Wasn’t it Picasso who had a blue period? Supposedly inspired by his “emotional turmoil and financial destitution,” partly triggered by the suicide of a dear friend and by his own struggle to survive as an artist, he painted mostly in blue for a while (source.)

Me, I seem to be having a blue and yellow period. Or blue and red. But always blue, more specifically navy. Suddenly everything in my wardrobe is navy. Which can be a good thing because I love navy. Navy and white, navy and red, navy and yellow. But it can be a bad thing for blog post variety. “Ah well,” the blogger sighs, “in this case art is supposed to imitate life, and not the other way round.” That’s if blogging can be considered art, I might add. So if I’m wearing navy in real life, then navy it must be on the blog as well.

Triple navy outfits. Does that skirt look a little too short to you?

Today, I’m wearing my new navy Montcler anorak with my old dark denim Burberry skirt, a yellow sweater from Brooks Brothers, a scarf I bought at Zara a while ago, and my Stan Smith Adidas. Oh… and pantyhose! It was only 9° this morning.

I bought this little scarf a couple of weeks ago at Zara. It’s more of a neckerchief, and I’d normally wear it tied with the ends in the front. But when I do, you can’t see as much of the bright colour, nor the little houses printed on the fabric. Those little houses make me think of the Amalfi Coast where we’ll be going this fall. I thought this scarf was just the ticket to go with my yellow sweater. And both of them together brighten up my mostly navy outfit.

My cheap, cheeky, and cheerful little scarf.
I must say that trying to take pictures for this post, folks, was not cheerful. More like a comedy of errors, a mixture of weather issues, wardrobe worries, and hair woes.
This morning when I dressed, the weather was cool and rainy. Both my umbrellas were in my car, and my car was at the garage getting new tires installed. So, I snapped a few indoor shots, then changed into my sweats and a tee shirt, and read my book for a while. After lunch the rain stopped, so I dressed again and ventured outside. My feet got wet and my sneakers became covered in grass cuttings, and then it started to pour. I retreated to the house, changed back into my sweats, and picked up my book where I left off this morning.
Finally, finally when the rain stopped and the sun shone, I got dressed AGAIN, reluctantly, for one more try. But by this time, I was totally sick of myself, this outfit, and my hair. I couldn’t muster a decent smile. All of a sudden my Burberry skirt, which I have always loved, just looked wrong. Too short and, I don’t know, just wrong. My fairly manageable au natural curl, which I quite liked this morning, had morphed into a giant frizzy whoop-de-do in the front.
It was like I was suffering from fashion post fatigue, or something.
As you can see, I did take some time to admire Hubby’s edging around the flower bed, and the blooming daffodils, and hyacinth. This shot also shows the back of my Montcler anorak. I like the detail at the waist and the pleat in the back. You can’t see them very well, but my Burberry skirt has lovely pewter buttons along the slit in the back.
My best outdoor shot is of my back… and the flower bed. Ha.
Still, the day wasn’t a total waste. I had a few shots I could use. I decided that my denim skirt is, in fact, too short and so I packed it away for a while. I did get most of my book read. I also read some interesting articles on Picasso and his blue period. I count myself lucky that my blue period was triggered by the purchase of several navy pieces (a Rag and Bone dress, Veronica Beard suit, and Montcler anorak), and not by financial destitution, or personal tragedy.
The weather has changed here in the past few hours. It’s very warm, and very, very windy this evening. Hubby and I are hoping for sunny skies and no wind for our first bike ride of the year tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.
We’re also hoping for the rain to stop and the waters to recede for those people back home. New Brunswick is experiencing record flooding. My mum and the rest of my family are high and dry, but many friends and neighbours are not so lucky.
The shot below is of the United Church of Canada in Sheffield, New Brunswick, just outside of Fredericton. The large, pryamid- shaped, stone monument you can see in front of the church commemorates the original families, including my Burpee ancestors, who settled the area in the 1700s, and founded the First Congregationalist Church in New Brunswick. The road is well under water, but I do hope the church is not too badly damaged.
Thanks to Cara Balser for permission to use her photo.
As it happens, life did not imitate art today. I didn’t actually end up going anywhere in my navy and yellow outfit. By the time my car was ready, I had changed back into my sweat pants and a tee shirt for the third time, and I was NOT going to put on that skirt and sweater again.
You know, I’ve begun to notice that although my passion for wardrobe planning and my love of messing about with outfits has not waned, my enthusiasm for taking photos of said outfits seems to have ebbed somewhat.
So, as Fagin says, “I’m reviewing the situation.” And in the coming weeks, you may find me thinking out loud about fashion more, but photographing it less.
And as for the whole outfit post thing, “I think I’d better think it out again”… so to speak.
Now, how about you, my friends? Do you go through “periods” where everything you own seems to be one colour?

