In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was dreaming, and dreaming, of a white Christmas.

Of course, I had that famous song in my head, like every year.

And of course, I was hoping for lots of snow and great skiing and all. But that’s not really the white I’m talking about. I just couldn’t get white sweaters out of my head. Lovely, creamy, soft, white sweaters that go with everything. Vanilla ice-cream-y knits that look chic and still feel snuggly. And … sigh… see what I mean?

This preoccupation was partly due to an outfit I saw on when I was writing a post about festive party outfits in November. A beautiful, cream sweater worn with black leather pants similar to mine.

And then, I saw this ad for Brooks Brothers a couple of weeks ago. Cream and tan and white look lovely all layered together, don’t they?  Like dipping shortbread cookies into a cup of eggnog with a sprinkling of nutmeg or biscotti into a frothy cappuccino. Yum.

And then…. a couple of weeks ago…. I was Christmas shopping.

I had only a couple of items left to buy and my shopping would be finished. But I had a 40% off e-mail coupon from Gap in my purse. I had printed it off the night before, just in case I happened to ( maybe, possibly) see something that I really liked. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a 40% off opportunity. So I strolled into the store at Bayshore and … well, this soft, white sweater called out to me. “Sue, Sue. Look at me. I’m soft and snuggly. Think about eggnog, and biscotti, and vanilla ice cream. Think about all the things I would go with in your closet.” Really, I was doomed. I was no match for logic like that; I never stood a chance. I tried it on. Loved it. And plunked down my credit card.

And seriously… it was a steal at 40% off an already very reasonable price. I’ve paid more for mascara than I paid for this sweater.

And it IS soft and snuggly. It’s long enough to hide what needs hiding, and falls loosely without looking sloppy, and has little slits in the sides.  And it DOES go with everything.

Like my white cropped jeans, and these old Stuart Weitzman boots that I bought in New York in 2006.

And my Max Mara coat from a few years ago.

And my Anne-Marie Chagnon earrings and necklace. I love her stuff and you can get her whole line at Magpie Jewellry, in Ottawa.

In this outfit I felt like… well, not exactly eggnog with nutmeg… but, maybe cappuccino and… cinnamon?

And that’s not all. This sweater goes with almost everything I own. My black leggings and grey wool scarf. My tan Tory Burch cords. My dark brown Yoga jeans with this funny little brown and grey scarf that I bought years ago in New Zealand.

And I can wear these white Kate Spade hoops and maybe even a toque with my new favourite sweater. Or recycle these old hoop earrings with the baubles on them.
Yep, as far as wish fulfillment goes, this sweater ticks a lot of the boxes. At least for me, and my white sweater dreams. However, I had one problem left… since I did not, exactly, finish my Christmas shopping that day two weeks ago, getting sidetracked, as I did, by the siren call of a 40% off coupon, and one very insistent sweater.
I still had shopping to do. And since the weather looked like this, rain, fog and melting snow… a different sort of white on white…

I thought I’d try my new cream sweater with the Gortex jacket I bought a few weeks ago. I actually needed it for skiing and canoeing and other outdoor pursuits. But it was raining, and I kind of liked it with my black leggings, and my new sweater with the gingham shirt underneath. And maybe the toque? Or not.

And so, as much of our snow melted away… I was still dreaming of a white Christmas, snow white. Dreaming and hoping. And singing that old song in my head.

How about you? Any white Christmas dreams you’d like to share?


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22 thoughts on “Still Dreaming of a White Christmas…”

  1. Our chances of a white Christmas are virtually nil, it looks like, but perhaps if I scooted out to the Gap and got myself a sweater like yours. . . . It does look like a versatile addition to anyone's wardrobe — especially someone who loves turtlenecks as much as you do! I bet it will look fab with your leather pants as well (ooh, I do covet those pants!)

    1. Oh, that last comment made me laugh! Thanks for that and the compliment. I have to say that I love this turtleneck every bit as much as I do the much more expensive Vince version in grey that I own. Of course the Gap one is NOT cashmere…so my love may be fleeting.

  2. I have never seen a white Christmas…but there is always the dream of a white Christmas in Texas…I really like your sweater. I have been looking for a similar one, same length! Your winter white is perfect!

    1. Thanks Pam. I guess I should say I'm hoping you DON"T have a white Christmas…but with the wild weather these days anything is possible. Have a good one, nevertheless.

  3. I have been looking for a jumper just like that and I am gawping at your long legs!
    Thanks for popping, so true what you say about conversation just occurring on the street, etc in Ireland, it amazed me, it's not like that at all in Scotland, we're more guarded and insular.

    1. We loved Scotland too. Edinburgh and the Orkney Islands in particular. And Cawdor Castle…I just wanted to move right in. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You look really stunning in this outfit. That sweater was a real find.

    We don't have any snow here and I am so grateful. It won't last though. Winter is coming and that means snow. Personally I hate the stuff.


  5. We haven't had snow here for 30 years – but it looks so beautiful, doesn't it? Your winter white sweater is gorgeous too and I really like how you've styled it. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

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