Fall is glorious in our neck of the woods. It’s my favourite season. Not just because of Hubby’s return to his rightful place in the kitchen, our very own version of “Return of the King,” without the hobbits. Ha. But also because of the glorious fall colours, on the trees, as well as in my closet.
Like the colour of my new (new-ish, now) Uniqlo light down vest. I love this piece. I love the rich burgundy, the weightlessness, the fact that it’s not too tight but not too bulky, the length which covers just enough of what needs to be covered, and the added warmth it provides.
I wore this vest a lot in Italy, with jeans, sneakers (d’uh), a striped cotton sweater from Massimo Dutti, and my Burberry scarf.  I chose the colour of the vest to go with my Max Mara tweed fall coat, and hopefully with my burgundy Akris turtleneck from last year. It works beautifully with both. And I’ve worn it pretty much constantly since we came home.
woman in burgundy sweater and vest, scarf and blue jeans, standing under a tree amidst fallen leaves.
Heading out to meet my “To Hell with the Bell” lunch group last week

To lunch with former colleagues the other day, I wore the Uniqlo vest, dark-washed Paige high-rise jeans, my navy, red, and grey Burberry scarf, my new Paul Green loafers, and my burgundy Akris sweater. You know, this vest could have been made for my Akris sweater. The colours work perfectly, and I like the longer length of the sweater under the vest. It elongates my torso… and keeps the vest from looking too puffy.

Not the most scenic spot for photos, is it? You can see, just by my left foot, our black hose pipe needed to accommodate the sump pump which has to be drained away from the house in the winter. And in the shot below, our neighbour’s similar black hose pipe behind me. Plus their step-ladder, and their garden shed. You might even be able to make out the upended wheel barrow. One never noticed these things until one started taking shots for a blog. Why can’t I have a lovely, scenic brick wall in my backyard?
woman in burgundy sweater and vest, scarf, and khaki jeans, standing under a tree amidst fallen leaves.
Love this burgundy and khaki green combination
For a shopping and errand-running trip earlier this week, I changed up the Paige jeans for my khaki skinny jeans, and this green and pink wool scarf that I bought at Chatsworth last fall. The green in the scarf looks great with my jeans, I think, and the pink works with the burgundy.
I love this double-faced scarf. Partly for the colours (it’s a beautiful teal on the other side) but mostly because it’s from Chatsworth. It must be a pattern that’s used throughout the Chatsworth Estate because, after I bought it and carried it back to the Devonshire Arms, I noticed it exactly matched the woolen blankets at the foot of the beds in our room. I wore it to dinner that night in the pub and wondered if the wait-staff thought I might have been wearing the blanket off my bed. Ha.
woman in burgundy sweater and vest, scarf, and khaki jeans, standing under a tree amidst fallen leaves.
Giving Hubby a sidelong glance.

Now a word or two about my new Paul Green shoes.

Thanks to Liz for finding these burgundy loafers, and for making me try them on when I met her at Nordstrom for coffee in September. This is the conversation that ensued.

Liz: Thought you might like these loafers. They’re a great deal. Me… looking askance: I don’t need another pair of shoes. Liz: Just try them. Me: But I already have red loafers. Liz: Those are red with white soles, for spring and summer. You can’t wear them in the fall. Just try them. Me: I know, I know. Okay, I’ll just try them. Me: Oh. Me: Sigh. Me: I love them. Me again: How much? Me… finally: You’re right. I totally need these.

And you know, I did need them. They update a ton of things in my fall closet. They fill a niche in my wardrobe; all my other fall shoes are black. And they WERE a great deal. Marked way down because they’d come in for the Anniversary Sale and, now that the new Paul Green fall shoes were coming in, they had to go. So they were “Anniversary Sale” price with further discounts. Win, win, win for me. Sigh. What am I going to do when Liz decides to retire?

You can find a similar pair here.

