You know, people, this week has been “just one of those weeks.” Not in the way we usually mean that phrase, not “one of those weeks” where everything that can go wrong does. 

Instead, it’s been a week which cannot be faulted. Not really. I haven’t won the lottery or had anything big happen to me. It’s just that thinking about this week makes me feel grateful. And I don’t think I say that often enough. 

afternoon sun. melting ice on a river
A late afternoon on the river. 

I feel as if I’ve been whining too much lately. It’s so cold. I wish it were spring. Why is winter so long? What will I wear? Blah, blah, blah. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. And really, what do I have to complain about? I should be grateful for all that I have. I should be grateful for my health, and for the continuing good health of my loved ones. Grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, for my family and friends. I should count myself lucky that Hubby and I are financially stable, and happy together, and able to live the life we’d planned, mostly, anyway. 

And I am. Grateful. Most of the time. But I rarely think about gratitude, I mean consciously, think about it. And I express it even more rarely. 

So. All in all it’s been a pretty darned good week. 

Hubby and I have had a couple of great walks in the snow and the sunshine. I finally bought new bedding for our spare room bed, for which I’ve been shopping for ages. I managed to squeeze in a good workout every morning. 

After all the planning and phone calls and wading through bureaucracy, the arrangements for home help for my mum, which we thought were all looked after when I was in New Brunswick, and which began to fall apart last week, have now miraculously fallen into place. Mum called two days ago to announce that all was well. Phew. 

And Wednesday was treat day. I met my good friend Susan for afternoon tea at the Chateau Laurier. This has been a kind of ritual for Susan and me. We’ve done this a couple of times a year since we worked together in the nineties. 

two ladies at afternoon tea
The Susans take afternoon tea

David, our waiter and a former student, took very good care of us, with perfect service, complimentary glasses of prosecco, and even a complimentary cheese tray to start. The food was delicious. As we ate and sipped, we talked of our families, and books, and our travels. But after prosecco and tea, and cheeses with chutney and crackers, and scones with Devonshire cream and jam, and sandwiches, we were unable to even start on the sweets. So when I returned to my car I carried my share of the top layer of our tea tray nicely packaged up by David. And discovered, to my delight, at what should have been the height of rush hour, that the traffic had somehow evaporated. Sigh. All in all, a perfect afternoon.

And today. Well, today was lovely and sunny. After my physio appointment, I met Hubby on the ski trail, and we walked (or I walked and he skied) back to the car together. Then we stopped for a take-out latté on our way to our accountant’s office, where we found out that we owed much less on our income tax than we expected. So, my neck feels considerably better, we had a lovely walk in the sunshine, then a nice coffee, followed by good news. 

And when we arrived home, I sat for an hour in my sun room, with my tea and a sweet little book called Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris

Now, that’s a pretty good day, don’t you think? At the end of a pretty darned good week.

You know, in looking back at some of my posts over the months and years, I’ve noticed that I’m not adverse to running off at the mouth over stresses big and small. Sometimes I do it because I think that small disasters make a funny story. Sometimes it’s just what’s going on in my world. But not this week. This week has just been one of those weeks that makes me feel grateful to be alive and living the life I’m lucky enough to have.

Don’t get me wrong. Life is not perfect. Hubby and I are not jetting off to exotic climes every weekend. I’ve not been nominated as most devilishly attractive and stylish over-50 blogger of the universe. Ha. As if. We don’t live in luxurious style. My hair needs a good cut, and I know that I’ve gained a pound (or two) lately, and I’m a little afraid to try to squeeze myself into some of my jeans from last year. That ginormous tea the other day did not help. Still, I’ve a hair appointment with Carmen booked for next week, and I’ve decided that losing a couple of pounds will be my spring project. I love a good project. Something to write a blog post about, eh? I’m on the hunt for red sweaters to go with my new anorak; I do love a hunt. I’ve good books waiting on my shelf to be read. And Hubby and I are deep into the planning of our autumn trip to Italy. So, really, what is all my whining about?

Seriously…  I’ve decided there will be no more of that, my friends. No more whining. 

At least for this week. 

How about you, folks? Has it been just one of those weeks for you? One of the pretty darned good ones? Or one of the other kind? We want to hear it all. 

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27 thoughts on “Just One of Those Weeks”

  1. It was really a wonderful week for you,I agree-sometimes all we need is a different perspective and attitude as well as the gratitude. No news-good news ! I don't think that you are complaining too much-it always makes a funny story and is good if there were no big problems.
    And the tea!!! I like tea, scones,cream and jam so much-maybe it is really a blessing that we don't have afternoon tea in Croatia-I've always got a pound (or three) after a weekend in London.
    Finding a good home help for your mother is a great thing to hear
    I was yesterday on a little birthday party at my young friends-there were three beautiful young women,all very recently engaged to marry (they wanted to show me their fiances and the rings),all shining with happiness,full of love,hope and plans for future-it was such a boost of optimism
    And today is a beautiful,sunny day-I'm happy to have no plans and can do everything I wish,with a quiet evening (especially appreciated because of the change to the daylight saving time)

    1. We switched to daylight savings time a few weeks ago… loving the longer afternoons. Although I'm happy I don't have to get up to go to work in the dark.

