday!

  17. Belated birthday greetings, Sue. I hope your surprise dinner was delicious. We spend our birthday dinners at home as it’s more fun to cook for each other and enjoy a decent wine than spend money in a restaurant. Shoes – hmm. I remember once buying 4 pairs of the exact same shoes – pinky-cream plain slingbacks – as they were the most comfortable, classy pair of work shoes that I ever had. They suited lots of my summer work dresses. I mourned the fact that I had not bought a fifth pair to see me out to retirement. Worth every penny of the initial outlay. So glad you held on to those sandals. I buy lots of flattie shoes (do you call them ballet pumps in Canada ?) now I am in retirement and following your style with jackets and jeans so please don’t stop showing your photos. I’ve started wearing some skinny jeans as well so I’m off to find a slightly higher heel in the summer high street collections.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Heather. That was a brilliant idea to buy several pairs of a favourite pair of shoes. I kind of wish I’d not given away a pair of cream sling-backs with a kitten heel now. I was on a bit of a Marie Kondo kick… should have known better!

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