The middle of July in Ottawa is the heart of the summer. Midsummer, you might say. And everything in our garden is blooming like nobody’s business. We’ve had really hot weather, and then finally a lovely soaking rain over the weekend. I’m sure the tomato plants in Hubby’s vegetable garden have grown a foot in the last few days. And we’ve been feasting on the fruits of his labours: fresh lettuce, kale, chard, beets, and peas.

Our garden... hydrangea and lily beds.
Our hydrangea and lily beds are burgeoning.
But while the garden is profusely fruiting and flowering, my enthusiasm for my summer wardrobe is waning somewhat. You might even say it’s wilting in the heat and humidity. Kind of like my hair. I am so tired of everything I own. And so very sick of wearing black tank tops. I’m a victim of my own culling and curating, kind of.

I’ve been wearing my new black Aritzia tank that I searched so hard for with my shorts, or with my jeans, to run errands, or go to the library or to the dentist. And when I go out, I’ve been wearing my good Rag and Bone black, gauzy layered tank from last year. Like the other night, Hubby and I went out for a casual dinner on our 27th anniversary, and I wore my  Rag and Bone tank with these crepe joggers and my flat black sandals.
Rag and Bone tank, Aritzia joggers, Michael Kors sandals, Michael Kors bag
Love my good Rag and Bone tank … but it’s still a black tank.
And when I had lunch with Rosie, who reads this blog and was in town earlier in the week, I wore the Rag and Bone tank with my white jeans. And… yep… my flat, black sandals. I changed up my MK bag for my black and cream Kate Spade.
     Rag and Bone tank, NYDJ cropped jeans, Michael Kors sandals, Kate Spade bag
Now, it’s not that I don’t like either of these outfits. I do. And while the black and white is the exact same outfit I wore last summer, the tank with the joggers is a new combination which I really like.
So, what’s the problem, then?
Good question. Maybe it’s just the heat. I’m not truly sick of everything I own. It’s just that I haven’t been able to wear most of it lately. It’s been too hot for anything but a sleeveless top. And I don’t own many of those. And two of them are black. It’s been so hot that I haven’t even worn my new Rag and Bone dress lately, because I don’t want to spoil it with perspiration stains. Maybe what I need is the dress version of my black Aritzia tank, which I bought to wear for everyday and thus avoid ruining my good Rag and Bone tank. Maybe I need a light inexpensive summer dress that I could wear to run around town, worry free. Or maybe I need another tank top in a different colour. Or maybe I need another pair of flat sandals. Sigh.
Rag and Bone dress, Munro sandals, vintage bracelet
Not sick of  this Rag and Bone dress. Just never get to wear it.
Maybe I just need to stop worrying (and whining) so much. I don’t really need another dress. Or another tank. Although a new pair of flat sandals in a colour wouldn’t go amiss. But mainly, I just need to chill.
July is supposed to be about slouching around in shorts, and a tank top, and flip flops, isn’t it? And about berry picking. And bike riding. And sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and a good book.
 berry picking in July
Berry picking at Miller’s Farm near our house
In another two weeks the temperature will have cooled off enough that I can wear all the other perfectly lovely outfits in my closet, that I can’t wear at the moment. I’ll wear my Rag and Bone dress again. And my Citizens of Humanity jeans with my blue Tory Burch tunic. Or that new long-sleeved Equipment blouse with the daisy pattern that I bought last spring. I’ll wear my flared Current Elliott jeans again. And my sneakers, or loafers. And my khaki suede Twiggy jacket. Oh, I long to be able to wear my Twiggy jacket again. And boots. I miss my boots. And then it will be fall and I’ll wear my tweed blazers. And soon enough it will snow. And then before long I’ll be whining and wishing it were spring.

Some people are just so hard to please.

But right now, I think I’ll work on that chill thing. Literally. I’m going to grab my book, pour myself another cup of iced tea, and adjourn to my air-conditioned sun room (it being toooo hot to sit outside today.) I am in the middle of a fabulous novel that I can’t wait to get back to… but I’ll tell you all about that soon.

In the meantime, how about you, folks? Has midsummer wardrobe fatigue set in for you yet?


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23 thoughts on “Midsummer Wardrobe Fatigue”

  1. I was jussssst thinking I needed some new graphic tees:).

    Except that I am spending many many minutes focused on my mother right now. So I was also thinking a whole lot of stuff.

  2. It would be nice to be getting some of your heat . Here in the uk our winters seem to be getting milder & our summers cooler , so it's getting hard to tell the difference . The few summery clothes I have tend to get worn only on Mediterranean holidays . So I'm afraid I have no sympathy 🙂
    Wendy in York

    1. I remember when Stu and I were in Yorkshire a few years ago (okay maybe a bit more than a few…2005) you were having the hottest summer in a long while. And I was very glad that I had added two sleeveless tops to my suitcase. Everywhere we went people had these very red sunburns on the tops of their noses and a streak down their arms.

      I am very loath to buy more hot weather clothing, because I will only wear it for the month of July. In August we head out to the east coast where summer is basically over in the second week of August. Still… I received an e-mail from Aritzia this morning and they have cotton summer dresses on for $50.00… I may be forced to order one. I'm nothing if not given to doing exactly what I've just written I won't do:) At least when it comes to fashion.