  2. Enjoy the feeling, Susan. I'm currently reading" The Thoughtful Dresser", thank you for the introduction, I love to look at fashion, don't always have to buy. Your writing has engendered in me a much more considered approach to shopping, and my wardrobe and bank balance thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Julie. I love to hear/read fashion musings and memories. There's a feature in Bazaar lately called "The dress that changed your life" and it's most disappointing, I think. Too celebrity-ish and predictable.

  3. Yes . If you had told me in my youth that life at this age could be so sweet I would never have believed you . Time is a wonderful luxury for me after years of watching the clock & doing what I had to do . This is a good week as we change our clocks tonight ( lighter nights ! ) the cold snap has eased , the garden is showing signs of spring & we can at last get out there . Perhaps we underestimate the effect of winter darkness . I think it is common for many of us to feel a little ‘ down ‘ after a long winter . I’m glad you appreciated & enjoyed your week . Your fruitful shopping trip must have added to it too . Hope your mum enjoys the company of her new helper – quite important I think .
    Wendy in York

    1. I know, eh? Of course, you're right. The thoughts of spring outfits with my new coat and shoes sent me happily off to sleep on several nights. I love that retirement allows me to have the occasional day when I go no where, except maybe for my walk, wear no make-up, don't care about my hair, and can read as long as I wish.

  4. I had a week like yours too – everything just fell easily into place, and I felt quite happy and grateful. I never think of you as complaining or whining – you're "real" which I enjoy immensely. Glad you had a good week too.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I laughed after I read about my Friday… if I looked at it the other way… I am back in physio, I walked with Stu instead of skiing because I've hurt my neck and can't use my poles, and then we found out we owed money on our income tax return. Ha. Sometimes it's all about perspective.

  5. Hi Sue
    You whine….never!
    You tell a good story which finds humour in life!! Thanks for that.
    We have just finished a 5 days road trip from BC. Long, boring days, but arrived home safe and sound….feeling very grateful!

    1. Thanks, Robin. Well… maybe just a bit of whining:) Funny how the return road trip is often not as enjoyable as the going. Same road. Just more dust and cleaning needed at the destination. Ha. I know that feeling. Arriving back home after an extended absence is always a let down. Glad you made the trip safely.

  6. I feel as you do, today. Sun is shining. Just been to the cinema with a friend. Just had a cup of tea. Did a long, sunny walk to the cinema. Quiet evening ahead…we need to count of good things. My habit of daily reviewing and evaluating the things for which I am thankful has been a boon recently. Even on some very bad days, good things have happened. We just don't always take note.

  7. Yes, I need this reminder from time to time. Like you, my days are my own, and I can't say enough about retirement. It's just grand. I have a little volunteer work that keeps me busy from time to time, but generally speaking, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

    Our days are longer, too, and although it's still biting cold and windy, the sun is shining, and that makes everything better in my world.

  8. Your tea tray reminds me of the ones I've had in NYC… the only place I've had them, and yes… It's hard to work your way through the whole thing, but a cheese tray, too? Don't fee bad about your perceived grumbling. We all do it, plus it makes for good copy! Gratitude… Thanks for the reminder! I imagine every single soul needs to take time to remember how blessed and lucky they are, regardless of station in life. Life isn't easy. Friends and good spouses share the burden, and that includes online friends as well. XOXOX, Brenda

  9. Inspired by you – I've had my hair cut rather short. Two or three weeks should feel comfortable again … then it will need cutting again …

    Also need to purge my clothes. Mortified to find a new pair of beige linen trousers I forgot to wear this summer!

  10. I'm late to this post, sorry. You know, I never think of you as a whiner, just as honestly processing what's going on in your life in a way that I find reassuring (as in, "Oh, it's not just me that lives in a real world with occasional troubles."). But I'm ever so happy that your week was such a good one — you deserve that!

  11. My mum loves the Chateau Laurier. She had her wedding reception there years ago. She is 87 now and I wish she had my dad around to travel with. She has travelled with seniors groups though. She lives in her own home, with my brother only 10 minutes away, and in good health, though sometimes I feel she is too isolated and would have more fun at a seniors residence with activities but she won't hear of it. Her house is by the Ottawa River with NCC field behind the house and walking trails a block away. When I visit I feel like I'm on holidays, its lovely. Though she has dreams of buying a condo in downtown Ottawa as she loves the market area

  12. My mum won't hear of leaving her home either. At 90 she's quite capable of managing her own life, and woe be to anyone who suggests otherwise:)

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