I’ve always been crazy for camel. And no I don’t mean this kind of camel. Although he’s pretty cute, in a totally ugly kind of way. We met him the night we took a sunset camel ride in Broome, Australia, a few years ago. You can read about our adventure in Broome here, if you’re so inclined. I patted this guy… very gingerly… and very very briefly while Hubby took my picture. Camels are notoriously bad-tempered. And no, I am not going to post that shot here because, while the look on my face might have been “priceless”according to Hubby, it’s certainly not blog worthy. I know, I’m a spoil sport.
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
So as much as I like camels, as a species, it’s camel the colour I’m crazy for. And always have been. Camel coats, camel sweaters, camel skirts, camel pants. I love all things camel, and have owned many over the years. And stolen… ahem, borrowed without permission… numerous camel items of apparel from the closets of my older sisters, and even my mum. I’m not sure Mum knows to this day where she misplaced her camel car coat that one week in March when I was in grade twelve. And was flying from New Brunswick to Ottawa for the first time with my friend, Wendy, to spend our March Break with her aunt. My old school coat was just not sophisticated enough for a week in the big city, I thought. Sorry about that, Mum.
I still love this iconic shot of Ali McGraw in her camel coat in the movie Love Story.
Here are a couple of shots, more recent ones, that have rekindled my camel lust this season. This Vince camel coat made me wish my brown Max Mara would wear out a teensy bit faster. I love this coat.
High Heels in the Wilderness" Crazy for Camel. Vince camel coat
I saw this sweater and turtleneck from Jigsaw’s new “A-Line” on Alyson Walsh’s blog That’s Not My Age back in October.
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel. Jigsaw camel sweater and turtleneck
I’d never heard of Jigsaw. Not surprising, since it’s a UK brand and only available on-line in Canada. Now, that’s a darned shame.  I love the beautiful cut of their clothes…long, lean…lovely. Sigh. Yet another beautiful, camel coat. Okay… not quite camel, but close enough.
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel. Jigsaw coat
Maybe it’s something to do with my current run on brown this season, but I found myself yearning for something in camel. And when I was in Aritzia a few weeks ago, the lovely camel turtleneck sweater I passed on my way to pay for my blanket scarf, simply called out my name. I stopped and fingered the fabric, and then pulled myself away. Seriously, did I need another turtleneck? Well, no. Not really. But I’ll not beat around the bush. I just really wanted that sweater.
So, I went back a few days later and bought the darned thing. And I love it. The heavy knit, which keeps its shape well. The loose, kind of fifties style neck. The square shape and the wide ribbing on the bottom. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the way it covers my butt.
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
My new camel sweater looks great with my black leather pants and black Cole Haan boots. And my mum’s gold feather brooch from the sixties. Black and gold and camel…. classic.
I can wear this outfit with my black Max Mara coat out for dinner with Hubby. But for a casual-ish, festive lunch or dinner with the girls, I like it even better with this old camel pea jacket. I almost gave that coat away last winter, but resurrected it instead. How clever of me, eh?
     High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
Or for a more casual, book club evening kind of look…. I can swap the leather pants for my Paige skinny jeans and the black boots for my new Paul Green ankle boots. Throw on my camel pea jacket. And my wool reversible scarf with the green and teal on one side and the animal print on the other. Yep. I like this outfit.
     High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
This sweater, my friends, is going to be one of those goes with everything, winter wardrobe staples, so glad I bought it kind of purchases. I can tell.
And speaking of winter… we think it might never get here. This morning, Hubby and I hauled on our boots, and went for a tramp across the farm fields near our house. It was sunny and amazingly warm for early December. With blue, blue skies, a bit of a breeze…. and camel everywhere I looked.
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
High Heels in the Wilderness: Crazy for Camel
I must have camel on the brain. I kept thinking…won’t my new camel sweater look good with blue? Or, when we navigated the muddy track and I stopped to roll up my pant legs, I looked down and thought… won’t my camel sweater look lovely with my chocolate brown leather jacket?
Gad. I can’t stop obsessing about camel.
So I guess it’s fortuitous that I have a new camel sweater tucked away in my closet for days like this, when I’m positively yearning for camel.
So where do you stand on the camel debate, dear readers? Not that it’s much of a debate. I mean, who doesn’t love camel?


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50 thoughts on “Crazy for Camel”

  1. That sweater was for sure a great find, Susan. I love the way you've styled it. And Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was one of my style icons; I never saw her look anything but chic. the camel is a handsome beast, but needs a dentist visit, yeah? : >


  2. Hi Susan, I'm with you re. camel – and that photo of Carolyn B. is one of my favourites. I actually have a camel hair coat – sadly it's not the light honey-beige camel colour, rather a kind of a darker mushroomy colour, but it's warm yet lightweight. (However, I understand it's best not to wear it on a rainy day ….) I bought it at the Max Mara outlet outside of Budapest – there's no label saying it's Max Mara, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :0)

  3. I love the look of camel, but the colour doesn't suit me. You look great in all the photos above – definitely your colour. For me, substitute grey and that would be how I dress.

    And I am loving this mild December in Ontario – I may even golf this week!!

    1. One thing about the mild weather…Hubby isn't missing skiing. But he did say yesterday that it would have been a great fall for golf. Enjoy your game.

