New Year, New Jeans … Why I’ve Still Got It

So, here’s the story.

I had three parties to attend over the Christmas holidays. And back in December, I thought that maybe if I could find a new top. Kind of festive, a bit dressy, maybe a bit sparkly. Not too pricey. Not too trendy. It would jazz up my festive wardrobe. Not that I actually have a festive wardrobe. Not that I am given to wearing dressy, sparkly things in general. But nevertheless. Off I went in search of something dressy and sparkly.

And came home with jeans. Just writing that makes me laugh.

Of course, my new jeans are not dressy, or festive, or sparkly. Nor did they assist me in trying to decide what to wear to my parties. But they are just about the best pair of jeans I have tried on in many, many moons of jeans shopping.

They make me feel wonderful. I slipped them on at Nordstrom, turned to my friend Liz and, striking a pose, said, “Ooooo, I’ve still got it!” And laughed. “Well, at least these jeans make me feel as if ‘I’ve still got it,'” I said, making air quotes around the last part of my sentence. And I laughed again because there’s a story behind that phrase. But first the jeans, then the story.

They’re Current Elliot jeans. Not quite flares, but a bit more flared than boot cut. A bit distressed. And fairly high waisted. Yah! No more low rise for me. Ever again.

I love them with my Paul Green boots and my new camel turtleneck from Aritzia.

New Year, New Jeans. Current Elliot jeans with camel sweater
No more low-rise for me.
New Year, New Jeans. Current Elliot jeans with camel sweater
Standing to attention in my new jeans.
I also like my new jeans with this blue and white striped, rayon and linen, long sleeved tee shirt from Alexander Wang, which I may have picked up the same day I didn’t intend to buy the jeans. It’s tissue thin, and will be good under my winter coats. Like the brown Max Mara I’m wearing here. Or as a layering piece.
      new jeans with brown Max Mara coat
Or on those frosty winter days when I want to be super casual, I can wear my new jeans with this long, loose Vince turtleneck. And my old cream Max Mara puffa vest. I bought it in 2002 with a winter white, corduroy, midi-skirt to match. The skirt’s long gone, but I still love the vest. Max Mara makes quality stuff. This would be a great outfit for a winter road trip. Say, to the Laurentians for a few days of skiing at the end of January… if Hubby’s shoulder continues to improve. Fingers are crossed. I’m trying the half-tuck thing here, with the jeans belted. The jury’s still out on this, though. Feels kind of contrived. But fully tucked in is not an option. I lost the right (and the desire) to tuck when middle-age middle made its appearance a few years ago.
New jeans with Max Mara vest
Max and Vince and a half-tuck.

Now. Off I go art supply shopping. Clad in my new jeans which I think look fierce. And which definitely make me feel like “I’ve still got it.”

Now about that story. A few years ago when Hubby and I were both still working we liked to get away for a couple of cross-country ski weekends each winter. We’d book into a small motel somewhere up the Ottawa Valley, or near Algonquin Park, and ski the groomed trails, if there were ski trails; if not we’d ski the snowmobile trails, sometimes even breaking trail on old woods roads that were used for logging in the summer.

One weekend we’d booked into a little inn somewhere south of Algonquin Park, skied the snowmobile trails all day, and on Saturday night were eating supper in the bar/restaurant. More bar than restaurant, actually. While we were eating the place filled up. The parking lot and the snow covered back yard of the inn filled with roaring snowmobiles, and the bar filled with people clad in full body snowmobile suits, and heavy boots, carrying their helmets in one hand and a beer in the other. It was darts night, the waiter told us.

Anyway, we finished our meal and decided to take our wine back to our room. The bar was getting very loud and very smoky. As we tried to wend our way to the door, Hubby went one way and I the other around a clutch of darts players. Then my path was blocked by a tall, blonde guy, with the top half of his snowmobile suit tied around his waist and a beer in each hand. He was very young, and very drunk. He weaved from side to side, grinning.

“Where’re ya goin’ blondie?” he winked, and when he grinned again, I could see that he was missing several teeth.
“Over there,” I pointed to the door.
“Are ya sleddin ta-night?” he gestured with his beer and spilled some.
“Nope. Skiing,” I replied.
“Ah. Why’ncha stay and have a beer?”
“Can’t,” I said, gesturing to where Hubby stood by the door. “My husband’s waiting for me.”
“Ah well, that’sh too bad,” he said.
“Yep. See ya,” I sidled past him.

By the time I reached Hubby at the door I was in stitches. “What?” he said. “What was that all about?”
“I might be almost fifty,” I gasped. “And that guy might be about twelve, drunk, with no teeth… but I’ve still got it!”

Hubby and I always laugh about that night. The first time in a long time that anyone tried to pick me up in a bar. And the last.

Ah well. I may be almost sixty, now. But when I pull on my new Current Elliot jeans… well, I feel like I’ve still got it. Kind of. Sort of. Whatever “it” might be.

So, dear readers… any particular items in your wardrobe that make you sigh and feel like you’ve “still got it?”


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Would you like to have new posts automatically delivered to you? Sign up below, and when new content appears on the website, we’ll send the story to you via email. 

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51 thoughts on “New Year, New Jeans … Why I’ve Still Got It”

  1. You look fabluous…would never believe you were almost 60. Good luck with the knitting – tend to keep my knitting projects to small items only for exactly the same reason.

