Six Weeks on the Road… Notes from a Weary Traveller

Six weeks on the road and I’m a gonna make it home tonight… well, not tonight, exactly, but the day after tomorrow night. Apologies to Dave Dudley for misquoting his classic sixties country and western song. And apologies to those who are not as familiar with (or as fond of) old country songs as me. We are in the home stretch of our trip… and I’m happy to be almost home.

Mostly because I am tired. Soooo tired. Extended travel can be wonderful. And it can also be exhausting. Especially at the pace we’ve been setting since we left Arequipa, Peru a couple of weeks ago. After Bariloche we spent six wonderful days in and around Salta, including the best road trip we’ve ever taken. I’m saving that post for when we get home and I can do it justice. Then we were off to Peru and five days in Arequipa. Followed by tours, and bus trips, and island dancers. I have a priceless video of Hubby dancing on Isla Taquile in Lake Titikaka. Then there was the wonderful food, breathtaking scenery, heartbreaking poverty, and kindly, smiling people everywhere we went. This is a shot I took on our Colca Canyon trek. We’d stopped for coca tea, and a visit to the “banos,” and I made two new friends. This is me (looking a bit rugged, as we say downeast) with Mary, her little brother and his (rather hapless) new kitten.
Colca Canyon friends

The culmination of our time in Peru was, of course, our journey to Machu Picchu. No…. we did not trek up the mountain. We didn’t even contemplate doing that four day hike. As Hubby said when asked, “We know our limits. Those days are gone.” Long gone, my friends. I like hiking. I love camping. I felt okay in the high altitude with a day or so of acclimatization. But all three together. No way, Jose.
Machu Picchu 2017
Yep, Peru has been wonderful. When we are back in Ottawa, I’ll write a more extensive post about what we’ve been doing and seeing. The highs and lows. The melt-downs. Mine, of course. The people we’ve met. And the food we ate… and didn’t eat. This is me, below, waiting for my mid-morning cappuccino on our last morning in Cusco. The very picture of the weary traveller. Right before I summoned up a grin when, in reply to my comment that I looked like you-know-what, Hubby said that at least my hair looked good. Ah. He does know the way to a girl’s heart. Liar that he is.
the weary traveller in Cusco, Peru
And now we’re in Lima. And, holy cow, are we tired! Tired like Madeline Kahn in “Blazing Saddles.” Remember that song… “I’m… so… tired?” The kind of tired where you feel like a well wrung-out dish cloth. Or maybe like a limp, over-cooked noodle. All loose-limbed, and a bit spacey in the head. The kind of tired where you can’t summon up enthusiasm for much at all. Except a nap. Or a nice cup of tea and a good book. Oh my… I’d kill for a great cup of tea. The coffee down here has been delicious. But… sigh… I miss my cuppa.
And you know what else I miss? Toast and peanut butter. A big bowl of popcorn, “Masterpiece Mystery” on television, and a fire in our wood stove. A nice glass of Pinot noir… instead of Malbec. My real clothes. I am so very tired of my fleece vest and my hiking boots.
And I miss my family and friends.
So we fly out of Lima early, early on Tuesday morning. Middle of the night, more like. But that’s okay. We are so very ready to go home. Travel is amazing. Wonderful. We are lucky to be able to travel as much as we do. Really lucky.
And more importantly, we’re so very lucky to be going home to a country that is safe and economically stable, and to a life that is pretty darned good. Even if it is still snowing when we get there.
See? I told you I could still conjure up a smile. Gad. I better message Carmen to make sure she can fit me in for a cut and colour when I get home. My hair is like straw. Sigh. I know… I’m so shallow.
smiling in Cusco, Peru
And once we are home, and the laundry is done, and we have food in the house, and I’ve slept in until at least ten o’clock for at least two or three days, and I’ve had a day to do nothing but drink tea and read my book… I’ll get back to you. I can’t wait to tell you more about our adventures.
Until then, mis amigos.
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17 thoughts on “Six Weeks on the Road… Notes from a Weary Traveller”

  1. I can imagine how tired you are after your epic trip …tired but happy πŸ™‚ and ready for home.
    Safe journey and enjoy curling up in front of the fire with a good book for a few days … oh and a good lie in! Take care,

  2. Funny,I was thinking the same thing-your hair really looks good πŸ™‚
    When my son was in kindergarten,they had to write about their mothers,and he has written"….when my mom gets home after work,she is very tired but happy to be with me….."
    You may be tired,but your trip was amazing and you'll have so many memories (as well as we πŸ™‚ through your posts,I hope).
    I am always looking forward to come home after a trip and appreciate and love my home even more
    Have a safe journey and welcome back

  3. Rather scary how quickly six weeks have gone by – quite the opposite for you I'm sure . It has been great following your trip by blog & instagram . What an experience for you , but I know that bone tired weariness & you describe it very well . It isn't just physical , it's about mental & emotional stimulation too – when places are very different to your normal life & you want to drink it all in & remember it forever . India did that to me & our time there is the most vivid of our holiday memories . Looking forward to all you have to tell us .
    Welcome home
    Wendy in York

  4. Leslie in Oregon

    I remember that feeling of through-and-through fatigue…it taught me that 19-21 of constantly-moving travel was about my maximum. I loved it, but I also remember how wonderful it was, when I was flying for a living, to be able to go on short international trips (4-10 days). Bravo for all you have done on this trip, safe, smooth flying home, and happy homecoming, Leslie

  5. Super post but I'm amazed that you wrote it, and that it reads so vibrantly, when you have well and truly reached that wall of tiredness. Your photos and writings have made your trip come alive … but you are making your homecoming sound pretty amazing too!

  6. Safe travels! Looking forward to my own cuppa and catching up on your adventures when you have a chance to post about them.

    Welcome home.

  7. Lovely to see you in my posts this morning. Travelling can be exhausting but " Oh, The Places You'll Go" Dr. Seuss. You must be feeling strong after all that hiking.
    Looking forward to a catch up post.

  8. It's good to be tired because of good things and good times. I hope your trip home is uneventful, and that you can enjoy your home comforts. πŸ™‚

  9. The best is that first night home in your bed….with your pillow. We really are so fortunate to live in this country….even with snow for you and rain for me.


  10. Ah, what a perfect sound track for this stage of your trip…..6 weeks on the road! The very idea is exhausting, but yes, you will be so happy to be snowed in in your own place! Looking forward to more travelers' tales.


  11. You must be sooooo beat and sooooo happy to be home, and yet… what an extraordinary experience you had, and thank you for sharing it with us! (Now rest, rest, rest.) xo

  12. There is nothing like that feeling of being on the last leg, thinking only of home…cup of tea, long bath, own bed, clean clothes….and then you get home and find something at the bottom of your bag that reminds you of how far you have been. Usually something like a cube of sugar or old paper napkin. The joys of temporary nomadism. Sleep tight.

  13. Rest well:) Can't wait to hear your stories!! I love coming home too…had to smile over the popcorn and Masterpiece Theatre comment…that would be my husband and me also! coco

  14. Your post deserves more response than I can muster at the moment, given family stuff we have going on right nor (happy stuff, but busy). I've followed you all the way through this journey though, and it's been such a pleasure to enjoy the adventure from the comfort of home. May you nestle back into that comfort as well (although for me, the snow would be a complication πŸ˜‰

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