We have had an abundance of blue in our little part of the world these last few days. Yesterday morning, the sun shone, the river sparkled and reflected the blue sky, and Hubby’s blue delphiniums were blooming up a storm. I love them.

Blue delphiniums, green grass, blue water and blue sky above.
Blue flowers, blue sky, blue water.
And all this blue has me thinking that I seem to have an abundance of blue in my closet, all of a sudden. Especially blue tops that I’m not wearing very much. No point in these pieces taking up closet space if they’re not pulling their weight. So I’m determined to make more of an effort to get them out and about. And mixing the old pieces with new ones is a great way to give them a fresh look.

This blue and white Tory Burch tunic was a sale purchase in 2015. I had passed on it in the spring in favour of items I needed to take on our trip to France. So I was pleased when it came on sale later in the season. It’s super light and feels like linen even though the percentage of linen in it is very small. I’m wearing it with my new (this season) Rag and Bone black cropped pants, and black suede Paul Greene flats. The bag is Michael Kors, and it’s so old that my memory of its purchase is lost in the mists of time. But I still love it for the metallic clasp and the fat, woven straw. It has stood up really well over time. Especially since I use it most summers, and my sister Carolyn borrows it most winters when she heads down south to a conference. I’d wear this outfit to book club, or out for lunch, or downtown to a gallery visit and lunch with a friend.
Woman in blue tunic, black pants, black flats with a straw tote bag
Woman in blue tunic, black pants, black flats with a straw tote bag
The other blue top that does not get out nearly enough is my blue Equipment shirt. Another 2015 purchase when I decided that maybe my white shirt was a bit boring. This would be a great outfit for running errands or going for coffee with friends. I swapped my Paul Green flats for my old Michael Kors sandals. Easy peasy. I just have to make sure the shirt is pressed. Because I won’t wear it if it isn’t, and if I’m in a hurry, I will pull something that doesn’t need ironing out of the closet instead.
Women sitting on a red Arirondack chair wearing black pants, black sandals, and a blue shirt.
My black pants and blue shirt look great with our freshly painted Adirondack chair.
This is the newest blue addition to my closet. I bought this Frame navy and white striped linen tee at Nordstrom earlier in the spring. It’s quite sheer, with a shirt tail hem, outside seaming on the sides, and an interesting mismatched stripe in the back.  I think it’s supposed to be over-sized because I’m wearing size small. And as I said in an earlier post about my new Vince lilac sweater… a size small I am NOT.
Channeling Jackie and Laura.
I’m going to get a ton of wear out of this outfit in the next few weeks. For shopping on hot days, or out for lunch, or just running to appointments. Wearing this, I feel like a cross between Jackie O. and Mary Tyler Moore in the old Dick Van Dyke show from the sixties. Remember Mary as Laura Petrie? “Ohhhh, Ro-ob.”
So… now I’ve a few “new” outfits lined up to grab when I’m in a hurry this summer. Trying to take advantage of the abundance of blue in my closet. Like a good golfer who is supposed to utilize every club in his or her bag… or so I’ve been told… a good wardrobe planner should utilize all the items in his or her closet. Otherwise, those pieces are not pulling their weight. And you might as well store, donate, or consign them in your next closet cull.
Hopefully these three outfits will work as well under a rain coat. Because after I took the shot on our deck, above, the sun disappeared, the thunder cracked, and it began to rain. Hard. And then it hailed. And now it’s still raining. And Hubby says that it looks like this will be our weather for the week.
Sigh. Ah well, all that sun and blue sky was nice while it lasted. It’s just that I’m beginning to think we may never be able to finish painting our deck chairs. We have two more left to do. They’re stashed in our garden shed, waiting for a dry day. Ha. Maybe in September.

How about you folks? Any plans to utilize some of those items in your closet that may not get out enough?


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25 thoughts on “An Abundance of Blue”

  1. So sorry about the rain-the blue sky looked fabulous. I like your new-painted chairs and the deck looks so inviting
    The Equipment shirt blue colour suits you perfectly-you have to wear it more often,and the straw bag is a winner,polished and summerly nonchalant at the same time
    We have temperatures over 35°C (and a blustery every other day)-it is pretty hard to look fresh and polished
    White and black linen trousers (have to go for navy in a couple of years),with white linen tees or couple of years old viscose (which I like,it is natural fibre and great to wear and wash) navy/white or black/white stripped tees that are in my closet for years,waiting for summer
    And a couple of wide silk dresses

    1. Your hot spell is still continuing? I would find that too much, Dottoressa, but I can attest to how polished you managed to look even in the heat.

    2. Wow…. 35° is unusually warm for your part of the world, isn't it? I'm thinking of adding to my hot weather repertoire this year with another summer dress. So easy to just slip on with flat sandals. And so much cooler and more comfortable than shorts.
      I'm very happy with our newly painted red deck chairs. But what a pain in the neck to do… three coats to cover the old colour and so many tiny slats!

