I really need a new spring coat. Well, maybe ‘really need’ is a bit strong. And… well, need is not necessarily true either. But I really want a new spring coat.

I have two very “serviceable” (as my mother used to say) spring coats. One is a short, tan Burberry trench coat from five years ago. It’s very light weight and not much good for keeping out the cold. Two years ago I bought a Michael Kors black anorak-style coat with silver “hardware” and a hood. I really love it. My friend who works at Holt Renfrew told me that the cut of the coat and the silver toggles and zippers make it look like a Prada. And since I can’t justify the price of a Prada coat …”like a Prada” sounds good to me!

But retirement has changed my wardrobe requirements in many ways. When I was still teaching, I would wear my spring coat for the twenty minute drive each way to work, then take it off. Now it seems that I am always wearing a coat. I need to plan my outfits around my coat. And while I love my MK coat, I can’t see me wearing it every time I go anywhere until it’s warm enough to go without it. I mean… it’s black! Great for travel, goes with everything…but boring.

I would love a coat in a gorgeous colour that’s not black or tan. I already posted here on a beautiful orange coat by L.K. Bennett that I saw in Harper’s Bazaar. And now I am on the hunt… an on-line hunt at this stage… for the perfect spring coat.

Here are some that caught my eye.

Max Mara coat
Burberry coat

These are beautiful. I love the fluid lines of both. But the Max Mara coat would not be warm enough for a cool Canadian spring. It seems more of an evening coat to me. The Burberry is lovely, but I don’t want beige. Although those pink sandals are wonderful.

I’m probably looking more for something like this other Burberry coat. Love this.


But at almost $2700.00 CAD. Well…. maybe it would be more feasible to set my sights at something like this.

Or even this.

Both coats are from Zara. And priced at around $200.00 CAD… much more feasible. If I could find the Zara coat in coral or a cherry colour similar to the Burberry, then it could become my Perfect Spring Coat.

That is if I want to buy the other stuff on my spring “Really Need” list.

Okay, okay… if you want to be picky about it… maybe I don’t really need anything new this spring.

But to quote King Lear …”O, reason not the need!” (I guess technically those are Will Shakespeare’s words)

But to go on…

“If only to go warm were gorgeous,/ Why, nature needs not what thou gorgeous wearest,/ Which scarcely keeps thee warm”                                                                            (King Lear, II, iv, 264, 267-270.)

What Lear is trying to get  through his daughter’s head here is that while gorgeous clothes are not necessarily needed, they do make us feel soooo good. And if we are only allowed what is “absolutely necessary”, then we are “no better than animals”

And of course Lear wasn’t talking about shopping…exactly. But you could make a case for that application of the quote.

In my opinion.

Anyhoo…where did I put my list?

What’s on your list for spring?

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