I was pushing the season yesterday, folks. I was desperate to wear anything except my winter clothes. Longing to wear something that was not a turtleneck, jeans, scarf, down coat and boots. I’ve survived winter by wearing my cashmere turtlenecks on constant repeat. But as much as I can’t wait to get into my cashmere sweaters in the fall, I’m desperate to get out of them by spring.

So, when I went off to my book club luncheon the other day, I wore this outfit. My black Aritzia sweatshirt which I bought last summer and hardly wore due to being confined to barracks with shingles. And these checked, cropped Rag and Bone pants which I scooped up during the Nordstrom Black Friday sale last fall, and which I’ve never had on except for the blog photos in November. They are fall weight, but they seem more spring-y to me.

woman in black sweatshirt, and checked pants, smiling on a deck with an ice-covered river in the background.
Black and white on the deck… and black and white on the river too.

It was so beautiful out, sunny and +5°, that I couldn’t resist a shot out on the deck. I’m chuckling because I match my surroundings: black and white. Notice the hordes of geese on the river, black against the melting ice, above? There are many more off to the right where the river is open. The yearly invasion has begun.

Aritzia TNA black sweatshirt, Rag and Bone checked Simone pants, Stuart Weitzman loafers, bracelet vintage.
Mixing new with old. My bracelet is vintage, and my pants almost brand new.

I really like the classic style of this Aritzia TNA sweatshirt. You can find it here. Some of the colours are on sale, although sadly not the black, nor the red which I’ve been eyeing. I’m wearing my Artizia sweatshirt and Rag and Bone pants with my old Stuart Weitzman patent loafers. These babies are stalwarts in my wardrobe. They never seem to go out of style, and they always look good with a little rub to bring up the shine.

Aritzia TNA black sweatshirt, Rag and Bone checked Simone pants, Stuart Weitzman loafers, bracelet vintage.
I’m quite pleased with my spring-ish outfit.

The black hoop earrings with the gold chain detail which I’m wearing don’t get out much. I’m not sure why because I love them. I bought the earrings when Hubby and I were in Paris in 2015. While he took a quick nap one afternoon, I strolled around our neighbourhood in the Marais, careful to clock the names of streets, and remember from which direction I’d come. I am notorious for marching off confidently in the exact wrong direction. Ha.

Down a narrow street in the Marais, I found a tiny atelier, with a young woman in the back making her wares, and a couple of showcases in the shop window. We had a lovely, if stilted, conversation about her work. My limited French, her limited English… you know. But we both smiled a lot, and I was delighted with my purchase. I buy some form of jewelry on almost every trip we take. Silver earrings in Peru, a glass mosaic necklace in Venice, a lovely pearl which Hubby bought for me when we were in Broome, in Australia.

Aritzia TNA black sweatshirt, Rag and Bone checked Simone pants, Michael Kors scarf, Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket, Stuart Weitzman loafers, bracelet vintage.
Off I go to discuss Paula McLain’s book Love and Ruin with my book club.

So off I went to book club. But just because it felt like spring, doesn’t mean it was warm enough for a spring coat. So I wrapped my neck up with this Michael Kors animal-print scarf, and put my Uniqlo light down jacket on over top. At least it’s not my heavy down coat. So that’s progress. And although I don’t have socks on, I’m not baring my ankles either. Much too cold for that yet.

Aritzia TNA black sweatshirt, Rag and Bone checked Simone pants, Michael Kors scarf, Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket, Stuart Weitzman loafers.
Such a lovely day, I don’t even need gloves.

It’s amazing how a little sunshine, a few days of above zero temperatures, and a couple of lovely walks outside can make you feel as if it truly IS spring. Can make you a little overconfident. Ready to push the season. Ha. But I should have known it wouldn’t last long. Mother nature doesn’t like to be pushed, my friends. She has a nasty tendency to push back.

Slushy snow on the deck and the river beyond, through a window streaked with rain.
Mother nature pushed back today.

Which brings me to today. Snow, freezing rain, slop, rain, more slop. Not a day for pushing the season today or for pictures on the deck or an invigorating walk on the trail. Nope. It’s back to hunkering down with my book weather.

“Maybe next week will be better,” she said, in her best Pollyanna tone. Trying NOT to recall last April. Or the one before that. Sigh.