    2. Yes , that sounds like a Yorkshire suntan – only every five years though , if we are lucky

  3. I can relate! Here we are in the hot and humid doldrums that likely will persist through mid-August. I seem to be very sensitive to the change in the length and angle of sunlight during the seasons: by late July I "can't" wear the lighter brighter colors that seemed perfect for the previous 6 weeks and am desperate to find cool summer clothes in darker colors. For that reason, I have resisted paring down my wardrobe to just neutrals and one or two accent colors because I find that I want clothes in varying intensities of a family of colors. Right now, I am really looking forward to wearing my "summer blacks" that seem perfect for August and early September and pulling out my lightweight tops in russet, taupe and teal. The high-contrast combination of navy/deep blue and white that I love for late June and July just seems wrong for August, and I think it must be related to how my mind registers the change in sunlight.

    1. I don't think my colour sensitivity is as finely tuned as yours. And I don't have an extensive summer wardrobe for city living because so much of our time in the summer is spent camping, cycling, or canoeing. And then I can go back to my spring wardrobe for late August and early September. But given that we walked in temperatures of +17 celsius last Christmas Eve… I may have to look at beefing up my hot weather clothes. Or at least buy another sleeveless tank that's not black:)

  4. I'm bored with my wardrobe and dreaming of fall. Sadly it won't cool off here until early November. Northern California has the strangest weather patterns. I could use a good book so looking forward to hearing yours!

    1. I'm dreaming of fall too, Jennifer. I love fall colours and soon the Nordstrom sale will force me to think about fall. I finished that book late last night, sniffling and wiping my eyes. And I still can't get it out of my mind. I'll no doubt be writing a post about it!

  5. I'm amazed that others out there are having these thoughts. I thought I was the only one!!! I am also very sensitive to the amount of light and angle of the light on each day. And to top that off, it has been unusually cloudy here for half the day and sunny and humid the other half. I agree that the bright colors that I sought out earlier do not look quite right now. I'm craving the darker colors associated with fall, but will put those on hold for a while as we still have at least six more weeks of heat.

    1. It's almost impossible to predict how many more weeks we'll have of the heat. We usually spend part of August out east. And I have no idea what to expect. I am definitely NOT a hot humid weather person. I remember trips to Australia where I just looked and felt limp the whole time we were in the north.

  6. I'm definitely not a hot humid weather person either! I used to think I simply wasn't a hot weather person but then realised hot, dry heat I can do! I much prefer my Autumn/ Winter ..even Spring clothes to Summer ones. I like a jacket or a scarf …I really don't like me in sleeveless tops..unless I wear a jacket over. I probably haven't felt comfortable in them since my 30s.Yet I look enviously at other people wearing them! Yes, you Sue 🙂 Your black top looked just right for lunch. If it helps I wished I'd worn my white jeans the same style as yours 🙂 My longer ones felt wrong with the shoes I wore! I once read somewhere " buy clothes for the life you lead not the one you'd like to lead" Last summer I bought two dresses ..One smart and one more casual ( and actually one I haven't worn at all that suits lots of occasions!) They fitted my requirements perfectly ..still do…but somehow I just don't wear them! This year I reflected what I'd worn the most and felt happiest in last year. Consequently I bought more white jeans, linen shirts and a couple of cotton tops (broderie anglais) round necks ..elbow length sleeves that can be dressed up or down with aforementioned white trousers …and are cool to wear. Sorted! I think! 🙂

    1. You are definitely sorted, Rosie. I was admiring your cool linen shirt the other day. It looked so nice with your reddish gold hair. I always think I should buy more linen, but the last two linen tunics I owned I just sent to the consignment store because I hardly ever wore them. But white jeans… it's not summer without white jeans.

  7. I love my summer wardrobe very much ,but one navy summer dress like yours (slightly longer,knee lenght) is all I wish and need :-)!
    White jeans are my real summer basics. And linen…
    If we are lucky-we have 4 summer months
    I can't stand hot and humid weather-only hot is quite ok

    1. What would we do without white jeans in the summer? I think I've had white jeans in one form or another since university: flared, high rise in the seventies, to my skinny cropped NYDJ today. Warm and sunny 23 C is my optimal temperature. Not the humid over 30 (with the humidex) we've been experiencing for the past week. Still, mustn't grumble. Thanks for dropping by Dottoressa.

  8. I really relate to this post, even though our weather is so very different than yours, and what I'm relating to is the wisdom of outwaiting summer-wardrobe boredom for as long as possible. This is precisely the closet niche in which I fail most egregiously to wear a garment at least thirty times (as per the approach you referred to in a recent post). Even dresses I've held onto for six or seven years might not get that many wearings depending on what the weather is like and where we're spending the summer and what we're doing there. . .

    1. Oh, that's just as annoying. I feel like that about spring long-sleeves tops and summer jackets. We skipped from too cold right into too hot, and I've hardly worn them.

  9. You have read my mind, Susan – I am sooooo tired of my (carefully chosen) black tanks too! I think we just need to shop each others' closets for a couple of weeks, then we'll be refreshed. thanks for sharing, and I do love these classic looks, xo


  10. Swapping is a brilliant idea per Patti—because I love the idea of new things without breaking the bank!
    I realize you like more of a minimal closet and there are so many good things about that. On the other hand there are advantages to a little variety. I look in my closet and think I can't wait to wear that & that. Charming Charlies has some fun clothing for very little money, so when I perspire in them a couple times, I don't feel guilty for getting rid of them. Now everyone's cup of tea, but can be fun!!

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