Desperately Seeking Susan’s Blog Identity

These past few days while many of you have been braving the elements to go to work, or play, or to run errands, wrapping yourself in fifteen layers of wool and fleece, and coaxing reluctant cars to start, I’ve been nestled in my den in my sweatpants and slippers, with a mini-heater at my feet, and a cup of hot tea at my elbow banging my head against a metaphorical brick wall.

I’ve been engaged in trying to write a “tagline” for my blog. That’s the phrase or sentence which can be found under the blog title or logo and which should explain what my blog is about in one sentence, or less. Preferably less.

And as you know if you’ve been around here before, when it comes to words, “less” is really hard for me. Actually when it comes to words, that should be fewer. Fewer words are very, very hard for me.

one year old child with one hand in a birthday cake and another in her mouth, circa 1957
Let’s call the whole thing off and have cake.

The whole thing started when I decided to make big changes to my blog. As part of the process of choosing a new look, I tried to explain via e-mail to Brandon, the very patient tech guy who’s helping me, what my blog is all about. And, as a result, how I want it to look.

Here’s some of what I said to him:

“I write about a wide variety of topics from books to travel to shopping. My writing style is informal, and quite jokey. I see myself as a storyteller, primarily, with pictures. Mostly I write funny stories (or try to) about navigating my life and my wardrobe etc., and hope that readers gain some insight into their own while I’m at it. To that end, while I want a blog look that is up-to-date, I don’t want anything too glitzy. I take lots of shots of myself, as most bloggers do, but I am NOT a fashion model and feel that trying to look as if I am would be ridiculous. I want the blog to reflect a modern, but not super-edgy aesthetic. I want the look to be clean, kind of spare without too much clutter, but still warm … if that makes any kind of sense. In short I don’t want it  to look as if I’m trying to be something I’m not. I think that’s why my regular readers like my blog.”

Okay. Writing that started me thinking. I’ve always thought the title of my blog expresses something important about me, and the two quite different parts of my identity. My “two solitudes”, if you’ll excuse the Canadian literary pun. And since the title does need some explanation, I’ve tried to explain it in my “about” page.

woman in orange cabby hat, orange scarf, and hounds-tooth plaid jacket
My Artful Dodger look did not initially pass muster as a profile shot.
But how does one boil down all that information into a decent tagline? According to several articles I read, a good tagline should “refine” the topic of the blog, “include the reader”, and “show the blogger’s personality.” Hmm. My current tagline sets out the topics (fashion, books, travel, and life after fifty), includes the reader in a way by mentioning “after fifty.” But it gives no sense of me, as a blogger. I thought it was catchy when I wrote it, but now I just think it’s lame. It’s too fussy sounding. “Maybe I should add in a swear word,” I quipped to Hubby when I read it to him the other day.
Hubby and I have had several conversations in the past couple of days about my endeavour to write this darned thing. And I’ve been immersed in reading pretty much every single tagline on every blog I know as inspiration. And making lists of words, ideas, and phrases in my journal.
What I wrote to Brandon about “navigating my life, and my wardrobe” kept coming back to me. “Sharing a journey” is a partial one that I couldn’t make work. “Blathering on about fashion, books, travel, and life in the country” is an early, not really serious attempt. “Country girl loves fashion, reads books, travels” is another. I read that to Hubby, and he said, “You’re not a country girl.” “I am so,” I countered. Then, after I thought about it, I said, “You’re right. ‘Country girl’ might make people look for posts like: ‘Today I fed the chickens.”‘ “Ha. Not if they know you!” he guffawed. Me and chickens, people, there’s a history there. But never mind that now.
Doing all this has reminded me of our staff writing a mission statement back when our school first opened in 1999. Lots of people, including me, initially thought this was just a lot of palaver over nothing. But when we got into it, we found it a really useful exercise. Defining who we thought we were as a school, what our goals were, our values, our hopes for our students forced us to think about ourselves and our own values as teachers and administrators, and even helped us to bond as a staff.
woman carrying a fishing rod, walking on top of a beaver dam, somewhere in the Ottawa Valley in the 1980's
If I’d been wearing high heels, this shot would have said it all.
At one point, as I was tossing words and phrases at Hubby and interrupting his football game on Sunday, I said, “I need a committee!” And then it occurred to me. I have a committee, you guys.
So, I’m desperately seeking your opinion, my friends, about Susan’s blog identity, so to speak. And to that end, I’m going to ask you some questions. Questions which I wrote answers to when I started the process. Some of them helped me to focus my thinking, but others I couldn’t answer, because, well, I didn’t really know the answers.
Why do you think my blog exists?
Why do you subscribe to/read High Heels in the Wilderness?
What makes my blog different, if in fact it is?
What do you think my blog is about?
Or you could just list a couple or three words that you feel describes my blog.
Do not be kind. Be honest.
And if you’d rather not respond, that’s okay too. That’s always okay.

