It seems everyone in the blogosphere is talking about how bored they are with their hot weather wardrobe. Shopping for that special piece to spice up their summer closet, devising new ways to combine tanks and skirts they’re sick to death of, yearning for variety, and digging for something, anything, different to wear. Sigh. And what about me, you ask? Am I bored with my summer wardrobe? Ha. I wish.

We’ve had so much rain. And so few lovely, sunny, hot days, that I’ve hardly scratched the surface of my summer closet. And I do not have a big closet, people.
We thankfully had a beautiful, sunny day for a very special outdoor family wedding a few weeks ago. I wore my Lida Baday sleeveless party dress with the vintage brooch I bought at the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen in Paris, in 2015, and the vintage cuff I bought at the Merrickville Antique Show last summer. And my Paul Green black suede flats. The bride’s mother warned all the female guests to wear flats, the wet summer having made high heels a definite liability in the grass. Worked for me. My new flats updated my black dress, and were much, much better for dancing the night away.
woman in black dress kneeling in front of hydrangea bed
Posing for a pre-wedding shot.
So while my old Lida Baday dress has had an outing, I’ve hardly worn my new A.L.C striped skirt at all. I bought it specially for hot summer days strolling downtown, or going for lunch or dinner. And last week, I thought I might finally get a chance to wear it again. We were attending the annual summer hockey-gang party around our friends’ pool. The day before, when I was trying to decide what to wear, was hot, 30° C with high humidity, making it feel like 38°. Maybe I’d wear my skirt, with my R&B black silk tank with the longer under-layer tucked in, and my flat sandals. This outfit would be cool and comfortable.
Woman in a black and white striped skirt, black tank, and black sandals
Possible party outfit #1
This skirt was made for easy summer days, sitting in the shade with my legs tucked under me, sipping wine, and chatting with old friends.
Woman in a black and white striped skirt, black tank, and black sandals sitting in a red deck chair
Or if I worried I might spill something on my very best black tank, I could pull out my second best black tank instead. I bought this top last summer during our heat wave to save my favourite silk tank from getting ruined. And since this tank doesn’t look good with the skirt, I could wear it with these lightweight, crepe walking shorts and my black flats. This outfit would still be cool, still comfy, still easy to wear sitting around on someone’s deck, or beside the pool.
woman in black tank, shorts, and flats sitting on a bench beside a red deck chair
Possible party outfit #2
So I was happy with whichever outfit I might choose to wear. And now, I’m sure you know where this is going. That night, the wind blew our lovely high pressure system away. And the day of the party was rainy, windy, and cool. So cool that I wore neither outfit, but donned jeans and a cardigan with my tank instead. So windy and showery that we made three separate attempts to move the party from inside to outside. The first attempt ended with everyone grabbing a plate of hors d’oeuvres and then making a dash for the house. The second attempt saw a few brave souls jump in the pool. And after the third try, we gave up and found a spot inside to eat our dinner. I love that our friends weathered (pun intended) all this chaos with aplomb. Saying that with old friends like us, who cared that things did not go as planned. Who indeed? We all had a wonderful time.
So that pretty much sums up my summer, folks. Weather and wardrobe-wise. I’ve worn long pants and a long-sleeved top every week to go walking with three girlfriends. Each walking day rain threatened, or the bugs after the rain the day before were downright vicious. Hubby and I went for our Sunday morning bike ride today, in long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Although I should say that last Sunday we had a spectacular day for riding, and took a picnic down to the locks at Burritt’s Rapids. Most days when I’ve been going for lunch, or shopping, or to meet a friend for coffee, I’ve worn jeans, white jeans, or my Veronica Beard cropped pants. The theme here being long pants. And if I have ventured out in a skirt, I’ve worn it with a sweater and my Stan Smith sneakers. I mean, it’s been so rainy that it took us almost a month to finish painting our deck tables and chairs. And we’ve had hail. And more bugs in the garden than you’d see in the middle of Algonquin Park in June. I’m tempted to put on insect repellent to venture into the parsley patch.
In fact the hot sunny day when I took the photos of my possible party outfits, I thought I felt a drop of rain. Nope. It was something worse, much worse. Ewwww. The perils of outdoor photography.
Woman in a black and white striped skirt, black tank sitting in a red deck chair, looking up at the sky
The perils of shooting outdoors. Darned birds.
Still, all is not lost. Remember Orsino’s situation at the end of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night? When it seems that all his hopes are going disastrously wrong, when he finds out that the woman he loves is married to someone else, and he thinks his best companion has betrayed him? And then the worst thing turns out to be the best. Isn’t that just like Shakespeare, to string us along so callously, and then make everything right?
So, just like with Orsino, some good may come of “this happy wrack.” The purchases I made in the spring, planning for a hot summer, will still feel like new next year. And if it does turn hot in the next few weeks, think how happy I’ll be. Instead of groaning, and wishing for fall because I’m so darned bored with my summer wardrobe, I’ll be thrilled to wear the outfits that have been languishing in my closet.
And in the meantime, while it’s so cool and feels like fall, like October, actually, I can dream of what I’ll actually be doing in October.
Hmm. London. Now… what should I wear?
How about you, folks? Are you bored with your summer wardrobe yet? Or have you even had summer this year?