woman wearing burgundy sweater and down vest, scarf, khaki jeans and burgundy shoes sitting on the steps of a deck
Love my new burgundy loafers. The thick soles are super comfortable and those studs are very cool.
So with these burgundy loafers, my new-ish Uniqlo vest, and some of my other fall pieces, like my Akris sweater, and my Max Mara tweed coat I really do have a fall colour rhapsody in my closet. I’d totally forgotten that there is something called Fall Rhapsody here in Ottawa, until Suz from Vancouver mentioned it in a comment a couple of posts ago. Gatineau Park, across the river from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, is glorious in the fall, the wooded hills brilliant with oranges and reds and golds. I’m sorry we missed it this year.
The shots for this post were taken on one of the rare sunny days we’ve had since we’ve been home, when the river was like glass, and the temperatures perfect for a woolly sweater and jeans. Now sadly, it’s all rain, and more rain. With a few snow flurries thrown in. But I count us lucky that we’re not still in Italy which has had a rough week weather-wise. Poor Venice.
Mother nature sure is acting up these days, isn’t she? Someone marvelled on an IG post about Venice, a day or so ago, that there are those who still deny that climate change is a thing. Hard to swallow that, I think, naysayers saying nay in the face of so much evidence. But don’t get me started on that.
What about you, my friends? Any fall colours in your closet? Do tell us all about them.
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31 thoughts on “Fall Rhapsody in My Closet”

  1. I do love this outfit and I understand your weakness for those loafers – very nice indeed. My eyes just focus on you in the photos so I don't think I would have noticed the sump pump hose or wheelbarrow, but thank you for pointing them out because they make everything more real. I like that. The leaves here in Vancouver are glorious now but are quickly transforming into leafy mush. And so it goes.

  2. Great outfits Sue – I remember you were wearing that pretty Chatsworth scarf when we met last year . The ankle conundrum is tricky for me as I can’t seem to cope without proper socks when it’s chilly . I’m going to try my long woolies with shorter jackets when I get home from Scotland though . The autumn colour has been lovely here , as we hoped , but the snow on the mountain tops at the same time has been a real bonus . We don’t usually get that on our October holiday . The weather is rather odd these days & poor Venice . We’ve had pics of tourists wading through waist deep water carrying suitcases on their heads ! Nightmare
    Wendy from York

    1. I WAS wearing it the day we met for lunch:) I have trouble with cold ankles too. But I've been wearing knee-high pantyhose for the past week or so. Is that cheating? I'll bet the highlands of Scotland are glorious this time of year.

  3. Lovely outfit. Lovely model. Comfortable and chic at the same time.

    The only fall color I have added to my seemingly all black/gray wardrobe is a warm forest green sweater. Scarves, which I have in abundance, are my usual choice for adding color and pattern to my clothing.

  4. Great haircut!
    Lovely combination,khaki and burgundy are so autumn and go perfect together-scarves are beautiful.
    Paul Green shoes (and ankle boots ) are comfortable and nice-and luckily the brand we can buy here. I have their patent black and navy brouges .
    Autumn is here,with beautiful coloured leaves,but still pretty warm-17°C right now
    I've just spent the extended weekend in Milano and am in love with the navy-camel combination (with the scarf for the colour boost) again. Italian women and men….perfectly dressed! I'm only so sorry that lately it is difficult to find "middle-of-the-road" clothes and shoes-it is either italian high end or spanish or swedish high street(Zara and H&M and their off-brands),even in Milano. If some of the readers here are from Italy,please,do tell and give some recommendations
    It was heavily raining (poor Venice and people there)
    I'll only add (didn't watch the video but have read an
    article about MM) that average netto wages in textile industry here in 2017. was little more than 2 euros per hour

    1. Wow… 17°… that sounds wonderful. I tried to watch the video that Suzanne recommended,but I didn't have enough French. Then I looked for a print article that might say what the content was, but failed to find anything. That's scandalous that MM pays so little… and then charges so much for their clothes. I didn't know that:(

    2. No,sorry,I've written it incoherent ans unclear-this numbers are for Croatian textile industy,to compare it with MM vages. Yes,Croatian wages are so low,but even so ,our textile industry is sinking ,textile workers are loosing jobs and ,nevertheless, they (croatian workers ) would be happy to do lohn bussiness for Max Mara (as our industry does for Boss f.e.) or any other high end brand
      I assume that italian south has low wages,too,so if one was comparing wages,the reference should be poorer countries in surroundings and not US or Canadian wages
      I'm not defending anyone(and have forgotten the MM wages in the article),but these are the facts

  5. Really wonderful outfits, both of them. I've always considered burgundy a neutral, and have a pair of burgundy brogues that I've worn with all my neutrals for many years. It's still too warm in LA – other than the slanted light, not much of an autumn feel.