  2. Hi Sue, You look great in all these tops … and once again they're very versitile! They'll also work well with white and indigo jeans.
    Love the Michael Kors bag, definitely a "keeper". I think shades of blue work well, especially in the Spring and Summer,always look fresh and crisp. I've finally accepted the creases in linen but like you I couldn't put a shirt on to go out that was already creased. Although I often get frustrated when I realise that simply bending over to fasten my shoes results in some creasing! I've bought a couple of navy, white and red and white striped linen tees this year with three quarter sleeves. I've worn them lots already as they're so easy to style and lovely and cool.
    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately … I can relate to your last post… I always read your posts and there have been some really great ones lately and I've missed being involved in the commenting. Hopefully I'll be back on track soon!
    Take care and have a good week.

    1. Thanks, Rosie. I hear you about the creasing when simply sitting down to buckle my sandals. Not to mention driving.
      Re: Commenting. No worries…. but I do hope things are okay with you.

  3. I haven't bought anything new in I can't remember how long.. Oh yes, early spring at Neiman's Last Call, a black suede jacket with curly black lamb lining. It reminds me of my rocker chic friend, Lauren Ezersky. Every time I see her I want to dress like her. She pulls it off effortlessly. Me? I'd probably look like I'm in costume. My favorite white tops are from Equipment, but I had to ditch one last week because the arm holes were yellow. Must go shopping, but I'd rather face a firing squad. xoxox, Brenda

    1. I am a very slow shopper… it takes me forever to find what I'm looking for… and I often give up before that happens. I love to plan and make lists but the execution is always more painful than the preparation. Pun intended:) The only shopping I really love is going to Nordstrom where my friend works. Not sure what I'll do when she retires.

  4. Since my closet is constantly rotating with my inventory for my Etsy store I'll be honest, it is hard to keep track. I have an excuse though! I sell vintage. It may be an excuse to indulge my weakness too.

    I spotted some Stella McCartney platform shoes at the thrift store yesterday and didn't buy them. I'm now kicking myself and may have to go back and purchase them. I had no idea what they were worth. When you shop thrift you live in a bit of a bubble. I also scored an authentic Pucci shift dress. You never know what other people will choose to get rid of.

    I think we have started to get some of your rain this week.


    1. Thanks, Christy. I'm glad I saved that old bag… makes a change from my gold tote which has become so ubiquitous on the blog and IRL.

  5. You look great in all these outfits, and you can definitely wear blue. I love that straw bag — have been regretting that I let my own go at last year's Yard Sale as we culled for our move. But then I remember that it was pretty heavy for carrying when on foot, which I am more often now, in the city. And I remember the face of the young girl who took it home and obviously loved it.
    Your advice on making every garment in a wardrobe carry its weight is helpful and inspiring (as was Mardel's post at Resting Motion, earlier this week — did you see that?)

    1. Thanks, Frances. The MK straw bag is too heavy for a long day of walking. The hardware makes it quite hefty and there is no option to wear on my shoulder or cross-body. Still I love it because it holds so much… which makes it even more heavy:)
      I haven't seen that post, but I'll check it out. Thanks.

  6. For your shirt that needs ironing, may I recommend a garment steamer? I got a little one off Amazon and it has Changed. My. Life. No more hauling out the ironing board, just hook the wrinkled garment over a door (on its hanger), let the steamer heat for 90 seconds, and run it top to bottom. You won't believe how quick it is (I say this as a woman perpetually trying to dash out the door to work). I'm wearing stuff from my closet that has just been hanging because I will never break out the iron in the morning.

  7. Ha! You have the impish smile to go with that 1960s Mary Tyler Moore look! (It suits you.)

    I do love the look of a man-tailored button down shirt over skinny jeans or leggings. Especially pretty on you in that blue.

  8. Love the blue on you. I think there has been more blue in stores, because my blue collection seems to have expanded in the last year or so. Black used to take up a significant portion of my closet, but now it's blue. We had a drought this spring (central Florida), but it has been raining every day for two weeks with no end in sight. With temps in the upper 80's and lower 90's it is heaven for mosquitoes and mold. Not a great combination!

    1. Nothing like rain and more rain for bringing out he mosquitoes. We've also had rain almost every day. And hail in the past two days. A situation that does not bode well for our camping trip next week… I'm starting to worry about bugs already!

  9. Sorry I'm late . I'm away with my sisters just now & the wifi is not good . Love all your blue especially the delphinium , they're just rabbit food in our garden . Hope we get some of that rain here in Bohemia , it was 90 today & im really not used to that .
    Wendy in York

    1. Hope you're having a fabulous time, Wendy! So far the large "crop" of bunnies in our yard has not meddled with the delphiniums… probably because they prefer the garden vegetables!

  10. The flowers are gorgeous and the outfits fabulous. I love the shoes in the first sandals, and that handbag looks like the perfect summer go to!

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday.

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