Now, enough “refining my thinking” for the present. I’d better go and make dinner. Don’t laugh. I do that every once in a while.

Let’s hear what you have to say.


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88 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Susan’s Blog Identity”

  1. Hoo, boy! So here's a focus group of one (me) telling you how *I* see you, but not writing a tagline for you. That's your job, or your marketing consultants' jobs.

    I see you, Susan Burpee, as:

    1. First of all, Canadian. Because I'm not (I'm American). And because I've known and liked a lot of Canadians in my life, and you're (to me) quintessentially Canadian. But although you're Canadian, your readership is definitely not homogeneously Canadian. In fact, I'd wager more than half of your readers are NOT Canadian. So you're offering those of us who aren't Canadian a perspective that's different from ours.

    2. You're a traveler like most (all?) of your readers. That's very important to me. I want to know where you've been, where you're going, and how you saw the things I saw (or may see in the future) and what you thought about it all.

    3. No, you're not "country," but you're definitely not urban either. You grew up in a small community, but you're one of the ones who "got away." I did, too, so I see that part of you. We have double vision and are interpreters for those in the city and those who aren't.

    4. You're an artful teacher with a strong, yet deft touch. Always have been, always will be. 🙂 That means you're an informed thinker, which means you read broadly. So do your readers, or at least we like to think we do. 😉

    5. Related to your definite, albeit deft touch, you're a leader. You lead conversations. You have strong opinions. You don't suffer fools easily. But you're not rude about it (see "Canadian" above). 😉

    6. Have you noticed I haven't mentioned clothes yet? Although I truly enjoy all the clothes and clothes shopping and closet management topics here, that's not the primary reason I attend your blog. But what I like MOST about your clothing topics is watching you coordinate and manage your purchases. That's the best part (for me) of your styling blog topics.

    7. Finally, and I'll try to say this sincerely without sounding gushy: You're a person of substance who's also quite likable. I truly like "spending time with you" through your blog posts. You raise some life issues that are in common to my own without sounding preachy. And you ARE funny, but it's natural, not forced, so you were dead-on about that aspect of your blog.

    I dunno what your tagline should be. I don't even know that you have to have a tagline. As a retired marketing consultant, I'm not even sure that taglines are still all that necessary. But if I had a blog with a tagline, it would definitely include a cuss word. And I Know exactly which one it would be. 🙂

    Ann in Missouri

    1. Ha. I'm trying to guess which swear word that would be:)
      So much to take on board here, Ann. So many kind thoughts. Thanks for every one. And for the ideas. I'm taking notes!