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21 thoughts on “My Blue and Yellow Period”

  1. Re: skirt length – at this point in my life, skirts that short are worn only with opaque tights, a look which is actually quite cute. Wouldn't work with your Stan Smith's, but maybe with loafers or booties? I'm not sure that the weight of the anorak works with bare (looking) legs.

    Horrible to see the flooding in Fredericton! My own ancestors came to the Miramichi in the early 1800s, and I've spent time in the area doing genealogical research, and it's a part of the world I love.

    1. I usually wear skirts and dresses no shorter than slightly above the knee, and only with flats. But it's a fine line. Any shorter and the skirt,to me, begins to look very square in shape. I never really know if the picture I have in my head works or not… until I try it. The anorak is actually very light, it's the hood which makes it look more substantial than it is. But I take your point. Might be my very white legs too! Ha.

      As to your genealogical research, did you access parish records? Cemeteries? I'm wondering if you know that all of New Brunswick cemeteries are digital records now, connected to the provincial archives. Some entries even have links to old obituaries. It's fascinating. I used that tool to find the grave of my great-great grandfather, and Hubby and I visited the cemetery a few years ago when we were in NB.

  2. Your Amalfi Coast scarf is lovely and cheerful! As well as your flower beds
    It seems that weather is similar here and there,warm,humid,changes every hour or more often,with rain and sun-very bad for hair and spirit! So,I recommend to review your skirt once again before packing away
    A colour scheme-or phase- is quite normal for me. One thing leads to another (in the combination matter) and voilá-you are in a navy period!
    Navy must be in the air-I'm going back to transition from black (and navy was always italian way of dressing,especially for spring and summer,and my favourite!)
    And,"when you want something,all the universe conspires to help you achieve it"- I wanted a linen,wide dress (crumple included)for summer,primarily in navy or something similar. I haven't found anything I liked and decided to go for a rafia dress,with teeny-tiny stripes mainly in black(and the description of the colour,not only my perception,was written "black")
    A week later,the dress has arrived-with navy stripes! What to say? "T'int right,T'int fair,T'int proper" to send different colour than ordered,but I have the navy dress I've wanted
    (and,yes,I mind the wrinkles so far!)

  3. Hi Sue, I think it could be the length of your Montcler jacket that makes your skirt appear too short. On a warm day without the jacket I think it would look fine length wise. As mentioned previously, I also think it would work with opaque tights, say, in navy and loafers.
    I’ve definitely, over the last few years, tended to buy clothes in specific colours. Blacks and greys over winter and navy for summer . These neutrals make coordinating outfits, so easy, especially when packing for travel. Adding white, pale pinks/mauves camel and chambray blue for some variation.
    Your Zara scarf is so cute, such pretty colours. I’d love to see a picture of it laid flat, showing the houses. Definitely pack it for your Italy trip!
    It’s a beautiful picture of the church in Sheffield but so sad to see it surrounded by flood water.
    Glad to hear your mum is ok, but as you mentioned, others are struggling with homes and businesses damaged and inhabitable due to the floods.
    The Fagin quote made me smile … I’ll be singing the song all day now! 🙂 Not a problem though, I love the soundtrack from Oliver!

    1. You know, it might be the angle of the shot, as well. The camera seems to be looking up, and I have way more lower lag than I should. Might be the anorak too. Sometimes I'm surprised by what an outfit looks like in a picture versus in my mirror.

      Love that song from Oliver! as well. All the songs actually. We always took the kids for two days down to the Stratford Festival, in Stratford Ontario. They do really quality Shakespeare and musicals. The year we saw Oliver! the kids (and the teachers) sang the songs all the way home on the bus. A seven hour drive!

