While the rest of you are just getting on with it, wearing white jeans and thinking of pedicures so you can slip on those sandals, I’m still wittering on about spring. How it will never get here. How sick I am of my sweaters. And my boots. Blah, blah, blah. Because let’s face it, I may be able to wear springy pants and loafers to my book club, but I’m still bundling up in down jackets and scarves and boots to go outside.

So today, I am rebelling. I’m unzipping the garment bag, hauling out my spring coats… all two of them… and packing away my winter coats. All except for my ultra-light down Uniqlo jacket. I don’t want to be foolhardy. We may still get snow. I guess that makes me a faint-hearted rebel. Ha. But faint-hearted or not, in my view, it’s one small step for spring, one giant step for Sue. And Sue’s emotional well-being.

Moncler spring coat, Uniqlo navy cashmere turtleneck, Burberry scarf, Paige high-rise jeans, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.
The faint-hearted rebel tries to hasten spring

Seriously, the act of packing away my winter coats, or most of them, and donning my spring coat makes me happy. I’m pleased that my Uniqlo cashmere turtleneck goes so well with the Moncler anorak I bought last spring. I’d been on a major spring coat quest for years. I thought I wanted a traditional tan trench coat. But it turned out they all looked terrible on me. This navy anorak was much more suited to my lifestyle. And my colouring. The tan made me look old and ill. Not really a look I’m going for these days. Ha.

Moncler spring coat, Uniqlo navy cashmere turtleneck, Burberry scarf, Paige high-rise jeans, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.
Moncler coat, Uniqlo turtleneck, Paige jeans, Burberry scarf, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.

I really do love navy, you know. And this Burberry scarf which I also bought last spring is the perfect scarf to go with my coat. Navy with white and red has long been a favourite. My burgundy Paul Green loafers, bought on sale last fall, and this old Marc Jacobs bag, bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in 2015, pick up the red in the scarf, don’t you think? I’m not ready to haul out my red Earth Brand loafers just yet. They’re much too summery when we still have snow on the ground. Besides, I want to get more wear out of these Paul Green shoes. I just checked and Nordstrom doesn’t have these loafers any more, but I found a lovely pair, in a similar style, here.

Moncler spring coat, Uniqlo navy cashmere turtleneck, Burberry scarf, Paige high-rise jeans, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.
Red, or burgundy, and white and navy makes me feel spring-ish.

So, I’m wearing my spring coat today, and my loafers instead of boots. And even if it’s still cold enough to necessitate wearing pantyhose under my jeans, I am making one small step for spring. Actually, that should be two small steps for spring.

Moncler spring coat, Uniqlo navy cashmere turtleneck, Burberry scarf, Paige high-rise jeans, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.
One small step for spring. Or two. And if you count each shoe, that makes it three. Ha.

And I this morning when I opened my e-mail I was reminded that spring coats, dry pavement, and wearing shoes instead of boots are not the only important harbingers of spring. Let’s not forget hot cross buns, people! How have I forgotten about hot cross buns? Actually that’s an easy question to answer. Hubby has been doing all the grocery shopping, which is not that unusual. But for some reason, I haven’t even darkened the door of a grocery store since I came back from Mum’s. Hence the lack of hot cross bun awareness.

So when I opened the weekly Friday Fashion newsletter from The Telegraph online and read the opening line of an article by Chloe MacDonnell, I laughed out loud.

It’s April, which means there are a couple of things playing on my mind. Namely, is it acceptable to have a hot cross bun for breakfast yet? But perhaps more importantly, what do I want to wear now that it’s slightly warmer, but could at any minute start chucking it down with rain?

Chloe Mac Donnell, The London Telegraph

I really enjoy that weekly newsletter from The Telegraph. I like to see what the Brits are saying about fashion. And I really enjoy the articles from Chloe MacDonnell. I’ve mentioned her before on the blog. And who doesn’t love a fashion writer who waxes lyrical about new dresses and hot cross buns in the same article? She’s a girl after my own heart.

Oh my, I do love a good hot cross bun. When we were kids, Mum used to make homemade hot cross buns at Easter. And I still love them. I buy them every year, and eat the lot. Hubby doesn’t appreciate them like I do.

So that’s where I’m off to today. On the quest for hot cross buns. Surely it’s not too early to find them in the stores. And not too early to have them for breakfast, either.

Moncler spring coat, Uniqlo navy cashmere turtleneck, Burberry scarf, Paige high-rise jeans, Paul Green loafers, Marc Jacobs bag.
Okay… I’m off to find hot-cross buns. Somewhere.

I’ll just make one last check on Twitter to see what Ian Black, the CBC weather guy, is saying about today.

tweet from CBC weather guy about spring weather today

Ha. Thanks for the warning, Ian. It is bloody cold out here. And it started to spit snow before I even made it to the car. Definitely feels like -9°C with that gusty wind. You should see the shot with my hair standing on end. I deleted that one, folks.

smiling woman in navy spring coat, jeans, and scarf. Hair blowing in the wind.
Thank goodness for the warmth of the sun and for the insulating properties of pantyhose.

So that’s it for me today. I made one small step for spring by getting my spring coat out. Another by ditching my boots. And perhaps the most delightful one… by remembering that hot cross buns, those harbingers of spring weather and Easter eggs, always make me smile. And want to pop the kettle on for tea.

