I remember clearly when I first became aware of fashion. Not just clothes, I’ve always loved clothes. But fashion, as in what was in style and what was not. Grown-up fashion. It was late 1967, early 1968. I was eleven going on twelve, and in grade five. Our class was producing the monthly assembly for our school and we had planned to have go-go dancers on stage, of which I was one. And, besides having stage jitters, I was upset because… wait for it… I had nothing to wear. I still remember the outfit that Mum bought for me: black turtleneck, black tights, and a pink and black, tweed mini-skirt with a wide belt. Ooooooh, I looked fierce. Well, as fierce as a gangling, long-legged, skinny kid with frizzy hair can look. I imagine those black tights did not do much for my legs. Like twigs they were.

But that was okay. Because Twiggy, well, she had legs like twigs too, didn’t she? And in 1967-68 Twiggy was big. Really big. And although she couldn’t make me feel any less skinny, she did make me feel not quite as gawky, maybe a little less self-conscious. So, yeah, Twiggy and me. We go way back.

Twiggy in 1967 as featured in  The Daily Mail On-line

At sixty-six, Twiggy still looks gorgeous. Of course she’s not a skinny kid anymore. None of us is. She celebrates fifty years in fashion this year. You can read about her career in this article in The Daily Mail On-line. And about the line of clothing which she collaborates on with Marks and Spencer in the UK.

Twiggy modelling her “signature biker jacket” from M&S for Daily Mail On-line

I first read about this line of clothing on Alyson Walsh’s blog That’s Not My Age, in a post where Alyson writes about Twiggy’s fifty years in fashion, and where she and M&S gave away three Twiggy biker jackets in gorgeous khaki suede. You can read Alyson’s post here. And, you know what? I won one of those jackets. Yah. I never win anything. Let’s hear it for Twiggy. And for That’s Not My Age.

So, last Friday, we came home from our two week spring road trip to find a package from Marks and Spencer UK waiting. Along with a personal note from Twiggy herself. How cool is that? I sound like a twelve year old there, don’t I? Ah well. Twiggy and me, we have history.

personal note from Twiggy
So the note is special. But the jacket is even better. Much better. I first tried it with a plain white tee shirt, tucked in, my Current Elliott jeans, belted, and my Paul Green boots. I feel so comfortable in this outfit. This is what I’ve been wearing in one form or another since I was in university. It’s vintage me.
     M&S Twiggy khaki suede jacket
And speaking of vintage. I dug through my bags of old earrings and bracelets that I don’t wear anymore but can’t give away. And found these earrings from the eighties. “I knew I had a pair of earrings the exact colour of the jacket,” I yelled excitedly to Hubby. “What? Did you say something?” Sheesh. Some people will never be able to comprehend the joy of finding something old, which you’ve hung onto for years, is exactly what you need to wear with something new.
M&S Twiggy khaki suede jacket
Then I tried my new khaki suede biker jacket with my cropped Citizens of Humanity jeans, this grey and sage green striped tee from Vince and my Stan Smith Adidas. I felt great in this outfit too. Particularly since I haven’t worn this Vince tee enough, and it goes perfectly with the jacket. What luck, eh?
M&S Twiggy khaki suede jacket
Not to mention the fact that the jacket also looks good with these Anne-Marie Chagnon earrings. See that little green bead? It looks great against the darker green of the jacket, I think.
M&S Twiggy khaki suede jacket
I also paired the jacket with my Paige high-rise skinny jeans, and this blue and white striped sweater from Brooks Brothers. And my Stan Smith sneakers again. I love khaki green with dark blue.
M&S Twiggy khaki suede jacket
And yesterday when I was heading out to run errands and then had an afternoon appointment for a post-winter facial, I kept the Paige jeans and sneakers, and changed up the sweater for this white Theory shirt. Simple. Works for me.
M&S Twiggy jacket
I must tell you that I tried very hard not to get too excited about winning this jacket.  At first when Alyson e-mailed me for my size, I panicked. I’m not an easy fit even when I understand the sizing. Rosie, who reads this blog, came to my rescue and sent me a helpful link on UK sizing. But when I took my measurements, I fit exactly in between sizes. So I played it smart, and did what Mum would have done when I was a kid, I went up a size. And all during our trip south, I kept telling myself that, when it came, the jacket probably wouldn’t fit. It probably wouldn’t suit me. I probably wouldn’t like it. You know… downsizing my expectations.
And truthfully, it is a little big. But, if I’m going to wear it with tight jeans, I don’t want it to be snug. Not at all. It’s described as a “fitted” jacket on the M&S website. But I want it to be a bit loose to better hide my middle-age middle. And I like it a bit slouchy. A bit louche. Makes it more biker-y.
So I guess you could say that I like my new jacket. That it goes with just about everything I own. Or at least with enough things to keep me reaching for it regularly. I guess you might say it suits my long-legged, carrying all my weight above the hips sort of body type. I guess you might say that, in a way, Twiggy is still inspiring me to feel good about my body… with all its flaws. Even though those flaws are a bit different than they were in 1967.
So yeah. Twiggy and me. We go way back.
As far back as that assembly in grade five. Of which I have such clear memories. Of what I wore. And the song we danced to. “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees. I still know every single word to that song.
And be honest… from the point of view of your twelve year old self… tell me…. wasn’t Davy Jones just the cutest thing ever?
Do you remember when you first became conscious of fashion? What’s your take on biker jackets? Or on Twiggy? Or the Monkees? Or… you know… whatever?


