It’s official. I am declaring that I have been totally out of sorts for at least a week. In fact, I’ve been downright cranky. Not to mention pouty, crabby, grouchy, snappy, and cross. Sigh. I blame mother nature. I mean, snow and sleet and miserably cold weather in April will defeat anyone’s Pollanna complex.
Being cranky means I haven’t felt even remotely inspired fashion-wise. I tried to muster a few outfits and some decent photos on a couple of days this week. Most of the shots I deleted. Outfit combinations were decidedly uninspired. And the pictures were worse. Both days were cold and blowy, with snow and no sun. So no outside shots, and not very well lit inside ones. I couldn’t scrounge up a happy smile, no matter how much I played Pollanna’s “glad game.”
three shots of woman in blue suit jacket, blue anorak, jeans, red shoes, and coral scarf
Uh, okay. How come these pieces, all of which I love, look “meh” together?

I salvaged these three shots from a myriad of photos. And several different outfits. Numerous combinations of tee shirts (red, striped, white) with three different pairs of jeans, my navy anorak, my red Earth brand loafers, and a couple of scarves, including this coral and cream Vince Camuto one I bought a while ago. Finally I added my Veronica Beard jacket. But when I tied the scarf, I felt as if I should be pushing the drinks trolley on an Air Canada flight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Far from it. Those flight attendants know how to tie a scarf. But still, it wasn’t a look I was going for.
Eventually I settled for just wearing the scarf loose. Or tied loosely inside the coat. It looked okay. But as much as I think the scarf is pretty, it’s just not what I need with my anorak. My friend Liz agreed with me when we met for coffee the other day. I should have a scarf that is more textured, less ladylike, and most assuredly a different red.
This is the look I gave Hubby when he called to me from the kitchen as I was taking what was to be my last photo. “No I’m not going anywhere,” I replied. “Yes, I know I’ll be too cold in this outfit if I go outside. But I’m not going outside. No, I don’t want another CUP OF TEA.” See what I mean? Definitely cranky.
woman in blue coat, jeans and red shoes, with coral scarf
Poor Hubby, subjected to “the look.”
So what does a blogger do when she can’t muster a half-decent outfit post? Why… give up, of course. Throw on something comfy… and warm… and get out of Dodge. Or at least out of Manotick. So yesterday, I headed downtown, browsed a few shops for a new spring bag. Found a scarf for my coat, thanks to Liz. Had coffee and banana bread, and a good old natter with Liz, during which I may have whinged a bit. Then headed home refreshed.
And this morning when I considered putting on some make-up and trying again to take outfit photos, I just couldn’t summon up any enthusiasm. So Hubby and I pulled on our hiking boots and our jackets, and went walking instead.
Much more restorative. Especially since today feels like spring, with double digit temperatures. Imagine. I even hung two loads of laundry to dry on the clothesline. Now that IS a harbinger of spring.
So let’s try that Pollyanna “glad game” again, shall we? I’m glad it’s finally warm-ish outside. I’m glad my clean sheets will smell like spring sunshine when I make up our bed. I’m glad I found a lovely new scarf that I’ll probably show you next week. I’m glad to have friends who don’t mind hearing me whinge. And a long-suffering husband who pretends not to notice when I’m cranky and cross.
And I’m glad to know that, when I can’t muster a half-decent outfit post, you guys won’t really mind if I give up. And get outside instead.
Sometimes giving up is preferable to beating one’s head against a wall. Much better for one’s state of mind. And, in this case, for one’s fitness too. And we did find a big bunch of pussy-willows along the trail today. So I’ll be filling my earthenware jugs with them tomorrow. Now, I ask you, is there anything more cheerful in the early spring than a lovely bouquet of pussy-willows?
poplar trees against a blue sky
Saw these beautiful poplar trees along the walking trail today.

So, that’s it for me today, folks. I have to go bring the laundry in off the clothesline. After pussy-willows, laundry dried on the clothesline is the second best thing about spring.
Okay… maybe third… right after being able to wear bare ankles with my new loafers.
Now, how about you my friends? Has this late spring been getting on your nerves? What’s your favourite thing about this time of year… when the weather finally, finally warms up?


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28 thoughts on “What To Do When You Can’t Muster a Half-Decent Outfit Post”

  1. I can understand your feelings indeed. All that you need is a little sunshine,I guess and then everything will settle just fine. Winter has been too long,even here,but than,at once,it is almost too hot.
    I have half of my summer clothes in my wardroben/closets all the time and the other one folded-yesterday was 27°C and for a family celebration in a restaurant near a lake, I was wearing a summer silk dress and had to argue with my mother because she wanted to go in a wool jacket (yes,we did take it and leave it in the car :-))
    Three weeks ago I was wearing a winter coat. Last weekend in Vienna was sunny and warm,even with only a silk dress (but with the ankle boots and tights,I didn't take sandals,who will know,it's Vienna,how warm -23°C- could be,with the constant breeze? Very warm!) I've felt like in a sauna (especially my hair!)
    So,we have to skip a spring wardrobe and I didn't have time to think about,organize,air,iron and prepare what to wear next-not to mention that my legs are winter white
    Looking forward to see your new scarf

  2. I know just how you feel . Weather does effect us . A week ago our outside thermometer read 5 degrees , two days ago it read 27 , so of course we all started complaining about that . It’s dropped a little now . Like Dottoressa , we’ve gone from big winter coats to thin summer stuff in one step & the poor garden doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going . I always grumble if we don’t have a proper spring , it’s my favourite time .You’ve reminded me why my silk scarves sit in a box – air hostesses . I’ve some old jaeger ones I love but even they make me feel ‘ overdone ‘ just now , too ladylike .
    Wendy in York

  3. Oh, yes! This cold, cold April has been getting to me as well. It finally warmed up a bit in the Midwest and everyone everywhere I go is smiling and happy. Finally.