  6. There will be more the nip of winter happening here in Winnipeg in the next few days and snow flurries are in the forecast…the first snowfall that stays is magical! The fall colours seem to be mainly finished and the trees are now dark grey silhouettes against a grey sky. My fall colour of choice is burgundy…it is a rich hue that reminds me of a good glass of burgundy wine sipped while sitting cozily in front of the fireplace. I do tend to wear burgundy with grey or with black as those are the neutrals that form the basis of my wardrobe but it looks very beautiful with the navy or the khaki green as you have illustrated…scarves have a delightful way of pulling together colours don't they? When thinking of the colours of fall leaves, mustard yellow would have to be considered but it looks dreadful on me so it has not been purchased despite the experts saying it is THE colour of the year…I see it more on sale racks! Orange and brown shades are other colours that are avoided but red is in my wardrobe as a much used accent colour as it also goes well with black and grey. Love the burgundy loafers…your Nordstrom shopper is a treasure to have found them. Unfortunately no Nordstroms store close by to peruse and online shopping is just not the same experience. Cheers, Alayne

    1. Remember the first snowfall as a kid… the excitement!I'd never thought of doing khaki and burgundy until the other day but I love it together.

  7. Sue, I love all these outfits: the color combinations are wonderful. Here in the upper midwest (U.S.), the leaves turned gorgeous in a matter of days though we have had no dry sunny weather to enjoy them, just clouds and cold drizzle. Like Wendy in York, I appreciate the sans socks look but can't stand it when my ankles are cold. I wonder if it would be possible for middle-aged women to lead a movement to revive color-coordinated socks with shoes (when wearing pants) as a fashionable look? I know that style bloggers assert that ankle boots are the solution when the weather cools–though they still insist on baring a few centimeters of leg–but, if the temperatures are suitable for a sweater and down vest, for me that definitely means that socks are in order. I suppose that I will have to resign myself to the status of the frumpily practical. First world problems, I know 🙂

    1. I see lots of young women with the bright socks and shoes combination, but I can't bring myself to try it. If I'm going to wear socks I always wear boots. But when I can't bear to give up my "bare ankles" with my shoes and skinny jeans I wear pantyhose. Sometimes even knee-highs. I know! But it's better than freezing. I always used to wear panty hose under my dress pants with pumps back in the day when I worked… so not much difference.

  8. Both of those are really wonderful outfits. Burgundy looks great on you, so does the green. Your Liz is an advising treasure! Our weather has definitely shifted into the raining season, not much of a colourful fall rhapsody feel here. So glad I was able to enjoy autumn in Ottawa!
    One quick question, do you have a favourite type of no see sock you wear or do you just go without? (I feel like I might have asked this question previously, apologies if it is a repeat…..)
    Thanks for posting. Suz from Vancouver

    1. Liz is a treasure, that's for sure. I don't have a favourite type of "no see sock." I've tried several "sockettes" but they always disappear down into my shoe within minutes. When we were in Italy I wore those socks (Nike, I think) that are supposed to be "no see" but are still evident. It's just too hard on the feet to be barefoot when one is doing a lot of walking. And with orthotics even more so. But at home, it's either barefoot or this time of year pantyhose "kneehighs." I know… so frumpy.

  9. I love everything about your outfits–autumn colors are unbeatable. The Paul Green loafers are gorgeous but raise the question I always have. What do you do when it's too cold for bare ankles? Socks just dorkify (my word) any shoes I wear them with, but in my neck of the woods, they're a must by November 1. How do you wear these in cold weather, Sue? Look forward to your thoughts!

    1. Ah… thanks. I admit that this time of year I wear pantyhose knee-highs. I can't stand socks in my loafers and hate cold ankles. Once we have snow it will be boots until spring.

  10. I love these fall colors and outfits. I'm also really jealous — here in Florida it is 80+F so no hope for jackets, scarves, etc. yet.

  11. Sue, thanks for showing us how vibrant the colors of burgundy and green/olive can be together. I'd never have come up with that combo on my own. Yes, it's possible for someone to be interested in fashion and style and have ZERO color combo imagination.

    This fall I've invested in numerous pieces that are navy, olive, grey and camel. Shockingly, none of those pieces are in any shades of black!

    They've come from Uniqlo, Coach, local shops, outlet stores, and my favorite resale, i.e., vintage, used, old, or whatever term one prefers, clothing boutiques. Prices have ranged as you might imagine, but I found them all to be good buys.

    Just returned home from a week of Halloween celebrations in New Orleans. Yowzah!

    Ann in Missouri

    1. I saw lots of camel and navy at Nordstrom yesterday. I love camel and may have to unearth an old Adrienne Vittadini camel blazer from way back. Halloween in New Orleans must have been a blast.

  12. Both outfits are delicious – especially love the loafers and scarves. I keep promising myself, "This is my LAST pair of shoes!" only to find myself buying yet another pair. *Sigh* As long as I can pay the bill when it comes……

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