  2. I'm not sure how I first 'found' you, but the reasons I was drawn to your blog were the fact that you're Canadian (as am I), you are/were a teacher (as am I, although I initially never ever wrote about that), I loved your connection to the Maritimes (lived there for a year), and I like your humour. You probably don't want to know this, but it was not really about fashion. As an elementary school teacher slogging around on yard duty, I don't 'dress up' for work, and I don't spend lots of money on clothes, so it really wasn't something that applied to me. Hope that helps, and good luck! -Jenn

    1. Oh, and books. I love that you recommend books. Also, the fact that you are in my 'age range'. I don't have a lot in common with younger bloggers who are in the midst of raising little children, or just starting out. I'm sure I'll come up with some more reasons as well…

    2. I only did yard duty as a supply teacher at a junior high school in New Brunswick. Always made me glad I taught high school. Thanks for the thoughts:)

  3. I subscribed to your blog several years ago when I was looking for help with redefining myself as I approached 60. I started out focused on fashion, but have since expanded that to include other topics, the kinds of things you chat about with friends over coffee (or tea.) I love that you offer your perspective on many of my own interests, which include travel, books, reflections on personal history.

    We are different, you and I. I do not spend a lot on any item of clothing. I prefer cities to countryside, so when I travel, I head to the city first. I have never camped, fished, or rowed anything, and have no desire to change that any time soon. That said, I find your blog very interesting, and I love when I see you post something new. I love reading about your adventures and your journey. As I reimagine myself as a 60 year old and beyond, blogs like yours, written by thoughtful women of substance, are so helpful.

    I guess, long story short, which is not ever easy for me, you are a conversational blog. And your conversations are about those moments in life that matter to people like me who are not just like you, but are like you enough.

  4. Wow,it's tough!
    It is Diary of an urban former teacher lady who loves country (music too? Do you love country music?),books,fashion and travels
    I've found your blog through comments-I liked it at once. You write witty,funny in a very special way,full of assotiations and word-plays,about lots of topics,have an opinion on things and can it communicate well ,with broad views. I did camping,fishing and rowing long time ago and always have liked the duality of the two kind of activities (work/theatre/concert and camping,cross country driving or making the fire-and knowing where you can make it- etc…….so,I like tha actual name of your blog).Books,fashion,travel….is very important
    And,above all,you communicate with your readers-it is very important,because I could read a blog and go away,I don't need to write something if it is not in a role of communication-I read comments from other people-it is interesting community
    The fact that you're from Canada is interesting,but not critical,even being over fifty is very important,but not crucial
    You've lived an interesting life and live an interesting life now-you can share a lot of interesting things and topics (three times interesting!!!)
    Good luck with your tagline (if you need one)

    1. I do love country music, since you asked. Just not the glitzy contemporary stuff… I love the old time, twangy stuff. I know! I also like that you mention that being over fifty is important but not crucial. I read blogs by younger people if they appeal and are well written.

  5. Another American here and I think Ann in Missouri summed up most of what I would say about your blog. I found you on the list of other bloggers and you are now one of about 4 that I look forward to reading. No, you are not a model (but you could be). You have a sophisticated taste and adapt it to a retired lifestyle in a modern, youthful, and comfortable way. You are funny, thoughtful, insightful and an excellent writer. You don't take yourself too seriously, so you are approachable. I like your taste in books.

    I'm not good with taglines either, but the closest I could come would be: A (hopefully) witty exploration of life after 50 through style, travel and a good book.

  6. Imagine you are a new book which needs a blurb. Pull 'em in but don't give the entire game away. Tell 'em who you are, not necessarily who you were because that will reveal itself. Swear words? Mixed bag, bitches. But it is your blog, your choice. Pick the thing you like best about yourself and put it in. And don't apologise. I look forward to seeing how this all develops.

    1. Oh me too… I can't figure out how it will all come together yet. I may have to have a couple up my sleeves and try them out for a while. Thanks for the good advice.
      I was only kidding about he swear words. But my former colleagues would totally get that remark. Ha.