    We spent the day clearing the dried grasses and plants that we leave for winter color in the gardens, and I changed to our summer bedding. Fingers crossed we’re finished with the worst of the cold. I keep looking out and waiting for the trees to leaf out…they’re all cowering too, I think.

    Like you, I word no socks with my shoes this weekend. Woo hoo!


  4. Hi Sue
    I hear ya! This week will be so much better! Pollyanna for sure, but I'm going with it!!
    I've been running all over to complete my outfit for a wedding…Yorkdale, Sherway, etc. My exercise has been walking in the malls. I've discovered new stores through you…. Aritiza, Nordstrom's. Success!

    1. Haha! Of course not…that would of been too easy! Aritiza ankle pants (silver tip colour), Nordstrom's duster (dusty rose), a choice of two tops from the Bay. A beautiful floral shoulder bag from Indigo Books of all places. My soft gold leather flats are 20 years and surprisingly still in style. My opinion! I find shopping very difficult along with decision making. I met a lovely young saleswoman from Nordstroms who will work with me in the future! You asked…. 😉

  5. After this long, long winter perhaps my favourite thing about this rather fleeting time of year would be the increasing warmth of the sunshine and longer hours of daylight…time to get out into the garden looking for the first buds on the trees and new growth from the perennials…guess every season has its favourite times and I'm very grateful to live in a place where we can experience them all. Grumpiness is okay as long as a person doesn't remain there…glad you found your Pollyanna eventually! A bright new red scarf and time with a good friend are lovely ways to welcome spring as is taking a long walk with hubby. A fashion trend I just read about is mixing red with pink…wonder how that would lift a person's mood? Hope the coming week is delightful and your outfits just fall into place beautifully…still love those red loafers! Cheers, Alayne

  6. I have my fingers crossed that we've finally turned a corner here and will see spring this year. It was glorious yesterday but I'm still waiting for the remnants of the glacier that formed in my backyard from the ice storm to disappear. No walk in the woods near my house yet as it is one massive mess of mud that the pug would get stuck in. We managed a walk in the neighbourhood and it was great to feel some sunshine on my face.

    I hear you with the photos and outfits. I've been in a bit of a slump myself lately. I haven't been in the mood to take photos of myself. I need to be in the mood otherwise I end up with a sour face in every shot. I think it is a combination of a few worries and some physical ailments that are piling up making it difficult to focus and enjoy the moment. I'm hopeful that the sunshine and warmer temperatures will turn things around.


  7. It's been a long winter here too and just last week I was so tired of my winter wardrobe. An unexpected burst of sunny weather has restored good humour and the shoe collection is out – not sure how long it will last. Ah the joy of bare ankles! Can't force these things and you were quite right to abandon your photo shoot. Loved your solitude post, interesting that so many of your readers value time alone. The pictures accompanying your reading post were lovely. Iris

  8. I get it. I totally do. Fortunately here, the sun is trying to shine (and I live in the Algarve!). We've had terrible weather for months – almost constant grey days filled with rain. But it's warming up now at last!
    I can also see that it was just your mood that left you feeling meh. Because you looked great in that outfit! Those shoes are fab and I love them with the trousers and that scarf. I hope you feel better soon!
    Suzy xx

  9. This is exactly where I was (and posted about) a few weeks ago. But we have a week of sunshine right now, and it's all changing!! I pulled the boxes of spring/summer clothes out from under the bed — and even wore white jeans yesterday. Of course, that means I have the task of tucking away the woolies after they get a good moth-proofing wash, but it's a happy task to put those guys away for a few months. Enjoy those pussy willows — ours are long done for this year and I miss them already. . .

  10. It's not giving up, it's changing tack. Sometimes it is the only thing we can do and it has been a very long winter indeed. But May is nearly here. The finest of months so take cheer. Oh. That rhymes…

  11. I empathize completely! So far, I think this has been the worst spring ever! I, too, have been wanting to take outdoor pics for my blog, but even now that our snow is mostly gone, everything outside is wet and drab looking. The forecast looks great though, so maybe, just maybe spring is on its way.

  12. Hi Sue, Rosie here, I’m on my phone so having to comment as anonymous again 🙂 Sitting in the car in really heavy rain with bare ankles and only a light wrap/poncho over a t shirt !! We’ve had a few days of Mediterranean like weather so I finally put away my boots and sweaters etc. Now I’m determined not to go back 😉 Although I do check I have an umbrella in my bag! I must put a hat in as well as I set of with fairly sleek shiny hair and I know exactly what it’ll look like in about ten minutes!!
    Hope you’re having s good week and the weather improves and settles into Spring … Summer days for all of us … and our clothes! 🙂

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