Last week, when I was down east visiting my mum, we set our clocks forward an hour to Daylight Saving Time. Moving the clocks forward has always been a sign of spring. A sort of “springing forward” into spring. 

Sort of. Except it didn’t look much like spring to me. This is the view from my mum’s kitchen window the morning we set the clocks ahead. 

View from kitchen window, showing that winter is still very much with us.
View from Mum’s kitchen window the morning we started Daylight Saving Time. See any sign of spring?

But I remember so clearly…. when we were kids, the time change heralded spring coat season, and skipping rope season, and building dams with twigs across the melting streams that ran alongside the road season, then sailing “boats” in the rushing torrent that resulted. Until, of course, some interfering adult made us break up our dams. I was sure that this was the way it had been. Wasn’t I? 

So I looked it up. And learned that until 2007 we set the clocks forward three weeks later in March than we do now. Okay, so not crazy, after all. But while the change to Daylight Saving Time isn’t necessarily the herald of spring anymore… at least not here. There’s no reason it can’t be the herald of spring wardrobe planning. In fact, should be the herald of spring wardrobe planning. What better way is there to survive the last vestiges of winter and be ready for spring shopping?

So I’ve been doing my homework, and checking what I already own and will wear again, and then making my spring wish list. For me the research and planning is half the fun. 

For years now, I’ve been doing what Hubby and I jokingly call “my research.” Okay, so he’s joking; I’m serious. Mostly. When I was still teaching high school English I’d pace myself through those long, winter evening marking sessions with a little bit of internet research. Mark five senior research essays and then check out for the fashion shows. Mark half a set of grade nine tests and surf for a few minutes. I used to use popcorn as a treat to tempt me to stay put at my desk…but this was way more effective.

My on-line sources tell me that denim is big, big, big this season. When isn’t it? But this spring I saw denim everything everywhere: denim dresses, coats, trousers, skirts. It’s not just about jeans anymore. 

denim dress and skirt found on

I don’t limit my research to on-line sources. I also consult the hard copy fashion magazines; I love to leaf through Vogue or Harper’s  Bazaar while I’m on my exercise bike. Lots of denim there as well. Of all the denim looks I saw, this one in the March issue of Vogue is my favourite. I love dark denim with white, and these Tod’s denim trousers are très chic. Aren’t they? But I’m not really looking for denim this year, aside from jeans. 

But I could be in the market for a new jacket. And my on-line research also tells me that white is big this spring. Especially white coats and blazers; I saw several I loved on Yep, I do love a white jacket. So crisp and clean looking.        

Lots of lovely white jackets in the magazines too. Like these three from Harper’s Bazaar. An Armani blazer would be a dream, wouldn’t it? The precision cut… the beautiful fabric… the gurgling sound of my bank account emptying. Ah well, there are sure to be many reasonably prices alternatives. 

Really, a white jacket is a good investment; it goes with everything. Especially my black Theory cropped pants or jeans of any colour. And my black jacket, which also goes with everything, is getting a little long in the tooth. So a white jacket would be a good purchase for me this spring.

After my research comes the inventory taking. And by that I mean checking out my closet and listing what I own that I will actually, conceivably wear again this year.

See. This is the little book that I carry everywhere in my purse. I even know the year I purchased each item. I know, I know… maybe that’s a step too close to obsessive list-making for some. So anyway, I peruse my closet and jot down what I already own, and then, considering my research, I look for holes… so to speak. What do I need? What will be on my “Wish List?”

Love this dark denim outfit from March issue of Vogue

I note that I have only one dress that I’ll probably want to wear this year. It’s an Elie Tahari print dress that I bought in 2010 and which was a really great investment. I still love it. I have two more dresses , but they are bound for the consignment store, both too short, too old, or too obviously business wear. And three skirts. One skirt that I bought in 2005, and still love, is a softly pleated, floral A-line. I’m lucky that full, floral skirts are trendy this year again. One is a Burberry denim skirt, a staple in my wardrobe. And one a stretchy, knee-length pencil skirt that I didn’t wear at all last year, but which I’m not ready to ditch yet.  I would dearly love to have a new summery dress, one that I could throw on with sandals and feel terrific in. Dresses are so easy, aren’t they?

