Today High Heels in the Wilderness is one year old. So my blog is old enough to start to walk a little, and say first words… and eat cake. But with much, much more learning and growing to come. Yep. That about sums it up.

This first year has been a huge learning experience for me. I started blogging in order to write about the things that are important to me and which interest me. Things like books and travel and fashion. But I also saw my blog as a vehicle for storytelling. New Brunswickers are inveterate storytellers, must be the Irish heritage. And I come from a long line of storytellers; in my family we tell stories about anything, at anytime, for just about any reason. Seriously, just ask any of my former students.

But blogging is about more than the writing, although this is the most important aspect for me. And it is these other areas that have presented my greatest challenges. I am NOT naturally gifted at this computer stuff, and I am definitely NOT a photographer. So my progress in those areas has been in baby steps. And progress takes time…but I’m working on it. And learning every day.

What blogging has given to me over the past year, is a voice. And the ability to connect with people all over world. I still can’t quite believe that people from Vancouver Island, or California, or England read my blog and comment on what I’ve written. And I’m constantly struck by the kindness and generosity of readers. I know my husband is getting a little tired of my following him around the house, i-pad in my hand….going….”Listen to this one, listen to this one…” as I read him yet another comment on a post. Yep…it’s been a pretty amazing year. One whole year.

And in that vein….what DOES a one year old wear, anyway?

Why…. play clothes, of course.

And since it’s winter (like I haven’t talked about that phenomenon enough already) play clothes must mean ski clothes. Not to mention road trip to get to the trails clothes, and après ski clothes.

I know I said in my last post Going South, that we weren’t, going south I mean, that we were staying put this winter. But we just decided to take advantage of a last minute special at a condo-resort in Quebec, and while we’re not going south, we are going skiing for a week. Very soon.

So I have to go pack. Ski boots, jacket, pants, and long underwear… for the actual skiing. Sweatpants, turtlenecks, and heavy socks for our version of après ski clothes, also known as sipping tea or wine in front of the fire, while reading a good book clothes.

And for everything else… driving in the car, shopping for groceries and wine, maybe visiting a craft shop or small boutique (maybe)… I’ll need jeans, boots, turtlenecks, tee shirts, scarves, and … fleece. Like my new cozy, raspberry fleece that I bought at Mountain Equipment Co-op before Christmas. And my old, purple fleece vest, my standard winter road trip item.

Oh…and Gortex, can’t forget that. I’ll be hauling out my new Gortex jacket, for skiing and driving and, well, everything, really. Everything except the vegging in front of the fire bit. This will be my OOTW… Outfit of the Week.

I couldn’t resist putting that acronym into my title. When I first started reading blogs, and writing my own, I’d sometimes see the letters OOTD on fashion blogs. I had no idea what that meant. I had to “Google” it for a translation. “Outfit of the Day”… OMG did I ever lol. Sigh. I wasn’t cut out for this text-speak. I feel as silly writing that as I did trying to mimic a rapper for my grade nine class. Now, that was just embarrassing.

I also couldn’t resist taking a close-up shot of my jacket and new fleece… and my new haircut. I love having “freshly cut hair” as my hairdresser puts it … thanks Carmen. You’re the best.

Yep. It’s been a very good year. Thanks to all those people who read my posts and comment and those who read and don’t comment. Sometime in the next few weeks I will need to give some thought about where I want this blogging thing to go. What I still need (and want) to learn and how I can grow and change (or not change) High Heels in the Wilderness. And I’m excited about that. I love a good project.

Now… on to the birthday cake!


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30 thoughts on “One Year Old … and OOTW”

  1. Thanks Susan. I have only read a few blogs and always enjoy them. I see you do NOT pack lightly either- a definite problem for me as we plan to head south for a month.. Congrats on a whole year. I wish I knew how to post pics. Ready to teach me? Judy Dunlop . BTW – what does it mean when it says select a profile.

    1. Thanks Judy. Choosing a "profile" is just a way to identify the commenter. If you have a google account you can sign on with that. Or just use the "anonymous" and sign your name in the text as you have here.

  2. Congratulations . It took me a while to find you but you are a favorite now . You write so well but have a down to earth approach on your blog , you seem like someone it would be very easy to chat to . For instance , modelling a fleece ! I love chic clothes but when holidaying in Scotland fleeces are essential for easy care . Nice to see them come out of the closet – literally
    Wendy in York

  3. Happy birthday from a newish reader. Enjoy your posts even tho your seasons are upside down ~ I'm in Melbourne Aus! Sometimes envious of the lovely cold weather gear you get to wear.

    1. Thanks, Julie. Lucky you to be in Melbourne. We've been twice and love it there. And Australia in general. We've been to the east coast, and the west and Tasmania and some of the outback. Still haven't been to Darwin and the north. I guess we'll just have to come back:)

  4. Happy first birthday! I was surprised to hear you've only been doing this a year, I guess you rally are a natural at storytelling 🙂 Since you will be thinking about what you want for your blog in the futur, I thought I would let you know what I most enjoy about it. I love fashion in general, but above all I love everyday, wearable fashion! Jeans, turtlenecks, fashion staples, how to dress for winter, that's the stuff I want to read about. Not crop tops that cost more than my mini van or dresses you can't wear with a bra. I am a 36 year-old mom of three and I find you blog very relatable and fun. I am also a former teacher so I love that aspect of your blog as well. Keep up the great work! Also that last picture is so adorable 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Melanie. I hear you… I love to see outfits styled as you or I might actually wear them, so that might mean flats instead of high heels…even though the high heels are sooo much more trendy. Fashion for real life… as it were. Thanks so much for reading and for commenting.

  5. Happy blog birthday and thanks for all your posts. I really enjoy the range of topics you cover and your style of writing. Look forward to year two Iris

  6. Happy 1st Blog Birthday… may you have many more! Your lovely posts not only highlight great outfits but give us, the readers, a peak into your life. This combination results in a fun and interesting blog! Thanks for the work you put into it. Love the raspberry fleece. Have a great ski trip.

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