Yesterday, I read a post on my friend Frances’ blog, Materfamilias Writes. She talks in the post about wanting a little colour in her outfits while she waits for spring. “Spring,” I sighed.
I am pining for spring too. Or at least for weather that encourages me to think that spring might just possibly be possible this year. We’ve had cold, grey weather this week. And I’m pining for warmth and sunshine. And oddly, as a result, pining for yellow. If I can’t have warmth or sunshine, then I’ll settle for the colour of sunshine.
While I’ve been on my exercise bike, lately, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest, and pinning pictures of everything yellow. Flowers, old farmhouses, lemon yellow quilts. And some fashion, of course. If I can’t have sunshine in real life, I’ll have it on my i-pad. You might say all that pining has lead to a lot of pinning.
painting of woman and yellow jonquil flowers
The Jonquils by Childe Hussan 1904    source

And then I read this article by Katy Kelleher in The Paris Review. It’s a lovely article; you should read it. All about jonquil, the buttery yellow, early spring colour of a by-gone era making a come back in fashion. And about the significance of yellow in mythology and literature and art. I am clearly not the only one with yellow on my mind.
And so inspired by Kelleher’s article in The Paris Review and my friend Frances’ post, I went digging for some sunshine in my closet.
I don’t own a lot of yellow, as it happens. This Brooks Brothers cotton sweater, below, bought in 2014. And my old Michael Kors tote. That’s pretty much the sum total of everything yellow in my closet. That’s odd when I think of all the yellow I’ve owned over the years. I remember a bright yellow ski jacket in high school, and a yellow spring rain coat in university. A beautiful, buttery yellow sweater and matching knit skirt in the eighties. Plus innumerable yellow turtlenecks over the years, tees, tanks, and striped rugby shirts. I wonder where all that yellow went, or why my desire to own yellow went away.
woman in yellow sweater and blue denim skirt
Summery in yellow, but too cold for this look today.
So this morning, out came my one and only yellow sweater. And since it’s way too cold for bare legs and a skirt, I pulled it on with my highrise Paige jeans, my Montcler anorak, an old scarf in blues and browns, and my new Earth brand loafers.
woman on a deck in blue coat, yellow sweater, jeans, and red shoes
Wearing sunshine under my coat… and snowflakes on my face.

I love my new red shoes. They are soft and really comfortable. And they fit my very narrow foot. I haven’t owned red shoes since I was a kid. Red, T-strap Mary Janes purchased at G.E. George in Fredericton when I was nine, and in which I danced on our doorstep in the sunshine on Easter morning that year… way back in the day. Ha. No sunshine for doing the two-step on the doorstep today, Missy.

woman on a deck in blue coat, yellow sweater, jeans, and red shoes
Feeling springy in my yellow sweater and new red shoes.

I love the yellow sweater with the navy coat and dark-washed jeans. I even like this old scarf with the coat. I wish I owned a brighter scarf in sunny yellow and red, but I don’t. Besides, I like this outfit. It’s fine.

woman on a deck in blue coat, yellow sweater, jeans, and red shoes
Now if only it would stop bleeping snowing?

If I can’t have warm spring temperatures and sunshine just yet, I’ll wear my sunshine. In fact maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow, and go shopping for a new scarf to go with my anorak and my yellow sweater. Something a bit brighter, but not over-the-top with colour. After all, when have I ever gone over-the-top with colour?

Well, okay.

There was that one time.

Clearly I take much bigger risks with my fishing ensembles that I do with my normal outfits. Ha.

woman in a canoe wearing orange and yellow fishing outfit and  holding a fish
No sunshine that day. But the fish were biting.

That’s me catching my first fish in years, on my very first trip to Algonquin Park, on the May 24th weekend in 1985. I’m wearing Hubby’s yellow rain slicker, and his orange rain pants. Notice how they co-ordinate with my life-jacket?

It was snowing that day too. Yep. Snowing on the May 24th weekend.

Sigh. I hope this doesn’t bode ill for the weather this spring. Maybe my new red and yellow scarf should be wool.

What do you think? Just in case.

What about you, my friends? Are you pining for spring? Are you like me, looking for sunshine in your closet?


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36 thoughts on “Looking for Sunshine in My Closet”

  1. I can't wear yellow to save my life, but you look great. And I like the non-bright scarf, I think it looks sophisticated with the brights.

  2. Thinking the same as Lisa — I can't wear yellow anywhere near my face, but you look great in it.
    And I wonder if anyone else will hear a toothpaste jingle when they read you wondering "where the yellow went." My age is pretty clear if I hum "You'll wonder where the yellow went, When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. " 😉

    1. I apologise if I've released an ear worm . . . 😉 It was catchy, right? As were the advertising jingles of the day. I have others jangling for attention in my brain right now, ready to sing non-stop…Brylcreem, OscarMeyer weiner, on and on. . .

    2. No apology necessary, Frances. I've been singing it ever since I wrote that line…considered changing it… but didn't. Brylcream… little dab'll do ya. I remember my brother Terry used brylcream in his hair when I was little. He WAS the coolest!