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34 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Bored With My Summer Wardrobe”

  1. Well it's been a dismal summer here too in the U.K. So maybe we'll have an Indian summer in October when you come over and we can all get to wear our hot weather gear. Fingers crossed.

  2. Our summer here in the Finger Lakes has been one of extremes: swinging back and forth between rainy, like yours, or unusually hot. Last week we were hovering at around 90 F/~30 C and then yesterday was freezing (well, high 60s F/20s C, which is freezing for August). I had to go out in jeans, a sweater, and a linen scarf topped with a utility jacket! Brrrr! — Catbird Farm

  3. If I only could,I would send you at least 10°C every day,so we both could be happy enough
    I've wear my white jeans last time in June-too hot for trousers
    Luckily,I've bought only dresses this spring and just change them
    I've forgotten how my hair looks like ,when not in a ponytail 🙂
    Lovely outfits,great hair!

    1. I'll take some of that heat off you, for sure. But here it would be humid heat and I'd still be whining, but this time about my hair!

    1. I'm not familiar with the normal weather patterns in the Netherlands. Hope you get to wear your summer clothes before fall hits, though.

  4. Lovely piece, Sue. Sounds like we've had something similar to you this summer with our shared wardrobe frustrations. The shifting jet stream placed a wall between us and the continent and they've experienced awful temperatures almost hitting 50c, whereas we've been around 20c most of the time, but with not as much rain as you. So I've missed wearing dresses and little skirts but continue to put a positive spin on it all, like you. It probably means we will have an Indian summer, so you'd better watch the weather channel closely before packing for your autumn London trip!

  5. Love your wedding outfit , simple but classy . Weather , & our reaction to it , is very interesting . Here on the eastern side of northern England , our summer is rarely above 25 degrees & usually much less . Catbird's high 60s/20 would be perfect for me . I couldn't cope with temperatures of 30 degrees & above day after day . I'd be like a limp rag , flopping around . We had a lovely spring this year & I've been happy with our summer . Yes , some heavy showers but plenty of sunshine too – the garden is very happy . An English summer is traditionally four hot days followed by a thunderstorm . Sums it up really . We say if you want rain , just arrange a barbecue .
    Wendy in York

    1. I remember when we were there in 2005, the 30° temperatures were said to be unusual for Yorkshire. That's why everyone looked so "wrung out."

  6. Cool and wet here a lot of the time this summer. So little chance to wear a summery wardrobe which is handy because I don't have one. My jeans, shirts, t-shirts go all year round with added layers if needs be. As we are going away next month to Portugal, I may need to have a little jaunt to the shops to see what is in the sales. Having never been a big dress or skirt wearer, this is fine. Re London in October: sensible shoes and/or boots. London is normally a few degrees warmer than the rest of the country (microclimate, don't you know) but it is still quite damp. Raincoat in some form. Or why not pack the basics and do some shopping when you arrive? The bliss of John Lewis. This has been a strange summer but the sun is out so I am off. Can't waste it.

    1. I don't have much of a hot weather wardrobe. I've mostly made do with cropped pants and long tank tops. I have eschewed shorts for the most part, except for the pair I bought last summer. And then I only wear them in "emergencies."
      I do plan to shop in London… but it will be hard to pack and leave room to be able to add more. I might have to pack a collapsible bag that I can fill and then check.

  7. I suppose that I am bored with my summer wardrobe because I don't invest much time or money in sprucing it up. Our area does not have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping, and then there is also the fact that I just don't enjoy summer and it's sticky, hot weather. I would rather stay indoors until October when I can wear sweaters. Now THOSE I love! It has been a bit cooler this week and the evenings are especially nice, dropping down into the 50F temps. That means autumn can't be too far away, right? Your black dress is very pretty and looks stunning on you! Enjoy the rest of your summertime.

    1. Oh… me too. I much prefer fall fashions to summer. It was so cool this morning that when Stu and I set off to visit an elderly ex-neighbour, I was happy to wear my jeans, a sweater, and a windbreaker.

