It’s the last weekend of summer. The autumn of summer, we might say. Soon we’ll be saying, “Ah yes, remember last summer? Those white hot days at the beach, the languid afternoons, the warm, starry evenings of wine and song? Ha. As if.

Red barn with white trim and the shadow of clothes on a clothesline
photo courtesy of Aethne Hinchcliffe

More like… remember the searing, jabbing pain of that freaking shingles virus, the fog of pain meds, the creeping boredom of yet another day of enforced reading and reading and nothing else, except more moaning and cold compresses?

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little. I didn’t actually get bored with reading.

But now that I’m feeling better, and was even able to escape the dooryard wearing real clothes and… drum roll, please… upper-body undergarments twice last week, I’ve begun to realize that summer is almost over and I haven’t worn my summer clothes since the middle of July. Gasp.

And even more gasp-worthy, I haven’t worn my new Moncler jacket once. Not once.

So last Friday, when it was a beautiful 22°C, and I was scheduled to meet my dear friend Barbara for lunch in the village, I wore my new jacket for the very first time. And what a palaver trying to decide which combination of red, white, and blue to wear. I tried my jacket with a red tee, blue jeans and sneakers, with my navy tee, white jeans and my red loafers, with a couple of different white tees with blue jeans or white jeans, and red loafers. Well, you get the picture.

three shots of a woman in navy baseball jacket in blue jeans and red tee, white jeans and white tee, and blue jeans and white tee.
Too many choices?

I even tried my jacket with blue jeans, sneakers, and a crisp white shirt. I really like this look. It’s a little bit lady-like, mostly casual, but still polished. I’ll wear this in a couple of weeks when the weather will allow long sleeves under long sleeves.

woman in blue jeans, white shirt, and navy baseball jacket
Who doesn’t love a lady in a baseball jacket?
So, I guess even a small, well-edited closet, where everything goes with everything, can sometimes be overwhelming. Somehow the choices that day seemed endless. Or maybe I was simply out of practice. Sigh. It sure does feel good, though, to be back on the road, and out in the world.
woman in jeans, white tee and navy baseball jacket sitting in a red Adirondack chair
Just happy to be back in action.
My Moncler jacket isn’t the only piece in my closet suffering from neglect. I’ve worn nothing but shorts and baggy tees for weeks.
In fact, I’ve decided that from now until we leave for Italy in three weeks there will be a veritable flurry of outfits happening. I plan to wear a different outfit every time I leave the house. I should make a check-list so I don’t miss something. I foresee having to wear the last few outfits to the backyard, to sip my tea, and watch Hubby while he harvests the last of the vegetables from our garden.
Of course… I’d help him, if I weren’t wearing my good clothes. 🙂

P.S. That gorgeous photo of the red barn and the shadow of the clothesline was taken by Aethne Hinchliffe a former student of mine. Aethne is a talented photographer. I love that picture. You can follow her work on Instagram here.

Now, how about you, my friends? Are you cramming in the last of your summer outfits before the leaves turn and the weather gets cool?


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39 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Gasp”

  1. So glad that you are well again!
    Yesterday was raining and temp were around 70- I was wearing white jeans,old DKNY navy blue silk tee and the jacket completely similar to yours,only without red stripes (it is an old,rarely worn jacket that I've kept in my seaside apartment "just in case" and decided to take home and wear-because it looks like new and I actually like it)
    Today,I'll wear it with light washed jeans and white tee and something around neck to contrast-not to be blah
    The jacket is only for crisp early mornings and evenings-during the day it is over 70°-the weather like that was in Zagreb during summers when I was a kid and I miss it
    I love summer wardrobe and am one of those who will soon forget all about over 90° temperatures and humid weather -I'll miss (imaginary perfect) summer,sea and swimming…
    I think I've mentioned it here already-check the weather forecast very carefully. I was in Rome some ten years ago,around 1st of November and during the day it was warm enough for wearing the light shirt
    Take care

    1. From looking at average temps in parts of Italy, I guessing that I'll need summer and fall clothes. Or perhaps when it's cooler just layered summer ones to make packing easier.

  2. I've not worn most of my summer wardrobe as I've also lived in shorts. However I've worn what I haven't previous years so the variety has been good.the weather now is more typical of summer ie 22c to 25c and I'm using my normal summer clothes now . It started today at 11 so I'm even in a denim jacket and scarf til it gets to 22 later. I hope I see you link into continental drift linkup Susan. It's live until the 7th.