  7. I agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed above and Scrappy's tagline comes closest to my views of why I read your blog. Being Canadian does not matter to me so I wouldn't put that in the tagline. I like the easy way you write on a range of topics which is why I also read "nohatnogloves" blog as well. I've whittled down the number of blogs I read and a number of the fashion/fitness blogs have been dropped and replaced with book and travel blogs. As I've started to pick up more volunteer work and new interests my time is more precious but your blog and a couple of others reminds me that other women feel the same way as me. We're being as positive and active as we can be (started my first ballet lesson this week and I was so excited to buy my first ever ballet pumps) but there's almost an unwritten acknowledgment in your and other blogs that it's ok just to step back occasionally, slow down, and remember that this retirement doesn't have to be lived frantically and perfectly. I do like your phrase of "navigating life". Oh dear too many words. So good luck with the tagline but don't stress too much about it. We likeminded souls will aways drift together and I am sure lots of other women will find your blog as interesting as your current readership.

  8. I don't recall how I found you, but among the blogs I follow, yours is in the top 3. Everything about your current tagline appealed & appeals to me as I have the same interests. I'm not retired yet, am not a teacher or Canadian, but your approach to life (and your wardrobe), travels, interest in books and your humorous stories are what keep me coming back, and looking forward to new posts. That doesn't help with a tagline – do you really need one? I like the "navigating life" phrase too – "exploring" places, clothes….

  9. Ann and Scrappy both put it very well, but I will throw my two cents worth in. I find many blogs that are one dimensional get repetitive and boring to me after a bit. The fact that yours is multi-faceted and written by someone of wit and intelligence keeps me looking forward to each installment. I see you journeying through life, fueled by your travels, your stories, your books and your love of clothes that work. No idea how to construct a tagline from that, but it is why I love your blog.

  10. I like your blog just the way it is and wouldn't mind if you didn't change a thing. Yours is one of the few blogs I read anymore. While I enjoy your interactions with fashion, my favorite posts are about life and books–especially the books.

  11. Reading the comments that have come before me…I find that Ann, Scrappy and Judy have captured most of my thoughts. You are a wonderful writer who besides having a eye for fashion and a love of books, often captures the essence of small/big moments in a moving way; sometimes with wry humour and other times with great tenderness and understanding. Three words to describe your blog (…I could use many more): Witty, contemplative and observant.

  12. Susan, you write so well! Reading your blog is a continuing delight regardless of the subject. If memory serves, I found your blog while searching for fashion advice. While that aspect continues to be interesting to me, I find I recommend your blog to others because of the books you recommend. Like many of the other commenters, I have explored quite a few blogs and ultimately unsubscribed to most of them because the content covered only one subject and poorly at that. Fashion advice, for example, needs to be more than a dozen photos of the blogger in the same outfit. Your tales of your life and all your disparate interests reveal an interesting and vibrant person I would enjoy knowing.

  13. The thing I love best about your blog is the element of surprise – I never know what I'm going to get, but whatever is it is intelligently written about with a great sense of wit.

    1. What KSL says above is true for me, too. I often come here feeling quite curious what I'll find when the page has finished loading. It's kind of fun! 🙂

      Ann in Missouri

    2. I guess it's that I'm so "random" as the kids used to say to me in class. But that was usually when I went hiving off in a new direction to tell a story. Funny thing was, the kids used to say that I couldn't stay on topic. That was somewhat true… but sometimes the randomness was just to make sure they were still listening. Ha.

  14. I think the title and the tagline accurately describe your blog and are perfect just the way they are. My only recommendation would be to change the background colors. The pale blue is not zippy enough for you.

  15. When I think of your blog I always think about life on the Rideau – that it's possible to be down-to-earth, irreverent, and game for anything – all in leather trousers. I imagine the readers here will come up with something – my readers told me my style was edgy but not at all fussy, it's stuck with me as what I aspire to.