How about you my friends? Are you braving the elements in spring clothes yet? Risking pneumonia because you can’t bear to wear your winter stuff anymore? Or maybe you’re lucky … and it’s already spring weather where you live.

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22 thoughts on “Pushing the Season”

  1. Sorry, I’d better not tell you about this week’s weather out on the West Coast. . . I will say, though, that I’m similarly positioned between different seasons, clothes-wise, as I try to pack for two months’ travel. Just easing into Spring weather here and I know it might be quite warm by early June in southern France — but we’ll also be in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris in early April, so like you, I’ll be keeping the warmer clothes at hand as well (nothing as cold as Ottawa, though, I’m fairly confident).
    And I love that black and white outfit!

    1. I remember freezing my butt of in Amsterdam in early June years ago. It was cool and damp and overcast the whole time, and I hadn’t packed gloves or a warm sweater. Brr. Hope you have a great trip. Two months… lovely.

  2. Great outfit Sue – really flattering . We left a chilly northern Scotland yesterday & arrived home to a York spring . What a difference three weeks and 400 miles makes to a garden . There are pale green shoots & buds everywhere with lots of daffodils & primroses in amongst . We left the great flocks of geese behind too & the ospreys & we don’t have dozens of Hooper swans flying overhead either – big sigh . Nowhere is perfect . I shall be sorting out the wardrobe soon & heavy stuff will be packed away . As a complication , my tooth problems have stopped me eating properly for two months & I seem to have lost almost a stone . So it should be interesting . Tooth all fine now so I better not throw anything away !

    1. Thanks Wendy. I guess there are trade-offs no matter where you are. I long to pack my heavy stuff away… but that won’t be for a while yet. Glad to hear your tooth troubles are gone. Did you receive treatment… or did they clear up on their own?

  3. I do love that outfit. It looks casually elegant and polished. I envy you your wonderful figure to carry off such great looks. Alas, I am only 5ft 3in tall and top-heavy so cannot wear a lot of the styles I crave.
    We have had a few beautiful spring days over here; lovely sunny weather with blue skies and temperatures around 15C. However, the forecast for the next few days is for cold, frosty weather being dragged down from the north by the fickle jet stream so my padded coat is still in readiness.

  4. I’m in your neck of the woods this weekend (we’re visiting our son in Ottawa), and I did not even attempt to dress in a spring-like manner yesterday to brave the snow, sleet, and very cold rain. We’ll be driving most of the day tomorrow to return home and I will probably shed my winter jacket while in the car. (We do have heated seats, should the need arise!)

    1. Too bad you were’not here on Friday… it was a glorious day! I’ve been enjoying the heated seats and heated steering wheel on my new car this winter!

  5. Beautiful outfit in black and white-lovely trousers!
    We have a couple of beautiful ,sunny and warm days-it was 1° C in the morning-now it is 20 °(4 PM).
    Spring outfits are out and about (even summer dress under black turtleneck and black leather jacket)-but winter things are still on hold

  6. Like Frances, I’d better not mention our week’s weather in Vancouver and also echoing her travel packing thoughts. . . I am reviewing different seasonal clothes, as I pack for 6 weeks travel, mainly Germany, with a little northern France, Belgium and ending in London. So some spring weather here and there maybe colder at the beginning and warm at the end (or vice versa- haha).
    Like the others loving that black and white outfit!
    Hope those cold days end soon!
    Suz from Vancouver

  7. As a Californian, spring means simply not turning on the heat so much and wondering when it will be time to turn on the sprinklers;). But I will say that a black Alexander McQueen sweatshirt I bought for largish sums of money has turned out to be a bargain given how often and happily I wear it! So, thumbs up for your sweatshirt and I am going to check and see what the other colors might be…

  8. I’ve just had to wait a couple of months for my mouth to heal after treatment & complications . All good now , thanks goodness .

  9. Love the rag and bone pants, love love the hoop earrings, and love love love that animal print scarf! All that said, I don’t know how you survive those long brutal winters. My virtual hat is off to you.

    Wishing you spring time soon. xoxo

    1. Thanks, DA. It’s getting harder, but I keep thinking about my mum who can’t get out when there’s snow and ice. That is really hard to bear.

  10. I used to try, but gave up for comforts sake !

    I wear my sweaters and jackets up until late spring these days 🙂

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