  3. I was wearing primrose yellow jacket yesterday evening (too early,but it was a nice sunny day,hard to resist)-yellow doest suit me at all,but I wear it always with some kind of scarf (this time:navy trousers,white silk tee,polka dot navy scarf)
    Yellow looks good on you and it goes well with your beautiful navy parka and lovely shoes

  4. You look so young in your fishing gear. I thought it was from your childhood until I read the tag. I love yellow – to look at, not wear. Apart from a t shirt top, yellow with white spots I owned many years ago and which made me feel very happy.

  5. The fishing gear photo is just great!! I love yellow and navy together, although for me, the yellow tends to be accessories, scarf, bag or belt. I'm not sure that I've ever owned yellow shoes, although I have been tempted by a golden pair of leather espadrilles recently … In the spirit of buying less, I tell myself the colours I already own will work just fine! Like others, I don't really suit yellow close to my face unless it's a contrasting scarf. I own a gorgeous golden yellow mac … full length. I used to feel great in it but I haven't worn it for years, so it's on the " should it stay or should it go" list …. Perhaps I'll wear it one day this Spring and then decide… I'm just so good at procrastinating! 🙂
    Your mention of rugby shirts brought back some happy memories … I regularly wore them in my twenties …. Fondly remembering a burgundy and dark gold one that I had when pregnant with my daughter.
    I'm rarely ready to change from Winter clothes and boots into Spring and Summer wear, not sure why? I always seem to find myself roasting in a too warm outfit on the first warm and sunny day!
    Enjoy your scarf shopping Sue and have a good week.

    1. Stu and I both love that photo. It was taken a few minutes after Stu made me stand up in the canoe to put on my rain gear. I was scared i'd fall in. And I remember when it started to snow, I said, "I'm not having fun, you know." I guess catching that fish cheered me up.
      We all wore rugby shirts back then, I think. They were so good for casual wear.
      P.S. You must be missing Switzerland to cling to your winter stuff.

  6. Certainly am pining for proper spring weather. Cold,grey,wet. I keep peering out at my daffs which are doing their best but it is very gloomy. Turned back on my way to York yesterday due to flooding on the country road I was tootling down. Oddly enough, before I got up this morning I thought about noodling on the interwaves to find pictures of roses and wisteria, just to raise the mood since the world news is bordering on horrifying. I shall go and do that right now and make some coffee. The phrase It has been a lying winter, has been going through my mind repeatedly recently. Just tracked it down and here it is. Enjoy such beautiful writing.

  7. I bought a pretty buttery yellow corduroy jacket from Talbots in the fall and love it! I'm wearing it today!

  8. I haven't dipped my toes in the yellow pool, but I recently started adding red to my wardrobe – RED! I've never worn red (I barely wear colour of any kind), but for some reason it's just working for me at the moment. I bought a lovely spring/fall coat in red, a red summer-weight blazer, and I now have my eyes on red shoes. Wait – come to think of it, your red shoes may have kicked this whole thing off. Well done, Sue!

  9. This post for some reason reminded me of a tongue twister my grandfather loved to say: "Red leather, yellow leather"! Last week I purchased a yellow silk blouse that perfectly matches a yellow leather jacket and handbag in my closet…together with a yellow/white/dark gray silk scarf, dark gray pants and leather boots it will brighten up our much too chilly weather. My colour palette is 'winter' so lemon yellow is a good choice for me (dark hair and blue eyes). The forecast is for snow here in Winnipeg this evening so will need to rely on beautiful yellow to bring out the feeling of a spring-like wardrobe. I love adding a pop of colour to neutrals and your yellow sweater and red shoes are a wonderful way to do that…looks very smart with the navy! Cheers, Alayne

    1. Uh… thanks for that, Alane. Ha. Now I'm going t be saying that phrase all day. Or trying to:)
      P.S. Wish I were still teaching. I used to tell tongue twisters to my grade nines. Nothing like thirty fourteen year olds muttering "rubber baby buggy bumpers" all class.

  10. Years ago my mother in law told me I didn’t look good in yellow. I never wore it after that until last year. I tried so hard to buy a yellow dress and both my daughter and best friend said no. It just seems like such a cheery color. You look great in it.

  11. So funny to see this post. I never wear yellow but carried away by a blast of sunshine in Spain last week, I purchased a yellow cashmere sweater. Haven't had the courage to wear it at home yet but this might be the push I need. A little brightness in the almost never-ending rain and darkness here. Like your fishing picture. No difficulty spotting you in the water!! Iris

  12. I had not thought about it in years, but I look terrible in yellow and yet I grew up with a yellow room and yellow clothes. My mother made most of my clothes when I was a child, and I always had a yellow Easter dress. This looks so cheerful I think I'll try to find a yellow accessory. I've never written the word "yellow' so many times…..

  13. Came to you at Diana's suggestion as I am definitely pining for spring! I am not normally a big fan of yellow but in spring I can't get enough of it and looking round my house I see there is some yellow in what I thought was a very neutral paint colour for our walls. I think I might need a yellow bag….

    1. Welcome, Elizabeth… and thanks to Diana for suggesting my blog. I love my gold bag. I worried it might be a one season wonder… but it just keeps on keeping on in my wardrobe.

  14. Boy, I love that look — navy, yellow, red, rust, brown. I'd NEVER have put those colors together. Girl, you have an eye. 🙂

    And your price-per-wear on that Montcler anorak is plunging. Good buy. 🙂

    Ann in Missouri

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