Now, tell me, my friends … do you prefer your hot cross buns toasted, or plain?

P.S. I was going to make a lame joke about freezing my buns off in search of hot cross buns. But I thought that was a little too lame, even for me. 🙂

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29 thoughts on “One Small Step for Spring”

  1. I am with you all the way with the hot cross buns. They have to be traditional and spicy though. You look great despite the struggles with the weather and I certainly feel your pain there. We have had wonderful weather for 2 or 3 weeks but it’s now back to dreariness and rain but have managed to leave the winter coats and boots behind thank goodness.

    1. Thanks, Christy. Headed off to an antique show today in +2°C and an inch of new snow from last night on the ground. Back to the boots for a while. But the spring coat stayed out of the closet!

  2. Hi.
    Reading your blog in Sydney, Australia and just wanted to say thank you for writing it. I admire your elegance and your eloquence.

    Warm regards,

  3. Another great outfit Sue , chic but not shouty & no fussy bits . Still so cold then . It’s hard to believe that it will soon be far hotter there than here . I’m not a hot cross bun person but Max eats my share as well as his own whilst I eat his Easter eggs . Harking back to Alan Bennett , a friend texted us last night to say he was sat next to him on the London to Leeds train , having a chat ! I said to give him a kiss from me . That didn’t happen but he did sign his notebook . I told him we want the whole conversation , word for word .

    1. Like you, I hate fussy bits. Sound like you and Max have a perfect Easter fare sharing arrangement. How fun to sit beside Alan Bennett. Imagine encountering someone like that on a train. What would it be like to sit beside Margaret Drabble, I wonder? Must do a Strangers on a Train blog post. Ha.

  4. Hot cross buns have been on sale here in Aus since Boxing Day, drives me insane! I refuse to buy them until Easter week, then they have to be toasted with lots of real butter. Mmm hurry up Easter.
    Your outfit is lovely, smart and stylish.

  5. I am also in Sydney and I can’t wait for the heat and humidity to disappear. I want to wear winter clothes. Of course we don’t have snow to contend with in winter but I am not a fan of summer. Your spring coat would be all I need for our winter. You look very stylish.
    I also love traditional hot cross buns, toasted with lots of butter and maybe a dash more cinnamon on top.

    1. You must always be relieved when it cools down and you don’t have to content with your summer temperatures. We (well, really Hubby) follow the Australian Open tennis, and are always amazed at the temperatures they have to play in.

  6. Two points here: one, the Hot Cross Bun is a marvel, totally delicious but I can sadly not eat anything with wheat or yeast any more. I urge you to breakfast on them daily on behalf of all those who cannot. Perhaps hum a jolly tune? Two, tan makes me look like I should be in the old folks’ ward and that is a pity because I love it. Same with brown. The spirit is willing but the older skin tones are weak. Hope the weather remains upbeat.

  7. I do love your navy anorak and can understand why you want to wear it right now. I also love hot cross buns, must be toasted(!), but hate the dried fruit bits so I always pick them out and leave them on the plate. They go out for the garden birds afterwards!

  8. Hi Sue
    I love hot cross bun, but one bun leads to a package!! Ha! My son made some from scratch recently …Anti-chef…. On YouTube if you’re interested. Unfortunately he lives in Belgium so mom can’t have a bite.
    Love, love your navy coat…perfect for you and lifestyle.

  9. Christine Johnson

    I live in Kentucky so I’m not familiar with the tradition of hot cross buns? Sounds delicious!

    1. Oh my… you don’t know what you’re missing. Kind of sweet, kind of savoury, toasted with lots of butter and a hot strong cup of tea. Best snack ever

  10. Yum, hot cross buns. Haven’t seen them in the stores yet and I’m no baker, but so delicious with a hot cup of tea. Looking forward to the treat.
    Your jacket is beautiful. Such a great transitional piece, even if your weather pattern hasn’t gotten the word that it is time to shift.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I am not getting out the winter coats again. I may freeze in the process. I’ll comfort myself with extra hot cross buns.

  11. My dad always used to make hot cross buns on Good Friday, so my fondness for them is completely bound up with him, with memories of family life way back when — and for a very observant Catholic family, they were also associated with the solemnity of Holy Week but, at the same time, with the anticipated loosening of Lenten fasting. . . . and Easter chocolate just ’round the corner. Plus his birthday was on the 15th, and sometimes saw him baking those hot cross buns (also, I remember one year where there was sleety-snow for about half an hour on his birthday, so even out here on the mild West Coast spring can play coy 😉
    Hang on, it’s coming your way eventually, and meanwhile, you look very chic in the transitional weather.

    1. Thanks, Frances. We were not a very observant family. But as a kid Easter was all tied up with food for me… pancakes for supper on Shrove Tuesday, hot cross buns, and chocolate on Easter. Plus a new hat.

  12. Thanks for the reminder, Sue, about those Paul Green loafers, which I also own. I’ve been living in exercise shoes as I try to shed the Christmas shortbread and Valentine chocolate lingering around my middle.

    Hot Cross Buns! I love them spicy with extra fruit, icing and lots of butter. My husband likes his toasted, but I prefer mine soft. For years I baked my own, but with the kids grown I now pick them up from my local Co-op grocery store. They’ve been available now for about two weeks, but I will hold off until Holy Week. Not long long!

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