  8. Love your wedding look. I love finding jewelry when we travel. Easy to get home and conjures up great memories when wearing. In MN our weather can swing 146 degrees in a 6 month time period and we had 83 degrees one day last week and barely 60 degrees the next day. I get so tired of the blogger whine about being so over their summer clothes! I just laughed when I started reading this. I love summer and summer clothes and my retirement goal is to live where I can wear a skirt and tank a lot more than jeans and sweaters and the other 4 layers to stay warm and dry. I embrace each season and know we have had our hottest, 90 degree plus days sometimes in October! Yes, weather in our "neck of the woods" keeps us guessing wardrobe wise!

    1. Thanks, Christa. I usually shop for something small to bring home as a trip memento, and it's always jewellry. I bought earrings and a bracelet when we were in South America. They do conjure up memories, as you say.

  9. My yearning for rain here is trumping any concern about my wardrobe, to be honest — we've had just 1.4 millimeters of wet stuff since June 20th, and that's just not Vancouver! If only we could do a switch!
    That said, I'm getting a chance to wear summer clothes that don't usually manage to achieve a decent CPW, so that's good. I bought a couple of dresses in Paris because I needed something for warm days there back in May, and they've stood me in good stead. For me, there's nothing quite like a simple, loose-enough dress in cotton, linen, or silk on a hot day. . . . I'm disappointed for you, though, because I absolutely love that skirt and you're styling it beautifully. I hope you get lots of wear in those lovely September days Ottawa can do so well. . . .

    1. I can imagine that the pall of smoke is worrisome. I have a FB friend who I went to school with who lives in the interior. It's not been a nice summer for them at all.
      I to love a simple dress in the summer. It's just that I have trouble finding them and when I do I never want to wear them in the extreme heat for fear of ruining them:)

  10. During the years I taught high school my summer wardrobe was sadly lacking since wardrobe dollars were invested in career wear…now that I am retired it has been a relatively new experience shopping for summer clothing. My wardrobe is still more formal in feel…jeans are disliked unless they are black or white and are rarely worn as I find them cold in the winter and too warm in the summer heat that we get on the prairies. My basic black and white wardrobe is livened up with a splash of colour…cobalt blue, deep rose pink, cherry red, lemon yellow or a total soft pastel colour palate. The dress you wore to the wedding is just lovely and something that I would gravitate towards wearing…love your new skirt and you have it so beautifully styled here. We've had a hot and sunny summer so far here in Winnipeg and hopefully Ottawa dries up a little and gives you beautiful days to wear your summer outfits! I will be looking forward to seeing your wardrobe selections for England in October as my husband and I are also travelling there that month! Wishing you many lovely days…cheers, Alayne

    1. Thanks, Alayne. Me too. Summer clothes when I was teaching were for the two weeks in June when we still saw the kids. Otherwise it was jeans etc during exams. And camping and holiday wear for the summer. Having a summer in the city wardrobe is still fairly new for me.

  11. The other morning my husband asked if it was to early to wear his new cozy puffy coat!! I want summer!
    Fingers are crossed for sunny days!
    Cheers from Guelph…
    Robin 😉

  12. Yes, I'm sick of my summer clothes. I'm ready for proper layers of scarves and coats and boots. And wool and silk and and faux fur and quilted things. Those are so much more interesting than a single layer of anything, even if it is lovely linen. You cannot dress to garden!

    Wait, I take that back … last week I bought a new pair of Key farmer overalls that fit me Instead of those 20 year old ones of hubby that swallow me. And then I was so proud of my new purchase that I wore them to the grocery store — properly accessorized, of course!


  13. Same here Sue!I'm longing for some consistent warm sunny days … temperatures seem lower than usual with more cloud and less sunshine.Plus a fair bit of rain. I feel guilty saying thst as i know lots of areas could do with the rain weve been having.I'm hoping we may have an "Indian Summer" resulting in some good weather when you're over here 🙂
    The annoying thing is, I've bought more summer clothes than usual, this year,especially tops and some I've only worn once! I've bought more, mainly as I seem to have found lots that "tick all the boxes" and I imagined I'd wear them a lot. Still there's other summers and travel…:)

    1. There should be a rule. Wet summer means glorious fall. You have to shop where you find, I guess. Next summer you won't be able to find any tops you like and you'll be all set:)

  14. Summer wardrobe??!! Bored? I wish.
    London has had a few hot days in June and July — and being London it is immediately too hot. But Otherwise it has been generally grey and miserable. And as for August …. we've had rain nearly every day so far and people are asking each other if its too early to put the heating on.
    We may well get some hotter and more settled weather in October which has been more usual over the last few years but by then people are already in their winter wardrobes and so bare legs and pale coloured clothes are not common. People are more likely to just wear light weight clothes in dark colours.
    But you'll be on your holidays so I think you should wear whatever brings you a holiday vibe — and yes an excuse to shop in John Lewis or the Kings Road is always welcome.
    Let me know if you want a more accurate forecast nearer the date.

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