  3. Good news! Out of the house! Today it feels like the beginning of autumn here in Yorkshire after a very warm and sunny Sunday. My thoughts are towards planning a proper holiday next year and my mind is full of white beaches and blue skies, cold beer and hot seafood. But I am off for a good walk with an old friend, perhaps with a light jacket because rain and cooler temps are forecast. Also planning my autumn reading. Currently reading a biography of Angela Carter but it is beginning to bring me down so it may return to the shelves. I have a new and lovely charcoal grey woollen sweater to wear this year because I managed to accidentally shrink one of Mr Green's in the wash. Every cloud…

    1. I am currently enjoying the huge collection of Mitford letters edited by Charlotte Mosley, and enjoying it immensely. As well as listening on my i-pod to Rosamund Pike read Sense and Sensibility. I have learned that listening to a great narrator read a novel to me is as good as reading it myself. I've laughed out loud in places, which I didn't do when I read it the first time.

    1. Thanks. Aethne takes really good photos. I follow her on IG and that's how I saw this one. She kindly allowed me to use it. Although I think it might have been difficult to say no to her former teacher:)

  4. Feeling Better – that is very good news! I like all your baseball jacket outfits, but am partial to the ones with red shoes 🙂
    Enjoy your next few Ontario weeks. In between wearing all those missed clothes, you'll probably have some fun planning your Italy wardrobe.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Thanks, Suz. I'm reading the letters of the Mitford sisters and smiled when I saw that two of them call each other Susan, and sometimes "Sooze." Loved that bit.

  5. So glad that the shingles have loosened their grip and you're managing to get out and about in your new jacket and various combos before summer's gone. And if it helps at all, remember that the whole end-of-summer at Labour Day is really just end-of-summer-holidays for kids and teachers. The rest of us have until the Fall Equinox, don't we, to continue to pursue summer activities (and wear summer outfits!). . . At least, I've always been a bit stubborn about enjoying every last hour of summer, much as I also love that new-beginnings mood of the crisper morning air. . . Also, add my voice to those that suggest your Italian trip may extend that summer even longer. . . .

    1. I always used to hate having to back to school in summer clothes. It seemed wrong, somehow. Must have offended my sense of order school=fall=sweaters. This week I'm starting to research what to wear in Italy in the fall.

  6. So glad you're back in action, Sue! I agree with you… #2 is perfect and I also really like the long sleeve over long sleeve version.

    Summer has flown by way too fast this year! Part of the problem here is that it came about a month later than usual and already seems to be on the way out. I've started doing a serious cull of my summer wardrobe. The bag for the thrift store is filling up and there are several items in my closet that I plan to wear one more time before I decide whether or not to put them away for next summer or send them on their way as well.

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I always cull spring/summer stuff in the spring. Mostly because my head is full of fall clothes this time of year, and I feel I'd be making bad decisions simply because I was tired of wearing something all summer. Of course that would NOT be the case this year:)

  7. Where are you visiting in Italy? Will you be doing a post on your trip? We are headed to Italy in May and I am always looking for ideas on where to go/eat/tour. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Shingles are the worst.

    1. We'll be starting in Venice, then Florence, then driving down the Adriatic coast, across to Amalfi coast, and then to Rome. I will definitely be posting about the trip, although not sure how much I'll be posting while on the trip.

  8. Glad you're feeling better. I have (mostly) adored the hot weather and am trying to cling to my summer clothes but alas some days are tad chilly here in the UK now 🙁

  9. Funny, but last night as we were getting ready for church, I thought about the same thing. Time to wear a few of my favorite summer outfits before it's too late! By the way, I love outfit #2!

  10. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Sue and able to escape the confines of your house and know you’ll be well, for your Italy trip. Hopefully the weather will be good. We were in Rome once, in October and it was lovely. No need for jackets and some days the sun was quite hot … fingers crossed for you!
    I’m enjoying wearing summer clothes while it’s still warm, especially my white trousers, which I didn’t wear much when we were travelling. I actually wore jeans today for the first time in ages and regretted it … just too warm!
    Have a good week … not long now until your trip 🙂

    1. I think I'll even take my white jeans to Italy, and wear them with my jacket or a sweater. I have had them on once this summer… to leave the house. Plus I've read that it will be lovely in Rome and Florence. That's if we can count on weather forecasts.

  11. So glad to read you're on the mend, Susan 🙂

    The temps are going the other way here. Last week was miserably cold and this week quite mild and about to climb into the 20s ( celcius ).

    I've even been out of my beloved turtlenecks for the last few days !

  12. I'd love to see what you are packing for Italy because we are leaving for Italy in 3 weeks and I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Capsule, micro, minimalist, classic, maximalist wardrobes? We will be in Rome, Florence, and Venice for 2 weeks. I just can't imagine getting it all in a carry on, which my husband is insisting on. Help! Thank you!

  13. So good to hear you're on the mend Sue, and wearing undergarments! Great that you'll make it to Italy and hopefully be 100% by then to enjoy it fully.
    Yes, even without those painful and debilitating shingles, there's still a flurry of panic wearing at Chez Pout at the moment …dresses, shorts, swimsuits on beach days, if it's saying summer to me it's going on my back!
    Hugs, go forth and max out on your wardrobe, x.

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