  4. Hi Sue
    I bet that skirt will be out again in a few weeks and I don't think it's to short.
    Hubby & I had dinner at the Keg last night. I decided to wear the "wedding outfit". Once on, the silver grey slacks felt "too early" to wear in our province. Off it came! I tried on many clothing combo's but nothing felt right. I ended up wearing the wedding outfit …it was easy and I had all the parts! Ha!
    Having a consistent base colour would make the selection of daily and travel outfits easier, I would think. Having said that, I've now know why it's so difficult for me to dress for a special evening out. I don't complete the outfit. That's the hard part for me! Instead of buying new things I will accessorize what I have…ie. shoes, etc.
    Thinking of the folks New Brunswick!

    1. You might be right, Robin. I think I was in a snit after too many attempts to get decent photos.
      Re" dressy outfits. I do the same thing. I can't bring myself to buy accessories that I'll only wear a couple of times. Having said that I have a couple of short bolero jackets that I've had for twenty years and sometimes haul on over a dress for a party. Shoes are an issue, though, I think. I'm not buying new dressy shoes to wear to a wedding when I could spend my money on a lovely new pair of flats. Or sneakers.

  5. Well I’m sat here all in my navy so I know where you are coming from . I have to stop myself duplicating navy pieces I already have . I just seem to prefer everything in navy & when I do wear black it is usually with navy . It’s so understated , softer than black & combines with most colours I like . I’m wondering if Dottoressa has yorkshire blood ? T’int sounds yorkshire to me 🙂
    Wendy (heading for Scotland)

  6. Hi Susan. I think your outfit's great. For myself, I've become uncomfortable in shorter skirts with bare legs. It's not a physical thing. I just don't feel good with a lot of skin showing anymore, but I'm older than you (65). So I go the route of cropped footless tights or cropped leggings in the summer if I feel the skirt is shorter than I want. Your legs are lovely, by the way. If you don't have the mental hang-up I do, go for it. The skirt looks super cute.

    1. Ah… thanks. I have to be careful now that I'm heavier on top than I was in my thirties and forties. My legs are so long and skinny, if I show too much of them I just look top heavy. I keep thinking of that Tom Robbins book "Skinny Legs and All"… except my title would be "All Skinny Legs." Ha.

  7. I definitely go through style "phases," whether with color or a particular piece or silhouette. That scarf is such a great piece, bold colors and an interesting design. I'll bet you find yourself wearing it often. And holding a good thought for those impacted by the flood waters…hope they recede soon and don't cause too much damage!

  8. Definitely nothing wrong with the skirt and your legs. I think the anorak is over powering the shape of the skirt, it seems to disappear – so maybe another style of jacket. I love your little scarf, and yes I definitely go through colour periods. Must add, I will miss your photos but I do get that you have to enjoy what you are doing. Thanks for the post. Lise

    1. Yep. You might be right. I'd planned to look for ways to wear my anorak with skirts and dresses because I like the idea of how it can make an dressy outfit more casual. Now thinking that my tan pencil skirt which hits at my knee would have been a batter choice.

  9. I think that's a very good "head shot" — you wear the colours in that scarf so well, and I love the vigor they give the outfit. And if that's the hair whoop-de-whoop provoked by the rain, I want your styling product — looks great to me!

    I'm realizing I've amassed a bit of olive in my spring/summer wardrobe. . . .Hmmmm. . .

  10. Navy is a wonderful colour combined with white, yellow or red…your new Zara scarf has beautiful colours and pattern to combine with the navy pieces. As mentioned by others your skirt would look wonderful worn with tights and a great pair of leather flats for this time of the year when the weather is so variable. My wardrobe is based on black year round as I find it better for my personal colouring and easy to coordinate with other pieces in the closet. While some individuals feel black is too 'heavy' for summer it can be brightened with lots of white and the addition of another colour if that seems too boring. I admire your photographic skills…a picture is worth a thousand words so the saying goes….but certainly do understand the frustration of capturing the shot you are hoping for. Certainly do sympathize with people facing flooding and the resulting damage…my heart goes out to anyone who has suffered the wrath of Mother Nature (it seems that she is getting much angrier as a result of the damage we have inflicted on our planet.) Hope the bike ride is relaxing yet energizing! Cheers, Alayne

  11. I love the outfit, and think you are wearing your scarf perfectly. And actually, I DON"T think the skirt is to short ! 1/2 an inch higher, and it would be, but the length it is now looks good. Visting from Marilyn's Treats Thursday Favorite Things.

  12. I'm in my early 50's and have finally come to terms with the fact that black isn't my best color to wear and in fact navy & blues are. I wear some black to work but that's about it. Also the close up photo of you – what beautiful skin!!

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