I was inspired by this ad for Kate Spade in Vogue. I love the fresh green and white. Beautiful. But when I looked for the dress on I found it isn’t a dress at all, but a skirt and matching top. Better and better. The look of a dress and the versatility of two pieces. Can’t you see this top with white, cropped jeans and sandals? And the skirt with a white or black short-sleeved tee? Oh… I can.

a skirt and top like this Kate Spade is on my wish list

Now on to my “Wish List” for spring. 

I’m going to seriously look for…

1. A white blazer or jacket
2. A dress or matching skirt and top

I’ll keep my eye open for…

3. A new spring coat. I looked and looked and never found one last year. I could live without a new coat. But if I see something in a colour that is NOT black, I may invest. We’ll see. 

And I really need…

4. Jeans… my Paige Hidden Hills straight-leg jeans having given up the ghost. Seems like I’m always shopping for jeans.
5. Tops suitable for our trip to France in May. Not tees, I’ve plenty of those. But comfortable, loose-fitting, can be worn with jeans or a skirt, and are presentable enough for dinner out type of tops. 


C’est tout.

So… as I was saying earlier, the clocks “sprang ahead” last week when I was at my mum’s. I’m home now, and wouldn’t you know it… we had snow the day I arrived. And Hubby and I awoke the next morning to this view from our kitchen window. That’s the biggest eagle we’ve ever seen anywhere, let alone in our own front yard. The eagle spent the weekend watching for the family of otters who like to come out to play on the ice in front of our house. And we spent the weekend watching for them too, and worrying that they would pop up, and slide along on the ice, right into his talons. Phew… living on the river can be stressful.

View from our kitchen window. This huge eagle is hunting the family of otters that live on the river. Living on the river can be stressful!

Okay, enough worrying. The eagle has to eat too. 

Besides, with my spring wardrobe planning complete, it’s time to get shopping. My research is done, my list is made, and spring will be here any day now. 

Okay, maybe not any day… but definitely any week now… I hope.


What’s on your spring shopping wish list?





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14 thoughts on “Springing Forward… Into Spring… I Hope”

  1. So , I'm not the only one who keeps a notebook record of my clothes – even though my husband likes to poke fun . It saves scrabbling through drawers & wardrobes to remember what I own . I even note the price & used to tot up the annual spend but have stopped that now – don't need the guilt !
    I Have a niece marrying in the summer so a new outfit was needed but I think that's sorted now . Other than that I shall wander aimlessly & see what catches my eye . How lovely to have otters on your doorstep , we travel to Scotland to watch them but don't always find them
    Wendy in York

    1. I'm with you Wendy. Once I have it written down, I don't have to pull everything out to see what I have…again. And when I get the things on my list, I shop less and then only buy if something strikes my fancy. But the list then tells me if I have anything that will go with my newly fancied item. The otters are indeed lovely…but we're getting a bit obsessed with their safety. And they definitely don't listen to our admonitions to watch out for the eagle:)

  2. I think the notebook record is a great idea! I just purchased a white boyfriend jackets, an emerald green tunic, an emerald green top, a coral top, and white Eileen Fisher pants. This was my list going into warmer weather. I agree with you that is is good to have a plan! Can't wait to see what you get, Susan.

  3. wow, that notebook idea is an inspiration to me. i find i sometimes fall in love with a garment and buy it, only to discover i like it so much because i already have one. the notebook will prevent that from happening.

    i am finding the color salmon everywhere this spring. i like it very much and have already bought a couple of things in variations of salmon or coral. i searched and searched for white jeans with a high waist and skinny legs and found a pair saturday, so yay! not premium jeans by any means but perfect.

    1. Now that I'm retired from teaching…planning my shopping trips had taken the place of lesson planning:) Good on you to find the perfect white jeans. I may invest in a new pair this year, if I'm lucky.

  4. So very impressive. Perhaps if I'd done more of the same (even a teeny tiny bit of the same!), I wouldn't be embarrassed at having so many clothes that rarely get worn. . . trying to do better . . .

    1. You don't have time for this…yet. Wait until you retire…your closet will be the envy of us all…organized and itemized up the waazoo. Not at all sure how to spell wazoo. But you get the point.

  5. Susan, your list sounds like spring perfection. I love the green and white print dress. Thanks for sharing with visible Monday, xo.

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