  16. Agree with what the other commenters have said.
    I visit your blog because you always have something interesting to say and a great way to say It!
    Suz from Vancouver

  17. Dear Sue…your blog is one of only three that I subscribe to (and I'm ready to give up on the other two!) I love the fact we share similarities…we are the same age, we were both high school teachers and are now retired, we are both Canadian, we both have a love of travel and books, art and fashion. I appreciate your insight into various topics, your sense of relatable humour and look forward to reading whatever post you may put up. A tag line is such a small part of what you do and it was the original one that caught my eye…it is YOU that have kept me coming back! A goal of 'being and staying well' in all aspects of life as we age is admirable…I don't think changing the tag line is necessary! Love your blog! Cheers, Alayne

  18. I love your blog title as is, and was drawn to investigate partly because of its' promise to overlap w/ my own aesthetic (which might charitably be called tomboy glam). But your writing, authenticity and thoughtful intelligence are what keep me coming back. I'm fine w/ the tagline as is…..but you clearly are not. Is the bottom line that you don't feel it expresses your personality/viewpoint strongly enough? One angle for discovering a tagline – answer the question: what's my purpose/mission in writing the blog?

  19. It looks like my comment evaporated into the cyber netherworld so trying again —

    Boy, do I get this dilemma — both as a marketer by profession, and as one who has struggled with my own tagline at daily plate of crazy where I really do write about everything and anything. (And I did write daily, well for the first five or six years or so.) The irony for me, Sue, is that I have often looked at your current tagline and thought to myself, “I quite like that. I wish my tagline (or tag lines) were as good.”

    But I am going to continue to ponder. It has always been easier to come up with something for someone else then for myself. (Grin)


    Daily Plate of Crazy – taglines I’ve used…

    “Whatever life dishes out”
    “Real Life With a Twist”

    (See? Not great.)

  20. I agree with what many others have said. Your blog is a delight to read. I love the stories and pictures of your travels, your recommendations of great reads, and your style photos. It is perfect the way it is. If you must make changes, then I agree with "Unknown", who suggested that you examine your purpose or mission in writing the blog.

  21. Witty, storyteller, authentic, observant, informed, reflective, inviting conversations, substance, multi-faceted, well read, well dressed, well travelled

  22. I found you via Materfamilias (don't remember how I found her)

    I read you because
    You are Canadian (I like 'my' blogs to be a window on a different world)
    Your fluent and eloquent writing, from teaching English.
    When I grow up I will be able to choose clothes that suit and fit – as you do. I wish.
    An after 50 blog which isn't about grandchildren.
    Your book reviews.
    And the small slices of politics.

    I will skim the canoe and fish and wilderness – but virtual is good!

      1. I am, Diane. But I’ve had so much trouble getting my picture to update that I’ve put it on the back burner. There are too many new things to learn with Word Press, and I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. Wow… kind of surprised at how much more finicky Word Press is to use than Blogger which is so easy.

  23. Hi Sue
    Somehow I found your blog when I was newly retired, hitting 60 and needed inspiration. Inspired you did!
    Writing does not come easy to me and I truly appreciate that you take the time to respond to everyone’s comment. And the comments are growing in length.
    You have lovely clothes but you keep it real…some bloggers show so many clothes and accessories…do they borrow them for a shoot? How can someone own so much?
    Your travels, outlook on life and book selections are interesting mixed with a great sense of humour.
    I chuckled at materfamilias comment.
    Being Canadian and living in my home province was a bonus.
    You could assume I really enjoy your blog… 😉
    Change? I don’t know…it kinda works as is!
    Good luck with your decision!!

    1. I don't know how some bloggers keep ahead of the outfits. It must seem kind of relentless when one gets caught up in that. Keeping it real is something I do try to do. Thanks.

  24. What a lovely read – both the blog and the comments this one. I read your blogs partly because I know you, and for me, they are often a great break in the middle of a busy workday. I love the books and fashion and travel. I especially love the photos of your life – especially the ones from your past. If I had to share some words – I would use many of Aviva's in the comment above!
    I have always liked your tagline – actually better than the title – (you are way too practical to wear high heels in the wilderness).
    I love that it is so well written. I have often thought I wished I could have taken your writing class as I've been reading your blog! And I agree with many other comments – I like to read about and by someone so centred – it is a good antidote to the mania gripping the news these days! Gives me hope for humanity. Can't wait to see what emerges from this process for you!