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46 thoughts on “Twiggy and Me”

  1. I'm so pleased you won the jacket – you deserve a treat for entertaining us all as you do . Twiggy has always figured in my world too & I remember having to master those 'spider legs' lower eyelashes she painted on . They caused some strange glances in my small Yorkshire town . She seems to have stayed very down to earth despite the heady circles she moved in from being a young girl & such a beauty too . Some of her photos have been ' tweaked ' I think but she insists there's been no surgery & the odd photo seems to confirm that . So not only do you have the jacket , lovely colour , but Twiggy's autograph too – how long since you collected an autograph ?
    Wendy in York

    1. Ah, thanks, Wendy. I had forgotten that collecting autographs was all the rage… can't remember when I ever had the autograph of anyone famous, though. I do remember those little "autograph books" that everyone had…and which all your friends signed with a funny verse… like "Yours 'til Niagara falls" or whatever. I think I still have one of those somewhere from grade school.

    2. The only autograph I collected & still have is the Beatles . I could never sell it – the thought that they all touched that little piece of cardboard & I'm a teenager again !

  2. Sue, You look fierce in the jacket–love all the looks! If Twiggy reads your post, she will be delighted by your memories and how well you carry off the jacket. From that era, I remember a fabulous short sleeve white minidress that had a slight A-line and was color blocked with primary colors in the style of a Mondrian painting. And, a sleeveless summer minidress in a Pucciesque pattern with hot pink, tangerine orange and white. I am of your vintage and was a beanpole with long skinny legs. Still have long legs but not so skinny anymore, alas. Thanks for the memories. It would be a blast if you reminisced about our teen years and those 'dressy' hot pant outfits that were the rage in the early '70s, though I don't think we could revisit that look as late50/early60-somethings. — Dianne

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I remember my older sister had a sleeveless lime green A-line mini-dress. She was a teenager and sooo sophisticated, I thought.

  3. Hi Sue, I remember seeing your name on the list of winner and was so happy for you! The jacket is perfect on you, just perfect.

    I was 6 when Twiggy first became famous, but I did have an affinity for her as I, too, was a very skinny kid. I don't really have any '60s fashion memories though, more '70s. She has aged very well, very naturally – a great role model.

  4. What a great versatile jacket that goes with almost everything! I was so pleased that you won this and could feel your concern that when it arrived it wouldn't work. Well it does and so well. Oh yes, I remember Twiggy and she still looks good. Was working in Hampstead, London in the late sixties so remember those short, short skirts/dresses. Tights were a great invention so the skirts could go higher!!!

    1. Oh…how wonderful to be in London in those heady days. Remember trying to wear skirts before pantyhose…stockings and garter belts… so much paraphernalia to worry about. And sooo cold in the winter.

  5. Congratulations. What a lovely prize and it looks great on you especially with your new hair colour. Very stylish as always Iris

  6. I was also a self-conscious skinny kid back in the 60s when Twiggy was the rage! I hadn't heard anything of her in years until I, too, read Alyson's post. That led me to your blog and I've been following ever since! Congrats on winning the jacket! It looks fabulous on you and I'm only a tiny bit envious. Okay, maybe more than just a tiny bit! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I was flabbergasted that I won… and not a peep from M&S about shipping it all the way to Canada. So many contests in the States don't allow Canadians to participate.

    1. As usual… great link-up, Dawn Lucy. Have a great weekend yourself. Light at the end of the tunnel as far as the school year is concerned, eh?

    1. Thanks, DA. You know, I was very surprised to read that Twiggy's early modelling career only lasted for four years from 1966-1970, when she moved into movies and such. It seemed to me that she was around for a very long time back then. But I guess anything that has such a big effect on our childhood seems bigger and longer than it probably was.

  7. Love the jacket on you.I also loved Twiggy,and I remember waiting and waiting for a pair of white gogo boots with a zipper up the back you could not get them off my feet!

  8. YES…to so much here! Yes, to you winning and looking great in this jacket! YES, to being a fan of Twiggy (I use to emulate her eye makeup) And YES, to Davy Jones being the cutest ever! And I still have a crush on Paul McCartney at any age! Loved the post…Congratulations!! That is a cool win!