  4. For most of my life, I was very sure that I couldn't wear camel, but the last few years, I began to see how certain shades of it could work. Now, though, that I'm seeing what my grey hair emerges like, playing around with different coloured highlights, I'm unsure again. I did buy, on sale at J Crew a couple of years ago, a camel-coloured wool sweater, 3/4 sleeves, very elegantly cut (slim, clean line, crew-neck) but featuring a winsome applique of a camel across the front. Novelty, yes, but I haven't tired of it yet, and although I don't wear it often, I happen to be wearing it as I read your post. Synchronicity! 😉 (Enjoy your lovely weather. We're being hit by storm after storm after storm here, all heavy rain and windy drama)

    1. btw, meant to ask how or when you'd ever wear that Vince coat. I agree that it looks wonderful, but I just don't get the open-front coats that have been so striking this season. They would only work here for a scant few weeks of the year, and only then if accompanied by an umbrella…I can't imagine them where you are!

    2. Hair colour changes so much doesn't it? I know what you mean about that coat. The one on the website had a belt. But even then, you'd have to wear a heavy turtleneck. And even with a large blanket scarf it wouldn't be suitable for our winters here in Ottawa. I can feel the wind whistling down my neck already. I wonder if it's more like those "coatigans" I've seen this season. Although I don't know why they just couldn't call it a coat sweater.

  5. Love camel! So classy! Just wore out my camel coat and had to replace it. Never were colour and style so well combined. I'll never find another . . . Sigh.

  6. I'm like Yvonne & camel washes me out . So grey is my light colour but I love the way you have styled your finds , The jumper & peacoat together look very luxurious – the final shot is my favorite . Jigsaw has improved a lot in the last couple of years . It used to cater for ' girly ' girls with small frames but they have changed , with better fabrics , colours & , as you say , a sleeker silhouette
    Wendy in York

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Looking at the pictures, I like it best too. Although I preferred the black and camel when I was trying stuff on. I so often do this now…change my mind after I see photos. I'd never heard of Jigsaw before I read Alyson's blog post. I wonder if the clothes are as great in the flesh as they are in the photos… maybe that should read on the flesh. haha

  7. I love Camel. These outfits all look great on you. Such long legs!!! Jealous. I have to be really selective about Camel because it usually has too much warmth in it for my coloring. But when I do find it, I snap it up. It's so timeless.

    1. Funny… I would have thought that camel would be great with your colouring. I guess it depends if you are a warm blonde or a cool blonde. Although I know you are a very warm person… and cool at the same time:)

  8. I love your new sweater with both the leather pants or jeans. Very sharp. Over time (read that "as I age") I like camel more, especially with charcoal and grey. After looking at your beautiful fall landscape photos I think I know the reason….fall outdoor colors here in Minnesota are my favorites! Your photos could have been shot in my neighborhood!

    1. We have had a beautiful, sunny, grey-camel colored fall, except for a 6 inch snowfall last week which has mostly disappeared. The weather says we may have an El Nino winter with warmer than average temps. Mostly 40s right now. Lovely!

  9. You look fantastic in camel and wear your clothes so well. I think that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's style would have evolved to much like yours. Ali McGraw really inspired women of our age cohort. I remember having a camel wrap coat in grade 12, not quite midi length but still quite impractical for Winterpeg. It would still be stylish, I think, but now I realize that camel just makes me look sallow. It is such an elegant color, especially in those subtle monochromatic schemes with charcoal grey or cream. Your taupey-camel turtleneck and warmer camel peacoat are fabulous together!

    1. Thanks. Love both Ali McGraw and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Guess your camel coat didn't do the same job as a parka for those cold Winnipeg winters, eh? Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment… somehow Blogger though it was spam. I just found it now in the spam folder.

  10. That's a fabulous sweater! I keep hoping to run across something like that in a v-neck (a bit more practical in our climate). I love camel too and as much as the fashion mags keep touting it as an "on-trend" neutral, it seems to be SO hard to actually find on the racks. I do have a camel walking coat on order, am tapping my fingers waiting for the UPS tracking.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I wasn't specifically looking for camel, when I found this sweater. Haven't actually been doing much shopping of any kind this fall. So I guess I was just lucky. Can't wait to see your new coat.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I can see that people who prefer cool colours might not like camel next to their face. It's like certain shades of yellow-beige, or pale pink or coral on me…. I look like I have the flu.

  11. 🙂 Found your blog on "How I Wear My…" – beautiful vintage brooch you are showing us!
    Camel is a lovely color and I love the examples you are showing, including you 🙂
    However, the color makes me look as if I've just stepped out of a grave. Looks horrible on me. I prefer a dash of color.
    Have subscribed to your blog now.
    Have a very HAPPY week and all the best from Vienna 🙂

  12. That's definitely NOT just another sweater. What a nice piece, and looks great on you. Works so well with that double-faced scarf!

  13. Back in the 70's in university I had a camel pea coat that I wore to death. In the 90's I had a long winter coat in camel. Also gorgeous! Why don't I have one now? It's such a great color for this strawberry blond. I think it's always on my radar but you have to find the right shade and definitely the most practical with buttons right up to the chin. Probably a car coat length now that I'm retired. Seen any good ones lately? Love this blog!

  14. Really great look. BTW, what blanket scarf did you buy at Aritzia? I just got the moziac burgundy one myself. As for their sweaters, you can't beat the warmth or quality of wool. I love the community Plutarch sweater, very similar to yours. A little expensive but well worth it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I don't know the name of the pattern I bought, burgundy and charcoal, the smaller size. I wrote a post about how I was having trouble tying it, if you're interested.

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