  25. I think I read for the content and the comments. You write so beautifully. The comments always seem to be well thought out. It’s such a wonderful community. As for the tag line…it has to make you happy. I don’t think we all really care, as long as your there.

  26. Hi Sue, I rarely comment but love reading your blog. I was drawn to reading your blog from the title. I won't torture you with my usual long winding comments with the wonky grammars and etc. Basically, I love the mix bag of topics and your style of writing. The title is the first clue to what your blog is about. Ok, this should be short to avoid the long winding comment with the wonky you know what. BTW I was thinking the title of your blog is a form of tagline and intriguing. Amelia

  27. Marilee J. Gramith

    I've been a reader for about a year. I taught Social Studies to 8th graders in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota for 43 years. In retirement I find I occasionally need a teenager fix.
    At a teacher workshop, sometime in the mid 80's, we broke into groups to write a school district Mission Statement. I sat with dear friends who were also Language Arts teachers. It was a semantics nightmare.
    The testimonials of your readers are spot on Susan. You are clearly beloved and your readers most certainly will happily continue to evolve with you. I'm confident that you could stray from the wilderness path you're on and we'd follow along just to read your eloquently described adventure.
    I've never commented prior to this but was compelled to share my thoughts on this topic. I think your tagline should reflect your goals. I also think it should be flexible enough to handle your changing goals. You are wonderfully authentic,accessible, vulnerable, witty and wise Susan. Truly your current tagline is evocative,charming and intriguing enough?

  28. Your blog is in the top three I look forward to reading (as others have mentioned). I particularly love the random mix of topics, and the rambling reflections, the humour and, of course the travel, books and fashion.
    When I read your blog I feel like I have just had a cup of tea and conversation with a friend — I'm never sure what topics will come up, but there will always be interesting observations and insights; new ideas and suggestions; and the perspective of a witty Canadian educator who also happens to be an excellent writer.
    I think Marilee nailed it with "wise and witty, authentic and accessible".
    Change your tag line all you like — but please don't change the wonderful mixed content of the blog — it's one of the best!

  29. I wonder if narrowing/focusing your scope is the way to go? I really love the way you have opened some doors for me (travel posts….) as well as the book-oriented ones. And I so admire your personal style so the
    "outfit" posts are enjoyable. And the reminiscent posts about your childhood/youth….well basically I guess I like them all.

    So no useful suggestions here, just appreciation for a "job" well done.


    1. Thanks, Ceci. I don't think I want to narrow my topic scope. But I think part of the problem in designing a tagline is that it's supposed to define the blog's niche… and I don't really have a niche.

  30. How about "navigating my way through life, wanting to look good, feel well, and be better" or "looking well and living my best life after 50" or something along those lines?

  31. I hop over here because I like your writing style. I'm not very good at tag lines either and I'm a minimalist, so I'd say "Dressing, Reading, Traveling – Over 50" . I'm glad to hear you're updating your blog. I completely understand that you don't have an interest in pretending you're a model, but I would like to see a little more care with your photos. Your camera often seems too low or ill placed and your body becomes disproportioned or distorted. I like your outdoor shots, too. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll come up with something catchy and descriptive!

    1. I'm sure something will come to me as I wake up one morning. I follow the old method of harnessing creativity which I used to teach to my students, do the spade work, then forget about it and inspiration will strike. Hopefully.

  32. 1. Canadian. 2. Retired professional, same age as me. 3. Great smart casual style. 4. Similar values.
    These are the four things that I love about your blog and keep me coming back for more. I do love your fashion posts mostly. I love them because they are so grounded and realistic. Love your travel fashion packing posts too.