  9. That jacket was made for you – you look amazing in it!!
    Your post brings back such good memories for me. I remember so well my mother buying me white go go boots and a Beatle cap (remember those?). My mum was very fashion forward and was over in London about that time and bought a beige suede bomber jacket for me. I wore it everywhere and kept it for many years even after I had grown out of it.
    Another confession. I still listen to the Monkees when I'm doing my weights workout, and I sing along to all the songs! LOL.

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. Your mum must have been so cool! And you've inspired me…I'm going to download some old Monkees songs to my i-pod for my own workout. Thanks!

  10. I remember Alyson's post! I loved reading your "history" with Twiggy. How great that you won the jacket – it was meant to be! 🙂 And even better that it really suits you so very well! I'm also always getting nervous when I order online; you just never know… But I think you picked the right size – it looks great!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I am so wary about on-line ordering. Unless I already know the fit of the brand. Shipping from the States to Canada can be a pain as well. And living in the country appears to compound the problem as far as delivery goes. At least in my limited experience. I stick to those companies that ship through Canada Post now. Having said all that..the shipper that M&S used was great. Delivered to our neighbour because we were away…no hassle.

  11. You really do look great in it ….I knew you would!! 🙂 thanks for the mention Sue. I m often between sizes in M&S, so I think it was the right choice to heed your mums words, as roomy and slouchy are better than too small/snug! You may even be able to wear it on colder days with a jumper under and maybe ??? even a scarf! The way you're styling it now gives you lots of options. To me, it's the sort of jacket you can "throw on" as you walk out the door and it ll enhance various outfits. I think it will also work well over a dress … although, like me, you don't seem to wear dresses very often.
    I'm glad it arrived ok, strangely I'd been wondering if it had at the same time as you posted! I'd been about to ask you! Nice to come home to a "present"!
    Hope you're having a good weekend. Our travel plans are finally coming together after weeks of hubby saying "something's got to give!" Sometimes we just have to look upon first visits as a "taster" and hope that we'll have to opportunity to return and savour the best bits in the future! 🙂

    1. Oh yes… dresses…my jacket would look lovely with a dress. And as a matter of fact dresses were on my spring wish list and I bought one a week before our holiday. Course it needs to stay in the closet for a few weeks yet. Do you have approximate timelines for your trip yet? We'll be in town all of July… but away for two weeks in August. Hope we are in Ottawa when you get here…it would be lovely to meet up.

  12. All that chatting and I forgot Twiggy …how could I?? I can imagine why her note and autograph sparked excitement! My memories are of white go go boots ….oh how I loved them!! and her sleek, neat hairdo (mine was curly and wild!, although it did come into it's own when curly perms were fashinable!) and huge eyes! Even allowing for photoshopping I think she's aged really well. As you say, she has a great smile!

  13. This is such a great post and you wear that jacket so perfectly — I wish I weren't feeling so slammed right now and could share my Twiggy memories, but I only have time to thank you for yours.

    1. Thanks, Frances. Sorry you're so overwhelmed these days. Lots and lots going on for you, I know. So save those Twiggy memories for another time. Sit down. Have a cup of tea.

  14. You look absolutely stunning and elegant in your new jacket! Congratulations for the win. I also think highly of Twiggy and her style but had no idea about the collaboration.She trully ages gracefully.

  15. Hey Susan, we're pretty much the same age, so all of this is very familiar to me. Davy Jones, swoon! My local shopkeeper used to call me Twiggy as I loved fashion, wore the latest trends and was a bit of a beanpole at the time. I had a red maxi raincoat which I adored and thought I looked the bees knees in. Oh, those were the days…
    Anyway, you and Twiggy eh? And now you've got one of her jackets. Well done you! I must say you've styled it up in so many ways, clearly you'll get lots of wear out of it. Am only a little bit envious, well maybe not just a little x

  16. You look GREAT! That jacket is very well suited to you.
    I grew up in the country and we didn't do fashion. Money was tight and Mama either made our clothes or we got to buy a few things from Rose's (pre-Walmart) every year right before school started. I never noticed until high school that I wasn't extremely in style. But even then, even though I was envious of Guess and Gloria Vanderbuilt and Levi jeans, I liked the clothes that Mama made for me.
    I love experimenting with fashion now though!

  17. Oh my I just love his post! I have always felt very connected to Twiggy in that I was a 5'10" beanpole at 12 years old! I was 18 when Twiggy hit the scene and when the father of my then boyfriend jokingly called me "Twiggy " one day I immediately got my waist length hair cut about an inch short all over and mastered the art of lower eyelash mascara, which is still very important in my daily makeup routine LOL. The lime greens, oranges, pinks, white tights, miniskirts became my uniform. None of those colours or styles suit me now, but I have lovely memories of those days. I'm so glad you won the jacket, and it fits and looks great on you

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