    1. Thanks, Amy. Good idea about small knitting projects. This was supposed to be a quick one, it's just that the yarn is very hard to work with. Once it's done… no more mohair/silk yarn for me!

  2. Ah, jeans, they get me every time too. I do love those though, a trip to Nordies is on my agenda for next week anyway so might check them out. I just love your blog because you make me laugh, show me all the pretty clothes and keep it real in a very classy way. Good luck to the hubby's recuperation, mine is facing(and procrastinating scheduling) knee surgery.

    1. Are they the Wallace slim boot jean? (These jeans and all the names…who names the styles, I wonder. Am I wearing jeans named after an old boyfriend? A beloved dog?)

    1. Thank-you. The scarf is called "Homespun" and it's from a book called Scarlet:Twenty-one Designs by Kim Hargreaves. Some beautiful patterns in the book. I just made a mistake, I think, in working with the mohair/silk yarn. I find it slips off the needles too easily and doesn't have much stretch. So working with one small and one large needle (to create the oped weave) is quite a pain in the you know what!

    2. You might be happier working that with wooden needles which would have a bit more grab…although given that you're working with two sizes of needles, that would add a bit too much to the cost of the project . . .

  3. Both the jeans and the sweater look wonderful on you. Does the sweater keep you warm enough or do you wear an additional garment under it? –Riley

    1. Thanks, Riley. The camel sweater is very warm. But not warm enough for the -15 Celsius today. So I wear it under a light coat. It's too hot under my down coat. If you meant the tee shirt… it's perfect under a winter coat. Especially for winter shopping when I'm in and out of malls which can be hard to dress for. Cold/hot/cold etc etc.

  4. Loved your post. Now that I'm living in snow country, jeans are very much a part of my wardrobe. Laughed at your "pick-up" story. Haven't had one of those in YEARS. Yes, you still got it!

  5. Susan these jeans are the bomb! You look fantastic and without a doubt you've still got it. Loved the story, and no matter how old or toothless the guy was, it's still great to have that kinda interchange once in a while. Happy New Year and see you again soon.
    Anna's Island Style

  6. Gorgeous!!!! You are definitely rocking those jeans….hubby had better carry a big stick, to ward off all those men! Keep trying the half-tuck, it is a good look….I have started the half-tuck closer to one hip, and it has worked quite well, though I didn't have a vest on top. Have to say, the only thing I'm rocking, is the pickleball (tennis) skirts! Love your post!

    1. Thanks, Barb. I tried to half-tuck nearer my hip, but the fabric of the shirt pulled across my middle. Thus emphasizing my "no-go" area. Ha. I'll keep trying to see if I can make it work. Thanks for reading:)

  7. πŸ™‚ I LOVE your new jeans. You look absolutely fabulous in them !
    And of course I love the story. Great!
    Have a wonderful and very HAPPY new year πŸ™‚

  8. Those jeans make you look great! The scarf looks nice with the coat, but I know what you mean about finishing it. I'm a really slow knitter myself.
    Happy New Year!
    Mary Lou

  9. Great jeans on a great model! I'm loving the comfort and security of a higher waist myself, and it's interesting to see how many of us are working a pair of wider legs into our denim rotation. I love the variety!

    1. Thanks, Frances. Feels so good to not feel your pants coming down all the time. And thanks for the knitting advice. I've never used that type of yarn before…plain old Lopi wool seems sooo easy in comparison!

    1. Thanks, Arlene. It's frustrating knitting that way, knitting from the smaller needle back onto the big one whit yard that doesn't really stretch… argggg. Hope you are having a good start back at school this week. Thinking of all you guys yesterday when I didn't have to go anywhere in -25 temps.

  10. Leslie in Oregon

    Wow…you look absolutely wonderful, with your mile-long legs in those new jeans and your happy, relaxed face above that gorgeous new scarf-to-be. Happy New Year and best wishes for that late-January x-country ski trip, Leslie

    1. Ah, thanks, Leslie. "Scarf-to-be" is a great way to describe my knitting project. I had a sweater-to-be for years. Ha. Happy New Year to you too! Bet you have some lovely cross-country ski areas where you are.

    1. It's pretty, isn't it. I'm working on finishing it. But I found an error in the pattern so I need to consult with the ladies at the knitting store, first.

  11. I'm loving the higher waisted pants too! Enough with those low and almost coming off and showing everything above pants! You look great and what a great story. I've got a few years on you but oh yes, when you're feeling good there's nothing better!!

  12. You got it girl, looking fine indeed. Isn't it a great feeling when the jeans make you look and feel like a million bucks!! I love these! Thank you for linking up with My Refined Style!! Hope to see you next month!!

  13. You look great in your jeans!

    It may surprise you but i have never owned a pair of jeans. In fact I never wore pants until two years ago. I now wear pants quite often in winter and love them but I am not keen on denim though.

    1. That does surprise me, but we all have to wear what we love to feel great in. My husband hates denim, and won't wear jeans. I worked with a girl who also never wore pants. She felt so much more comfortable in skirts and dresses she said.

  14. Yep Susan, you definitely have still got it! To me, all jean wearing is not created equal…jeans can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you wear them. I love all your combinations and the cut of the jeans is perfect for your boots. Thanks for sharing your fashion flair for the My Refined Style Linkup!


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