  33. I'm no help as I like your blog the way it is, ha! Thought, I let you know my husband get's a kick out of your travel and outdoor posts…especially, the ones involving skiing!!

    Renee in Northern California

    1. Ha. Thanks for telling me that, Renee. I have a few friends whose husbands read the occasional post. Some are a bit loath to admit it, though:)

  34. Hi Sue

    I am a reader in Queensland, Australia (originally from the UK) who has enjoyed your blog but failed to comment to date. My apologies for that. Anyway, here I am now. As many of your other readers have said, I love the conversation particularly about books – you have gifted me so many great reads, it’s a bit like being in an online Book Club! The travel you share is also fantastic. The fashion is probably not my “go to”, although I do enjoy that. You and I are not the same shape and our life styles are different. But the way you shop, and talk about that is insightful. Possibly what resonates the most though is the sharing of “life stuff” through words across the world and giving your readers the feeling they have a friend they have never met. It’s a bit like Donald Rumsfeld with his “unknown unknowns”. I don’t think you can know what readers you will get, or where, or even what they would like to read. So, do you even need a tagline? Who reads that? Does it restrict you? I have returned to your blog because of the content, not the tagline. I look forward to reading your words into the future. And wish you all the very best. Kind regards Katherine

    1. So glad you decided to weigh in, Katherine. Hubby and I visited Queensland on our first trip to Australia, and I have a friend who until very recently taught in a small community called Tambourine Mountain, in Queensland. At least I think that's the name. We worked together here in Canada for a year, but now she has moved to Tasmania. I love it when people say they are from places we've visited.
      Now that you have broken your silence, I hope you come back for more conversation:)

  35. Sue, I read your blog because of the stories you spin, week after week. Whether humorous or serious, they always delight by opening the window to a little slice of life and closing with a thought or question to "ponder." The fact that you write these stories about fashion, travel, food, books, life in Ottawa, life with your family is what makes your blog interesting and unique. With so many blogs focued on a single theme, I hope yours will not change. So what's with a tag line anyway.

  36. Witty, entertaining, well structured posts (I'm guessing you're like me and
    are driven more by the writing itself than the subject matter?), intelligent and bright, thoughtful, reflective, insightful, oh and I'll just throw witty in again! And you had me at the title … LOVED that film!
    Good luck with your blog remodel,
    Hugs, Mary x.

  37. I found your blog a few years ago because I searched for “over fifty” bloggers. I stayed with your blog because it’s witty and there is a refreshing lack of self-promotion. We don’t have a lot in common but that is what makes it fun.

  38. Late chiming in here, but as a regular visitor, I feel I can add my two cents in here without sounding out to lunch. I can't remember how I found your blog (a couple of years ago now) but as a fellow Canadian, a fellow book lover, a fellow fashion lover ,and a lover of witty , well written pieces, (uh, too much love?) I get enjoyment from your unique style. No, I don't really love the style /font, etc of the blog, but it doesn't stop me from reading it. I skim over the travel stuff and as I'm still fully employed, don't really relate to the whole retirement aspect. But….I wouldn't' mind having lunch with you 🙂

  39. Hi Susan,
    Checking in from Austin, TX. I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said. I like reading about your relationship with clothes, I like seeing you in the pieces as you explain what works or doesn't work. The trip packing and wardrobe posts are very helpful! Your style is timeless and very classy. I like reading about your adventures with your husband. It seems you two are perfectly matched. I like reading your other family stories as well, you invite us in to your world in a beautiful way. I think you are "way out of my league" on a lot of levels and I'm a little intimidated by your reading recommendations but I'm not sure why. I guess I just wouldn't want to disappoint you – being a teacher and all. Ha! Just wanted to encourage you and let you know that I enjoy your work here.

  40. I read your blog because you are not only able to write complete sentences (sometimes compound ones, even) but whole paragraphs. In a logical order. From beginning to end. Your words are spelled and punctuated correctly. You, my friend, are a rare bird. Carry on.

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